The Implications of the Special Theory of Relativity



Above is my submission for the Breakthrough Junior Challenge, created by a partnership between The Breakthrough Prize Foundation, and Khan Academy. The challenge was to develop a ten minute video that explained a challenging theory or concept in a simplified way. The theory or concept must originated from the realms of physics, life sciences or mathematics. After submitting our own videos, the applicants were required to grade other’s videos. The top 75 rated videos would progress.

Through my involvement in the contest, the thoughtful and insightful comments left on my video, and my own perception. I have learned how to better myself in order to teach others. Next year, my video will include more visuals, and a different style. Going into the contest, I knew my “lecture style” of video was not the best, in terms of engagement. However, with limited time left, after spending more than half the allotted time thinking of a topic, it was my only option. The feedback I received has confirmed my preconceived notions, and I am currently exploring other options that will improve engagement.

While it may still be a year away, and not confirmed, I can’t wait to participate next year. The contest has also inspired me to create other videos. Using the feedback I received, I hope to make them some of my best videos yet.

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