2016: Charlie

White Space Art


Our creative writing class was given an assignment to draw a logo or image that had a hidden message or object within it. It relates to our creative writing because we were given the task of writing a short story with a subliminal message within it. I chose to draw this tree. The hidden image is made by the branches. They create the shape of a bald eagle’s head. I chose to do this because I wanted to somehow relate the image to me. The tree is supposed to represent my love of nature and the eagle because it is my favourite animal.


My Dog Buffy

P1000102His golden, curly hair glistened in the sunlight. Ears pricked up and bouncing as he jumped in and out of the snow, splashed in the rushing river and catching the sparkling froth and bubbles in midair, or darted across fields towards you with a glistening smile on his face. He followed you around the house wherever you went like a shadow. Coming back to you like a boomerang when you threw a ball or played tug of war. He chased the ball until his feet would bleed or down steep rock faces. At times being the most annoying dog. But even when he was annoying I still loved him.