Winter in an Isolate

250 years in the future, the world has been ravaged by climate change and humans find themselves living in large bubbles or “isolates”. However, scientists have had trouble finding a way to simulate winter…

She bounded up the stairs to her complex, trying to escape the steady pitter-patter of rain on the concrete behind her. She was soaked, shivering and grumpy. “I’m sick of this” she muttered to herself, as she dripped all over the shiny, white linoleum floor of the lobby on her way to the elevator.

She slammed her hand on the elevator button and let out a long, exasperated sigh. How much longer could this last? Fall had been a solid six-and-a-half months by now. Why couldn’t summer come again? Out of the three season simulations, It was the best. She was brought out of her thoughts by the “Ding!” of the elevator button. Walking down the harshly lit hallway towards her apartment, she contemplated why anyone would want a “winter” in the first place. Four and a half months of freezing cold weather. What’s the point? She fumbled in her pocket for the key to her apartment. She came across an old, crumpled receipt and a gum wrapper before her fingers grasped the cold, jagged edge of the key. As she struggled with the key, she heard a sad voice speak from behind her, “Hi.”

She turned around, “Oh hey, Winston!” “I didn’t even hear you open the door!” It was her neighbour, Winston, He looked rather depressed compared to his usual untroubled-self. He was a scientist for the government of their isolate who worked in the weather department. He wore a bright white lab coat that almost touched his feet, his chestnut brown hair was swept to one side and he wore a pair of strikingly red glasses that made his clover-green eyes stand out more than usual. “I’m ok, thanks”, she told him, as she turned the key in her hand. As he walked away she noticed a few maroon stains on the back of his lab coat. “Could it be…” She ignored the thought.

She sank into her tattered leather couch in front of the TV with her bowl of instant noodles, flipping through channels until she reached the news. After the end of a commercial for cat food, The news anchor appeared on her screen next to a weakly smiling scientist. “We’ve done it!”, The scientist grinned, but there was something behind his tired smile. Uncertainty? anxiety? “Tell everyone what you’ve done, Dr Rosenfeld!”, said the news anchor, clearly eager for everyone to hear what Dr Rosenfeld had to say. “We’ve done it.” “Our fourth season has been successfully created!” his voice turning into a sigh at the end of the sentence.

She slumped down a little, sinking into the sofa even more as she did. She had known it would happen eventually but she had always pointlessly hoped it was just scientifically impossible. Her attention returned to the screen as she heard the last word of the scientist’s sentence. “Tomorrow.” He said. “Tomorrow?” She turned off the TV and went to bed. Despite her disappointment, she was a little curious. What would winter be like?

Looking out her window the next morning, she was amazed. Every surface was beige. This must be snow. As she looked up, she saw it falling from the sky! She opened her window and a frozen breeze carried the little bits into her apartment, landing on her outstretched hands. It was flaky and dry, yet cold as well. It was enchanting. She slipped on her coat and left her apartment. Winter wasn’t as awful as she had thought. She decided on her way down to the elevator, but as she walked down the street on her way to work, she was still left to wonder, Why had it taken so long to create winter? How were they creating it? Where did all the snow come from? And why was it so quiet?


Winter in an Isolate — 3 Comments

  1. Wow, Ammy,
    This is amazing!
    I love the freaky twist at the end!
    Could you consider writing a sequel?

  2. Thank you so much! I actually originally wrote the original where it wasn’t creepy at all and they succeeded in making winter. And in the original ending, she just ended up liking winter, but I just thought that was kinda boring so I was like ok, let’s make the snow human skin!