Irony in the story “Mrs Bixby and the Colonel’s Coat”

The story Mrs Bixby and the colonel’s coat by Roald Dahl is a interesting story. The story is about Mrs. Bixby receiving a beautiful coat from a man with who she had an affair. She hopes to sneak the coat into her house without her husband noticing her, but she soon realizes that her husband has plans of his own. Mrs. Bixby is a stay at home and her husband working at a dentist, they live in a flat. Every month Mrs. Bixby get on a train at Pennsylvania Station and travels to Baltimore, to visit her old aunt. Mrs. Bixby knows that her aunt is very poor to be given credit for the purchase of the coat, but she is interested on keeping it. She goes to a pawnbroker and pawns the coat for 50 dollars. The pawnbroker gives her a pawn ticket, which she refuses to give any kind of name or description. The ticket guarantees her right to claim the coat at any time. She tells her husband that she found the pawn ticket in the taxi without telling the truth, and he decides it would be best if he redeemed the ticket. The next day, Mr. Bixby goes to the pawn shop to redeem the ticket and claim the object it stands for. Mrs. Bixby is excited about it and rushes to her husband’s office after he’s claimed it. Just before she opens her eyes to see it, he says, “It’s real mink!” She then opens her eyes to find it is mink, but that it is merely a small, mangy stole, and not her coat. The story ends by Mrs. Bixby leaving her husbands office and Miss Pulteney, the secretary walks proudly out of the office wearing the rare, black coat. Irony and adultery are a major theme in this specific story, I also say that the theme of the story is Irony for many reasons. The irony is where Mrs. Bixby starts cheating on his husband about the coat and lying where she had found the ticket in a taxi, but the pawnbroker actually gave it to her. Mrs. Bixby is a selfish, evil, greedy, dishonest, and cunning lady but on the other hand Mr.Bixby is innocent, simple, hardworker, tedious, and boring man.


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