The Bean Thief

The Bean Thief   It was dawn and the wind was raging through the beanfield. Joe was in a deep sleep after 14 hours of constant working. A strong and fresh scent rose from the beans that Joe had planted … Continue reading

El Comercio de frijol

Like in most stories, there is conflict, protagonist, antagonist and solution. This story starts in the now-renovated and prosperous town of Milagro. Surrounded by rolling fields which were covered in dehydrated beans, trees and any other type of plants are … Continue reading

The Arrow Sheep

 A detective was heading into the woods. One hour of searching through the woods and the detective found something. The detective found a small First Nations village. The village had tepees, fires, a log hut, and some people. The people … Continue reading

Story Night

  My name is Jesus Madrigon. I am the son of Joe Madrigon. I am 32 years old, and I am the author of the bestselling book “The War Over Beans”. As I stood in my hometown, where my father’s … Continue reading

Twelfth Night Article: Malvolio’s Madness

News has come that Malvolio, Puritan steward to the Countess Olivia, bared himself to his mistress this morn in the most knavish manner, adorned in garish yellow stockings done in the cross-gartered style and with a devilish counterfeit of a … Continue reading