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Grades 5-6: Understanding themes – books can transform your world

BastianIn The Neverending Story, Bastian is taken on a remarkable journey; which starts where (and when) he reads a book that is “not safe” in the school attic.

Please answer the following in full and complete sentences:


1. Do you agree with the theme that books can transform your life?  Why?
2. How can we see this in Bastian? For example: Reading is so important to Bastian that he doesn`t mind getting into trouble for it.
3. Now carefully look at the picture above and write down a few of your own ideas that this picture brings to mind.

There are certain “things” (single words which we call ‘images’) that help to make it easier to understand themes.  In the picture above, you might notice images such as “book”, “blanket”, “light, “concentration”, and maybe even a few more.
4. How many words can you find, and what do they represent?  For example: “light” – the dim light creates an atmosphere of suspense, and so forth.

Let me know if you get stuck!

Grades 5-6 assignment: Things are not what they seem …

Our first topic we will be looking at is theme and how we can use a theme to explain what a story is about. Please remember that ‘theme’ is not the same as ‘story’:

  • Story: the actual events as they unfold in a article, book or film.
  • Theme: the central idea, topic of a story – what the story is about.

Most often, a theme can be described in a short sentence.The heading of this post (“Things are not what they seem”) is a theme of the video of Backyardigans – Secret Mission (above), and the film The Neverending Story (which you are watching in class).

Your assignment today is to find at least two more themes from the Backyardigans video I have included above. Then, in a short paragraph, tell me how your themes help us to understand the story of Secret Mission better and why you think your themes are important.

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