At Long Last

The ship crashes through the water. Pots and pans are flying around, no land in sight, only one boat on the water. The last thing that anyone would want to happen is to fall off the boat.

The twin-towers plane crashes had happened just two months before and she still cannot shake the memory.


A woman named Simone is one of the only survivors on the plane. She is trying to deal with her PTSD by going on this relaxing cruise, but somehow she just can’t relax. Maybe it’s the bad weather. She is feeling very uneasy. Her PTSD medication doesn’t seem to be working.  


Simone stood on the ship watching the wind and waves and she shivered.  She pulled her sweater closer.  This night reminded her of the night her brother James was taken away in a straitjacket with that look in his eye. Why did he hate her so much? They told her he was a psychopath and would never have real emotions and had to be institutionalized. That was four years ago.


She is cold now and wants to go inside.  Walking into the lounge area, she orders a coffee and sits down to watch a show.  She still can’t shake this uneasy feeling. She looks at her coffee when it arrives and feels nauseous. She suddenly has to leave. She runs up the stairs and out onto the deck, gasping for air. The cold air feels good. She senses the man even before she turns around.  As she sees him, she knows his name before he pulls back his hood.  “Hello, James,”  she says while silently pulling out the knife that she has been carrying around with her for years. She swiftly stabs him and pushes him overboard with strength that she never knew she had.

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