The roles of civilisation and barbarism in Medea

Civilisation is defined as “the stage of human social development and organisation which is considered advanced”. Barbarism is the “absence of culture and civilisation” or “extreme cruelty or brutality”. Medea, both the play and the novel, explore the roles of … Continue reading

Hamlet can be described as a fully-human character

In this passage from Hamlet (1.2.132-162), Shakespeare uses strong language and figures of speech to portray the titular character as a devastated, anguished young man, and a fully-human character. Hamlet’s devastation is clearly seen in the very beginning of the … Continue reading

Mary Anne Bell

Mary Anne Bell is one of the many complicated characters in The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien. She has a variety of characteristics, though three true traits are evident. Bell is deceptive, never really showing her true colours: tampering, … Continue reading

Tim O’Brien Chapter 6 Character Sketch

Chapter 6, “On The Rainy River” encapsulates the story of the character Tim O’Brien, in a way that is intriguing and immersive to the reader. Throughout the novel, Tim plays a crucial role of an honest man wanting to live … Continue reading

Fahrenheit 451- Clarisse

In this essay, the writer will be discussing Clarisse McClellan, a character from the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Clarisse McClellan is Guy Montag and Mildred Montag’s neighbour. She is a seventeen year–old girl who has a very unusual … Continue reading