2015: Alix

Mary Anne Bells Eulogy

As you jumped out of the helicopter with your beautiful long blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and wearing that pink sweater. You, Mary Anne Bell, sure were a face to look at. That innocent look you gave everybody. All the Soldiers were smitten with you. You sure lit up the camp with your bubbly, fun, curious, and adventurous personality. The minute you arrived you were so very interested in the country and what it had to offer. Mary Anne, you had no fear of the war and it showed every day more and more as you got to know everybody and the land. You were too young, only 17, a kid. Right out of high school and not ready to take on such big things. You shouldn’t have learned to use riffle. You had more confidence than ever before, you told me everything you wanted was right here in Nam. Go home you were told, but you refused, you loved it here. Mary Anne, you lost it… you went crazy, you turned into a devil, wearing a necklace of tongues and being obsessed with death. When you arrived, Mary Anne, I didn’t think you were going to take part in the war and, honestly, I don’t think you did either.

You weren’t afraid to get your hands bloody, It intrigued you. Cutting your hair short, you stopped looking like normal self, wearing a dark green bandanna. There was no more Mary Anne, no more of that bubbly personality that you came here with. Not the girl i fell in love with. Your laugh wasn’t sweet and cute anymore, it was something i’ve never heard before in my life, it was dark and rayless. Those Greenies, they had a black hole in their minds and you fell under their spell. You did not need that, but you wanted it. The night you spent with them, you had black all over your face; listening to tribal music. The thing that hit you the most is when you were asked to leave and go home once again but didn’t listen. You went into a deep dark depression, staring into the jungle and the mountains with a look on your face, that nobody could understand. That’s when you started to run … Mary Anne, you turned into a silhouette, and I never saw you again. After all these years, i’m left wondering if you are still out there in the jungle of Nam, still lurking around trying to find your soul.

Forever in my heart…..


The Dream

As I ran threw the forest, pitch black I couldn’t see anything but the silhouettes of the trees. Running from my life, not wanting to go back to reality. Thoughts racing in my head, the pounding music in my ears. I was done. I wanted my old life back when nobody had to worry about anything, thats how I liked it. Things change and the past is the past. You can’t have everything. I didn’t know where I was running to, but I wasn’t going back. The only thing that I could make sense of was the music I was listening to as I ran, finally I understood and what it meant. He wrote it in anger, or he was upset, just how I feel. Fireworks exploding in my mind, my eyesight was blurry, the tears slowly ran down my face. I just left. Nobody would ever find me. Nobody would care. I enjoyed just being alone, I could do whatever I wanted, I was free. As the music got louder, more intense, I collapsed. I sat against a rotten old log, I felt a slight breeze behind me on my neck. I slowly turned around, just hoping it was the wind. As I turned my head there they were, two big yellow eyes staring into my soul. I just sat there, staring back, not making any noise. Didn’t know if I should stay and be prey or just slowly get up and run but whatever this animal was it would catch up and kill me. I got up and ran. Taking a chance.  Faster and faster I ran, running out breath. The animal caught me on the back of my shirt and ripped it, clawed me and all of a sudden  turned around than ran the other way. I wondered why the animal did this but just as I turned back facing the way the I was running I could see hot light in the far distant, it was a fire, coming closer and closer to me. The flames where spraying out of the ground like a torch, I was trapped in a fire ring. I didn’t want this. I just wanted to be alone. I gave up and sat on the  muddy ground in the middle of this terrible  mess. Listened to my booming music. As the fire got closer and closer I turned my music louder and louder. The heat was as close to me as those beaming eyes were. I was gone. Goodbye world. I twitched and closed my eyes and suddenly awoke in my bed, sweating. It was only a dream. The music loudly playing in the background was the da da da da on the base guitar of Mike Oldfield.


