Taming of the Shrew (Act I, Sc. I)

Act I, Scene I, Lines 1-47 An introductory speech by Lucentio (son of the great merchant of Venice, Vincentio of Pisa) and his manservant Tranio. Vincentio has given permission to his son Lucenetio to travel to Padua to study “virtue, … Continue reading

Taming of the Shrew (Act IV, Sc. III)

This scene takes place in Petruchio’s country house.  Katharina has been begging for food from Grumio, stating that she has never had to beg before.  Petruchio and Hortensio eat the food in front of Katharina.  Petruchio also sends the tailor … Continue reading

Taming of the Shrew (Act IV, Sc. V)

Pertruchio, Katharina, Hortensio and their servants are on the way back to Padua and restng along the way.  Pertruchio orders the company to continue with their journey. Katharina contradicts Pertruchio, and he responds with the opposite, saying whatever he says is … Continue reading

Taming of the Shrew (Act V, Sc. II)

In this well-known soliloquy, the now-tame Kate addresses the women at the wedding banquet:  “Wipe those frowns off your faces and stop rolling your eyes”, which are considered to be “disrespectful” towards their husbands.  This concludes the main plot of the play … Continue reading

The way people spend their lives

There are many ways that people spend their lives. Spending your life is a very important part in peoples lives. People sometimes spend their lives by doing garbage things and some spend it doing useful things. Life goes by fast; … Continue reading


Rooms are wonderful places; with each having its own story. I have had many experiences in all sorts of rooms. Whether they were big and spacious, or small, cluttered, and as tight as a vacuum-sealed plastic bag. Of all the … Continue reading

The way people spend their lives……

The way people spend their lives has always been a large subject throughout the history of mankind. People throughout society always tell each other the famous line “live your life to the fullest” but in reality how does one define … Continue reading


I woke up to a different view than normal. I was underground surrounded by torches and in the corner of the room there was a snail. It stared at me laughing a mocking laugh. I made my way to the … Continue reading