Red Plane

The old engineer sits on his rickety porch looking into his large and overgrown backyard. After years of tracking down parts, and months of building, he has finally done it. He has constructed his very own plane, something he has wanted to do since he was a child. It was just the way he imagined it: Hot rod red body with three thin white stripes going down the side, it was perfect. Thinking construction is complete, he puts the key in and turns it, just to see if the engine is working properly, but nothing happens. He furiously turns the key hoping one of the times it will start, but again, nothing. All that work down the drain. In a fit of rage, he stomps onto his back porch trying to go back inside, but when he takes his first step on the porch, it breaks. He hasn’t focused on anything but the plane for years, looking at the full porch he notices that most of the wood is all rotted. Continue reading