Built for Anything

Whats the real truth about lions? The “king of the jungle” are creatures of magnificent strength, aggressiveness and most of all beauty. They have a very unfortunate reputation for being lazy. The fact is, lions are not lazy at all; they are very patient and with the hot sun beating down on them all day, they do most of their work when the sun goes down. They are aggressive killing machines made of pure muscle, teeth and claws. As any other animal, they are babies first. Cubs are not natural born killers, they have to learn how to hunt. More than half of all lions don’t make it past their first birthday. Not many other animals can take on a pride and win. Buffalo are one of the animals that can, the only thing they are after is the cubs. Sometimes if the females are in the way, they will attack and kill them as well. These big cats are the only cats that live in groups; in other words, a pride. The reason they live in a pride is not because of hunting advantages but because they can raise their cubs more successfully and being in a large group they have more access to land and the hot spots. These groups of lions are one family. Usually it will include up to three males, a bigger group of females, and their babies. All of the pride’s lionesses are related, the female cubs typically stay with the group as they age. Young males will eventually leave the pride and come upon a new pride, fight the male lion and soon take over the new pride.

 Male lions are like the body guards. They protect the territory which can be up to 100 square miles, and that land could be grassland, open woodland, or scrub. The lionesses do all the hunting usually every time in a small group of three or four to take down antelopes, zebras, wildebeest, and other large animals.They are more lean, and can run and leap much faster than a male. If a lion is by itself, and there is an opportunity for a catch, that lion will kill alone; but less than one solo lion hunt is successful. If the pride is desperate, they will hunt down wild dogs or hyenas and steal their catch. Young lions don’t help to hunt until they are about a year old. After a catch, the males always eat first. If any of the other lions in the pride try to have a bite, the male gets the satisfaction of fighting them. The cubs are at the bottom of the order and whatever meat is leftover the lionesses and the cubs get. Usually a kill of a buffalo will last them a week.

The two animals that lions can take down with the help of the entire pride are giraffes and elephants. Elephants hate lions. They would stomp on a cub anyday anytime and not think twice about it. Lions will only kill an elephant in the night, they do their best hunting at night since their eyes are meant for darkness. The only downside of taking down a giraffe is that one kick to the head of a lions skull or spine, the lion could be dead. They work together to bring the giraffe down to the ground so they can cut off the windpipe with their powerful jaws, if they are unsuccessful they will herd the animal to a wet spot in the ground like a creek, the animal won’t be able to keep balance while it is in a rut and will collapse to the ground. Lions are very powerful animals. Their teeth are the perfect size and tilted the right way to seize and cut through the flesh of the victim. The powerful jaws are designed to clamp on a victim’s throat, crushing their windpipe, cutting of air and blood flow. When the lions whiskers turn inward, they know the victim is dead. It is then safe to let go. Lions are color blind. When they are stalking a zebra in the long grass, they often do not get the catch because the stripes on the zebra get mixed up with the long grass in the lions eyes.

People seem to fear lions, the understanding of why is true. Other big cats kill more people than lions do. All lions want is food, and people are not part of their food group. Unless they are starving to death. Lions are one of the most powerful and fierce, yet touching animals. They will fight for what they want and most of the time, succeed. On the other hand when it comes to the pride, it’s all about family and safety.

Who’s there?

It was a dark, cold, snowy December afternoon. Mikayla, Minette, Ocean, Cole, and Sasha walked to Mikaylas house during lunch break and decided not to go back to school for the rest of day, as they were walking in the blizzard they ran into a woman looking concerned so Cole decided to ask her what was wrong. She replied that she was running and her phone fell out of her pocket and she couldn’t find it, so the 5 friends told the woman that they would keep an eye out. When they got to Mikaylas house, Sasha mentioned that they should watch a horror movie. So they did.

They picked the most terrifying movie on Netflix that they could find, it was called “The House.” The 5 friends sat as close to each other as they could get as the movie started and Minette turned the volume up as loud as it could go. They were trembling with fear. The movie got more intense as it went on, The movie  had 5 main characters, the plot of the story was that it was a typical highschool movie with a twisted plot. The Characters heard about this haunted house at school and wondered if it really existed. They each packed an overnight bag and then made their way out. as they were driving out in the middle of nowhere the car broke down so they had to walk.

