Not Again.

Within ten seconds to dusk, I stood in front of it. There it was, the place I worked so hard to get to, right before my eyes. I entered without a noise. It’s dark and gloomy inside, like a ancient closed down hospital accompanied by destructive vines and glorious moss.

I pulled out my camera to admire different perspectives and out fell a flyer for ghost evacuations. Bizarre considering my location at the moment. I’m think about the things that could be in here hoping to get some on film.

Thinking about how I wish I brought salt with me or an iron bar for safety. I’m standing in front of this door imagining all the possibilities that could happen if I open this door. I can feel this door wanting to be opened, it’s secrets are pulling me in. One turn of that knob and who know what could happen. I open it with my eyes closed and a creaking noise in my ears.

Once opened i could not believe my eyes. The room is filled with stuffed animals, dirty and dusty ones at that. This would be perfect to shoot for my project, it’ll scare them out of their right minds. I hear a noise and knew that this might be the way I go, I must put on a strong face… and maybe run. My filled with fear as I lurked my way through the corridor. Was I overreacting over a small noise or was I not paranoid enough?

I’m almost at the door but when a rat scurried past me I knew I was too paranoid. I have courage and I will use it. I’m walking to where the front desk was and rang the bell as if something would happen. Soon enough I see a shadow, a shadow resembling an animal. Out came two scruffy men who look like they hunt ghosts or some other crazy thing. They carried a duffel bag and iron bars attached to their belt by bungee cords.


“Excuse me?” I squeaked

“Who’s there!” one yelled.

“What are you doing here”

“We could ask you the same thing”

“I’m here taking photos for a project.”

“Here? Well you should not be here, especially at night.”

They walk up to me,

“Aren’t you the guys who evacuate ghosts?” I ask

“Yeah, that’s what we’re doing here”

“What happens when you find a ghost?”

“We burn the remains, you need to get out of here before you run into one.”

“Good luck ghost busting.”

“Very funny.”

I make my way out when all of a sudden it gets colder than it was before. I turn in circles to see if a window is open and I see…

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