Restaurant Banter

“Ah! Bonjour, monsieur! Welcome to ze ‘Restaurant Baguette’, ze finest French restaurant in ze town of Haut-Rhin!” “Ya, vut do you serve? Vhere is das beer?” “Ze refreshment menu is right here, monsieur. We have ze fine selection of wines … Continue reading

Discrimination of First Nations in Canada

The writer of this essay believes, that of all the minorities in Canada, the First Nations people were treated in the most unjust manner. The extent to which they were treated unfairly is far reaching, and extremely great. This topic … Continue reading

The Unfair Treatment of First Nations in Canada

The Unfair Treatment of the First Nations People in Canada   We believe that the First Nations were treated extremely unfairly; In the first paragraph we will discuss the horrifying effects of residential schools. In paragraph two the repression of … Continue reading