As the movie went on the group was terrified, Mikaylas mom came home and went around the corner and scared the living daylights out of them, they screamed and then all of a sudden they were laying on a mossy field in a forest. Ocean got up first, she screamed with terror, the rest of the friends stood up and all had a frown on their faces. Mikayla asked the rest of the crew if they knew where they were. Nobody knew and they were very confused so they decided to walk to find a road,a person anything. The walking went on for about an hour before they found a long dark gravel road. they walked along the road for about 20 minutes until they came to a big house. The house was a mansion!it was no ordinary mansion though it looked to be about 50 years old. the whole house was made out of wood with curtains in the windows,a rusted door, business cards all over the front steps and the lawn; oh, the lawn, it seemed that it hadn’t been mowed for years. No one had lived in it for 30 years. A glance at this house and the friends didn’t want to go anywhere near it, just looking at it put a shiver through the bones.  Mikayla on the other hand, decided that they should go take a look in one of the windows. and so they did. After a while of wondering and fighting, a bright thought hit Sasha. She told her friends that she thought that they were in the movie. she explained to them and it made sense. Why would they all of a sudden be not in the living room and in a middle of a forest with a “house”? None of them really thought of it that way and how it was possible, Cole thought it was a dream.

They slowly walked down the driveway, it was dark and gloomy. When the got to front door first of all they decided to knock, just to make sure. No one came to the door, so Mikayla sprinted to the window along the main floor and peeked in. It was empty as could be, Ocean picked a different view to look in and saw a small little table with a blue tablecloth on top, with it was two fold out chairs and a bridge game. Ocean told everyone and it was creepy to a whole new level.They wanted to go in very badly but the door was locked, they went off the property and stood at the top of a small hill, looking into one of the top windows and saw the curtains move side to side very slowly. They thought of a plan, to go down the side of the house to the backyard and see if they can get in there. There was a window very close to the ground and only if it could open from the outside. Minette thought of a very smart idea to throw a rock at the window to break it. They did so. The window broke into a million peices. One by one each friend crawled through and landed in the basement. They slowly made their way up the stairs and to the main floor. There was some furniture laying around but everything had white sheets over them. Also there was a large painting in the dining room, it was of a painted picture of a older woman with pearl earrings and a matching necklace. Maybe she was the person who owned the place. Who knows. The friends decided to go in a group of two and a group of three and spread out among the house, to see what they could find.

Minette, Sasha and Cole went up stairs to snoop around. Mikayla and Ocean stayed around the main floor. As the group of three went upstairs to the bedrooms, all the beds, in every room where made perfectly, the bed frames, and everything about the rooms were right out of the 50s. It was very obvious that this house was a family home, five bedrooms, a master, and four rooms for the children. They didn’t really want to touch anything but as they walked into the master bed room there was a jewelry box, the girls ran to it and opened it. The pieces of jewelry that were inside were asstonishing. Gold and Silver bracelets, earrings and necklaces. they spotted the same thing that the woman was wearing in the painting, Minette grabbed them and put them on. She got a weird feeling through her body and immediately took them off.

Mikayla and Ocean where looking around the main floor and didn’t find much, they decided to take the sheets off the furniture. This one chair was a dark, mustard yellow. Ocean spotted a big blood stain right were a average size persons chest would be. They quickly went to the other room, very confused. Mikayla was wondering, was someone murdered here. She called the other three back down stairs and they sat at the dining room table and talked. Mikayla and Ocean told them about the blood stain and said that they think someone was killed here. The other three told them about how they think it was a family home and maybe that the person that was killed was the mom because she’s on the wall, and the rest of the family moved away. Minette brought up that she put the same jewelry on as what the woman in the painting was wearing, and she got a very strange feeling through her mind and body.

As the night went on they decided to leave, who would want to stay in this house over night? They went back downstairs to the window, but, there was no shattered window anywhere to be seen. Cole walked over to the window that he thought was the broken one. Nothing. The group was getting kind of confused and a little scared. they decided to go back upstairs and try to un stick the front door. Nothing, it was locked from inside and out. They tried every single window and door they would find. Everything they tried was locked and wasn’t coming loose. Sasha told the group, “well I guess we are spending the night in here”. No one wanted to spend the night but they had no choice. How long have they really been inside the movie for? Are people in the real world looking for them? They were all very worried and scared. They didn’t sleep all night, the whole time Cole was in the corner scared out of his mind, he was curled up in a little safe shell and didn’t move the entire night. The rest of the friends found some candles in one of the kitchen drawers and sat in a circle in the living room trying not to think about where they were. Ocean told her friends that they should think of what would the people in the movie do? would they tell ghost stories? find a Wigi board and talk to the spirits in the house? they decided to look everywhere they could think of to find a wigi board. Sasha finally found one. they sat back in their circle and set the game up. Asked the spirits questions, nothing happened. Maybe all the things the friends felt during the day where just all in the mind. After about 30 Minutes, Cole got up and asked the wigi board, “who ever is in this house come out, come out wherever you are, we’re not scared”.

