American Born Chinese and Maus

In this essay I will be illuminating the struggles characters from American Born Chinese and Maus faced from a social perspective. I will also be determining if graphic imagery was the best way to express the points both novels were … Continue reading

Caliban and Ariel

Usually, Caliban is depicted as a dirty, deformed, and unhappy slave. He is completely unrespected because of his attitude that was inherited from his mother, Sycorax. Because of his toxic behavior, he is regarded and used as a slave. Therefor, … Continue reading


When I was looking through twitter I came across this video about innovation. It details the accomplishments of Joi Ito ( the presenter) and numerous other innovators. The video spoke primarily about everyone being able to innovate. When most people think innovation they think about the internet. This isn’t the case any longer though, innovation isn’t limited to  technological wunderkinds in Palo Alta. The internet enables people to create remarkably useful and extremely helpful websites and other such things. However, one can create something in everyday lives, they shouldn’t think it out of reach because someone’s told us it’s impossible. They could cure cancer, design a machine to control the weather or invent a new sport. The days where people were limited are mostly over. The only limit to our creativity is our fears and worries. I believe this video does an amazing job in showing people they can take initiative, that it isn’t something to fear but embrace, to strive for. If you have any comments don’t hesitate.