Corporate War between Apple and Samsung

Notes: Apple sues first =  Apple Win against Samsung (1.05billion in damages) Samsung counter suing apple = Copying their products More than 250,000 patents up for grabs Apples second lawsuit is to prohibit sales in the U.S od eight samsung … Continue reading

The fallout of the Apple vs. Samsung Battle

The main idea of this article is about two major smart phone companies using each other’s ideas that could lead to the demise for the two largest technology providers. First of all Samsung has copied Apple with wireless communication and … Continue reading

The Fallout of the Apple vs. Samsung Battle

The patent war between the two corporations continues to take a toll on both Apple and Samsung. The complications started when the rival companies began assuming that one had stolen ideas from the other. Firstly, Apple claimed that Samsung had … Continue reading

The story of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs’ success in his company set a positive and a negative influence on young entrepreneurs around the world. Firstly, although Jobs was a workaholic-tyrant who pursued nothing other than his career, he is still one of the most innovative, … Continue reading