It was not very long after when things started going downhill. Cole should have never said anything. The friends didn’t know what to do, they were all getting this weird feeling through their bodies. All of a sudden the room went dark, a gust of wind blew the candles out. Ocean and Mikayla screamed and then burst into tears. The asked the others what they should do. Everyone got a tad mad at Cole, but they could do nothing. The ghosts where coming for them. Every room was black, you couldn’t see a thing. No furniture, no paintings and no people. You couldn’t even see the white sheets around the room.

They all knew what was going on, the person who was murdered has come back for revenge. Only on them. The group of friends decided to run down stairs to the basement and keep safe down there.. As they were running what they think was towards the door to the basement the group felt a cold breeze behind them and felt like they were being chased. As they ran faster and faster towards the stairs, they finally got there. Sasha slammed the door behind her and locked it, they hid underneath the stairs. The basement was even darker and more scary then on the main floor. As they huddled together not making a sound, except for the heavy breathing, they hoped that they were safe.

It was dead quiet. Suddenly, there was a loud Squeak of the door above them. It was opening, foot steps going down the stairs. who ever the spirit was they were stomping loudly and hurting their ears underneath them. The friends tried to stay quiet, but the heavy breathing of terror announced where they were. The spirit was coming for them, slowly around the corner.

Mikayla, Ocean, Minette, Sasha and Cole closed their eyes and screamed as they saw the figure coming for them and just hoping it would end. When they all opened their eyes, the group was sitting back in Mikaylas cozy living room, and the movie had been over. Her mom came down with snacks, The 5 friends yelled to Mikaylas mom, “Heather! How long have we been gone for”? Her mom replied confused and a little startled “ what on earth are you talking about”?

The 5 friends realized that maybe it actually was a dream. They will never know.

Character sketch

The Adventures of Sunny

This morning once again I decided to sneak up on my mom while she was sleeping and jump on her head. I don’t look heavy but actually, I am 70 pounds and thats heavy for a one year old German Shepherd.

My name is Sunny, and my family took me when I was 4 months old, and from then on I have been a devious, sneaky, mean pooch. I have no idea when the last time I was nice to them. As days go on my family tells me to sit, stay and roll over for treats but honestly I just sit in front of them and stare into their souls with my big brown puppy dog eyes. I’m pretty sure I don’t even like them in fact i hate them. The one I love truly is my dog walker Rita. Oh man, is she the best! whenever I see her I go crazy and totally forget about my mom no matter where we are.

Later that day we went for dinner to a  friends houses, and of course I was left in the car. After about an hour my mom came and got me and I didn’t even give her time to put my leash on, I jumped over her and out of the car and ran up the street. I didn’t know where I was running to, so I decided to stop and let my owner catch up to me. She yelled at me and put my leash on, so I decided to pull and not listen to her. As we got the front door she let me off the leash and the door opened wide with everyone there to greet me. We were all sitting in the living room, as I was being cute and loveable, rolling on my back and making funny noises.

I smelled something very tasty coming from the kitchen so I decided to sneak away very quietly. Imagine this, no one even noticed that I was gone. As I made it to the kitchen, the smell was getting stronger and I couldn’t help myself but to drool. I came up to the counter where all the food was and took a big leap and landed softly on top of the counter and just chowed down. I knew that I was going to get in big trouble; but, oh well, I love to live on the wild side. My mom called me and yelled at me and stuck me by her side.

Finally we left the place and made our way home. The car ride was great and I was able  to ride shotgun, my head out the window pretty much the whole time before we made our way  to the highway. We made it home safely and I didn’t even have to sleep in my crate for  some odd reason. I cuddled close to my mom and fell asleep. Until my lovely friend Earl the cat came in.