Theras vs The Commander

My Hero’s name is Theras. He is second in command in the royal guard. One day he hears that the first in command is going to assassinate the emperor and take over the city. Theras warns the Emperor but he … Continue reading

English, a New Story

In both Parson’s Pleasure and The Way up to Heaven, Roald Dahl creates characters that try to deceive or scam everybody else involved in the story.  In Parsons Pleasure in particular, the main character’s motives are mainly monetary, but he … Continue reading

Parson’s Way up to Heaven

Parson’s Pleasure/The Way Up To Heaven Today, I’m going to compare two of Roald Dahl’s short stories; namely ‘The Way Up To Heaven’ and ‘Parson’s Pleasure’. These two short stories have similarities and differences; the main similarity being that you … Continue reading

Grade 7-9: Is our galaxy about to explode? A Tree Octopus?

When a question about factual accuracy arises, statistically, the answer to a ‘true’ or ‘false’ question on a school assignment (homework, quiz, test, exam) is typically more likely to be ‘true’.  This means that there are usually more ‘true’ answers … Continue reading

Delightful deception: Roald Dahl’s ‘The Way up to Heaven’ and ‘Parson’s Pleasure’

Having read these two short stories, compare the conclusions to The Way up to Heaven and Parson’s Pleasure. What can you comment on the style of Roald Dahl in creating suspense (think ‘dramatic irony’ and ‘situational irony’)? Then, given your explanation … Continue reading