Carbon Emissions Associated with Electric Vehicles

Introduction The introduction of Tesla’s new affordable Model 3 electric vehicle is a sign of the demand for electric vehicles (Hereinafter referred to as “EV”). During the hours following the Tesla Model 3 event, Tesla received over 200 000 deposits … Continue reading

The Essence of A Disc Jockey

I started going to Club Essence about two months ago, and I have tried to make appearances there at least three times a week since, but I can usually squeeze in one or two more. How could I not? It’s … Continue reading

Nature Poem

Please Care What breaks at yonder? Is it the sun’s’ rays? Or the diamonds of the moon?   Nay, It is the smog that blocks thou throat, And the poison that makes thou gloat,   What makes you smile? What … Continue reading

Fahrenheit 451- Clarisse

In this essay, the writer will be discussing Clarisse McClellan, a character from the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Clarisse McClellan is Guy Montag and Mildred Montag’s neighbour. She is a seventeen year–old girl who has a very unusual … Continue reading

Environment Poetry

Look here, at this pristine wilderness; see twisted masses of ancient trees, whispering waves brushing rocky shores, bear cubs seeking the comfort of their mother, the fearless predator seeking wary prey. Look here, at this dazed civilization; observe plumes of … Continue reading

The Red Room

It started raining as soon as I left. By the time I’d reached the point of no return, it was pouring. The roads were flooding, and there was no way I could keep going. I pulled out my phone and … Continue reading