The Owner Makes the Differnece

The Owner Makes the Difference Graeme                                                                                          November 23/2014 Setting the stage At the end of the black tunnel, all you see is light and the shadow of the horse.  The closer the horse gets the more he starts to disappear. … Continue reading

FCC Classifies Internet as Title II Utility

Today, in a three to two vote, the FCC passed a bill, that will reclassify the internet as a title two utility. This will prevent Internet Service Providers from leveraging traffic throttling, to extort money from other companies. While, this … Continue reading

My Silk Road Video

After about ten hours of researching and making, I finally crafted this informative video about the Silk Road. My driving question was “How did The Silk Road impact the future of Globalization?” In the video I talk about the development … Continue reading