Another Moment in Time

house of the scorpionMatt was running for Aztlan from Dreamland; he was running to go see Maria.

Matt’s 13 year-old mind was going crazy.  He looked around and saw a big horse and then he saw a man on the horse.  He was a big, tall man with muscles like mountains! Matt then realized it was the farm patrol chasing him.  The farm patrol roam the oasis and turn anybody into eejits that try to illegally cross borders.  He was sprinting through the oasis which borders Dreamland and Aztlan.

The farm patrol was getting really close. If he was caught, he would be turned into an eejit!  His emotions were stressed, excited and worried.  His adrenaline was pumping through his body at the speed of light!  Matt is the only one running from the farm patrol, so nobody can help him escape.  The farm patrol is on Matt’s tail!  The farm patrol officer reached out and got a hold of Matt’s bag but Matt managed to slip out of the bag straps and dash to the border.

At last, he was free!  The Beekeepers were there to help him catch his breath and settle into what he thought would be his forever home.


Another Moment in Time — 1 Comment

  1. This is a well-written piece, Robbie. I love the excitement you create in paragraph three … I can almost feel the border guard breath on Matt as he stretches for freedom! Keep up the good writing, Robbie!