Are you Classic or Romantic?

The students of English 11-12 have put together an experiment as part of the study of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. The experiment questions people’s views on “Quality” in reference of the book, before and after reading ZMM. … Continue reading

A study on “Quality” part 2: Classical View

Scientific Method: Question: Why isn’t the Motorcycle working? Background info: There is no battery, everything else seems to be in order.. Hypothesis: If there was a battery then the motorcycle would run. Experiment: Items included in experiment: 2 VersaPak batteries … Continue reading

Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now

The Influence of the Heart of Darkness Characters on the Characters of Apocalypse Now.   The film “Apocalypse Now” contains heavy influences from Joseph Conrad’s novella, “Heart of Darkness.” This influence can be seen in the similarity in plot, the emotions that both … Continue reading

A study on “Quality” part 1: Romantic View

Gaging Usefulness.    What usefulness does a mass of metal on wheels have? The book “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” touches on the statement, “Quality is the goal of art” which this writer will be focused on. Viewing … Continue reading

Great Depression Commentary

The pressure is agonizing. Grimy, displeased, malcontent men fill my cabins without the consent of my conductor. They complain about their unemployment and their hopes of obtaining work by travelling to other areas of the country. It’s excruciating to have … Continue reading

Social Criticism in “Heart of Darkness”

Imperialism, which was prevalent and lucrative in the Victorian era, dominated the foreign agendas of European nations as they scrambled to acquire territories in Africa and colonize them. These attempts were heavily criticized in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. He … Continue reading