English 5

The Singing Snail

Once there was a man named Horte and he lived in his apartment in England. It was a dull life for him. Every day the same thing. He got up, ate breakfast, went to take a shower, got dressed, went to work, typed on his computer all day, got home, ate dinner and went to bed. But, one day, Horte had an incredibly amazing day. This is the day he met that amazing snail.

It started off as a normal day. He got up, he had a shower, he ate breakfast and then he started to walk to work.  As he was walking he heard something in the bushes. It sounded like … Singing? So he walked over to the bush but, just as he opened up the bush, the singing stopped. So he turned around and the singing started again! So, once again he opened up the bush to find only a snail. The snail got up, put on a top hat and started juggling and singing. Horte fainted …

He woke up in the same spot with people crowded around him talking. “Hey, he’s waking up!” shouted an older man.
“What happened?” asked a young woman.
“Why are we here?” asked a tiny girl.
Somebody asked him what he was doing on the floor.
“I have low blood sugar, all ok!” said Horte.
“Oh m-m-my!” stuttered an older lady “s-s-should I call the hospital?”
“No I’m fine!” Horte shouted, “thank you though.”

He walked back to his apartment and started to search on the internet what to do if he started to hallucinate. Then he thought, “maybe I wasn’t hallucinating, maybe it actually happened!” So he went back to look.

When he opened up the bush again, lo and behold there was that snail. Once again the snail put on the top hat and then said “Hello, my name is George and yours?”
” Oh! My name is Horte.”
“All right then, Horte. I am sorry I gave you a fright earlier today.”
“Oh that’s ok. Come on, are you hungry?”
“Yah, let’s go!”

So they walked back to Horte’s apartment, and he cooked up an amazing meal of cantaloupe, apricots and lettuce. Then Horte came up with an amazing idea. They should go on Britain’s Got Talent! He looked up how to audition and the next thing he knew he was entering the arena.

“OK George, are you ready? Then go out there and sing!!”


As George entered the arena people started to cheer and Simon Cowell smirked. A microphone was put in front of him and George started to sing. “Alleluia alleluia alleluia”. When he finished the judges just stared dumbfounded and then Simon Cowell spoke. “Wow! I thought it was going to be another dumb ventriloquism act but I was wrong; so, so wrong. I think we all agree this is the winner!”

Ten months later, the world tour completed, Horte and George sat on their beach chairs on the sandy beach of Mexico. “Aaah this is the life” they agreed as yet another drink was set in front of them.

the story to the gadget

Part 1 The Gift

The sound of a loud shrieking TV salesman harshly woke me. It was 5am in the morning. I must have fallen asleep while watching the shopping channel to find my dad a gift for his birthday tomorrow. Any way I needed to find something that he would want something that he would need. Another add just came on I laughed I thought the guy said a Tupperware lid finder, wait he did say a Tupperware lid finder, what is that? Well duh the add will explain that. The squeaky salesman went onto explaining how a robot arm uses a scanner to read and match the corresponding lid to the container.

Part 2 The Collection

When I finally got to the store I realised that this was more popular than I thought!

The line stretched halfway down the street. When I finally got near the front the saleswoman yelled “We are sold out of the Tupperware lid finders!” “WHAT” I thought to myself “How could this happen. They just got a full shipment in.” I angrily walked away. After finding myself at the end of two 50 people lines I finally got to the front of one. I was about to ask for one but just then the lady said “Sorry honey but we just ran out.” I literally just slammed my head against the counter in anger. “But we do have another shipment coming in about 5 minutes” I heard this and started walking towards the door, as the door opened in front of me I realized that it was a delivery man with the next shipment. I ran back to the counter and bought one.

Part 3 Delivery

I got back home wrapped the present and hid it so my dad couldn’t find it before his birthday.The day slowly came and after a lovely time at a small party my mum arranged for him we started opening gifts. I ran upstairs to go get my present for him… but I couldn’t find it! After 10 minutes of looking I went downstairs and announced “I can’t find your present… sorry.”