English 6

How One Girl Saved a Whole Family

Abby Rowin was 13 years old, and lived with her Mom Dad and two older brothers Logan and Jake, in Delridge Seattle. Abby’s family lived in a Cul de sac with 12 houses altogether. Abby’s neighbourhood had families from all ages, this helped her tremendously with what she loved doing, helping good causes, from animal abuse to kids who lived in third world countries. She knew she had so much so she did all she could to help them.

All of Abby’s neighbours knew about her passion for helping. So one day Mrs. April heard from a friend about a new charity wear you donate however much money you want, that money is then sorted to a family living in a third world country, depending on how much money you donate  that family will have money for food, water, clothing, and shelter. Right after Abby heard this she rushed inside to start creating a plan to donate money for this organization.

Whenever Abby wanted to help a charity she would sell crafts,friendship bracelets,paintings, clay charms you name it. Unfortunately Abby always had trouble making her crafts because everything in her art room was so cluttered. Abby’s supplies were impossible to organize, she never knew where they were and how much she had left of it.

So when Abby was trying to think on how make her crafts supplies way more accessible she looked it up on the internet, she came upon an app title and all it said was Craft Supply Finder. She quickly pressed on the title and read the app description, she knew it would fit perfectly with her situation!

So Abby bought the Craft Supply Finder app and started it up right away. She typed everything supply she had into the app, put all the materials into the storage unit, and tested it. It worked flawlessly. Abby put it to work right away. The app made every craft so much simpler, Abby didn’t have to worry about not being able to find any materials. The app made it so anything and everything were right at Abby’s fingertips.

Once Abby had made all her crafts, she set up her table and was open for business. Abby sold from morning till night time.When Abby was selling she told her customers where the money would be donated and then they would donate even more! Believe it or not Abby sold everything on her stand, from paintings to jewelry to clay charms. Abby was so excited on how much money she made, Abby made $572 dollars. Abby had never even dreamed that she could make that much money.

So Abby sent the money into the Help a family Charity, After a few weeks had past she got an email back from the founders of the charity, the email said that Abby had raised enough money to help support the Adjou family of five for 5 years this included food, water, shelter, clothing, and education. Abby never knew the power of donating.

With what she donated the Adjou family learned to write and read, so Abby was receiving and writing letters once a month from Adjou family, the kids wrote about what they were learning and what else they needed, and at the end of every letter the Adjou family always wrote “Thank-you Abby you saved our lives.”

The Evil Robot

In the city of L.A., in the household of the Clarks there was a robot lurking around that they didn’t know about. The robot was created by the Hammond Robotics Company. It was made with an artificial intelligence meaning that it had a mind of its own. So the robot started becoming very sneaky and had snuck out of the factory and in and out of people’s homes.

So here it was, sneaking around the Clark’s home, finding out information about the Clark family. You might be interested to know what the robot was doing – it was finding out information about all sorts of people so that the robot could blackmail anyone and take over the world. Now back to the story … The robot was sneaking through the air ducts and making its way over to the computer room. It then snuck into the computer room, plugged itself in and started charging and looking through the files.

Once it had found all the files it could use against them, it set up camp in an air duct beside the router. When it was set up he redirected 50% (only 50% so it wasn’t so noticeable) of the Clark’s income to itself. Then it emailed the real estate agency to give them the information that they don’t have the right permission to live in the house. It then added hundreds of thousands of parking tickets to the Clarks’ record in the police computer system. In short, it was trying to get the Clarks evicted from their home and in huge trouble so they wouldn’t come back. Once the Clarks were evicted, it set up shop in their home to make a factory to make more evil robots.

Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha …..

The Terrific Desk Draw Organizer

Megan was sitting in her classroom waiting for the bell to ring. Finally the bell rang and it was time to go to her next class. Her next and final class was  science. Megan went into the room and took her seat. It was a sunny day outside and Megan became distracted daydreaming about what she would do with her friends. Of course, while she was daydreaming, she forgot to take notes and then, when the class ended, the teacher came over to her and asked what notes she had written down. Megan tried to come up with a reason, but the teacher acted fast and gave her a detention slip before she could get the words out of her mouth.

So, instead of having fun with her friends, she ended up sitting in detention. Megan began wondering if she needed to organize herself more so she would not be so rushed, not being able to concentrate in class. When Megan arrived back home, she started flipping through a magazine and saw the Desk Draw Organizer. Megan knew right away that that was what she needed. So she called up the makers of the Desk Draw Organizers. The Desk Draw Organizer came about a week later and Megan  set it up.

Megan put all her things in it and tested it out. It worked perfectly! Megan was so neat now, she always had her assignments due on the correct date and was never assigned a single detention again … until … One day, she forgot to put her school notebook in her organizer and lost it. Luckily she put notes on her computer too.  The only thing she had to do was type in what she wanted and the box went green and there it was, on her computer.

Not only does this product help you keep organized you can put anything in it. You can also put it anywhere – in your bedroom, in your office or even in the garage! This product is sturdy but not bulky, easy to use but not simple. Everyone in the family will love the “Terrific Desk Draw Organizer”!


Once upon a time, there was a dog by the name of Milo. Milo was a curious little dog and liked to explore the world. One day, Milo was down at the park with his owner, Mark. Mark let  Milo run and play and do all the other stuff that dog’s do. After of few minutes of playing Mark sat down on a bench and Milo soon noticed and came over. Mark looked at Milo and said “ You know Milo if I could wish for one thing” Milo was curious of what make was going to say: “ If I could wish for one thing it would be for me to understand your thoughts. Milo turned his head to one side and glanced at Mark for a second. Shortly after the two species made their way home.

Saturday Morning, Milo awoke to find Mark making eggs and Milo’s breakfast awaiting him. “C’mon boy” Mark said cheerfully “ It’s your favorite” Milo rushed to his bowl and as always he found his favorite dog food ( Big barks dog chow).

Mark spent a few weeks tinkering around in his garage and finally he created the MBF (man’s best friend) Thought Translator . Since Milo was Mark pet he was the first one to always try everything from dog food to high tech material Milo loved it. The MBF was basically like a watch that the dog wears around his neck like a collar. There’s also a micro chip next to the dog skull (outside the head) which picks up the brain ways and sends them to the main unit which is the collar in 0.8 milliseconds.

Mark worked as an engineer. Once  Mark made a dog bar that made Milo have extreme bowel movements. And once he created some boots that made Milo float.When Mark put the MBF thought translate on milo he was hoping of the best but expecting the worst. Milo felt the cold leather strap around his neck. Mark turn on the “power button” and sat back to watch. Milo scratch the back of his head with his leg the immediately the translator responded and said “ Ah! so itchy” Mark shouted out a big “Yes!”.

Again, the thought translator immediately reacted as Milo started running around “ what’s so cool and why are we running in circles”. The same happened the next day, except this time Milo wanted to use what was on his neck in a smart way and not just for simple thought’s, He thought about what it would be like to be a human, or what it would be like to have a brother or sister. Mark could understand this since the voice translator was equipped with a microphone.

Since this is probably the greatest invention of the 21’s century, Mark opened a small business which quickly expanded. Milo decided he wanted to go to school and learn about the world. H got good grades and then got a degree as an engineer.


The end.

The Hovering Robot

One hot and sunny day in San Diego, there was a motel that had an owner that really wanted to be rich and own a 5 star hotel; but instead, he owned a really old and rusty ‘establishment’ … a dilapidated 1 star motel.  There were about 5 staff there. The staff were getting really tired of slipping on the wet surface of the swimming pool and spilling the drinks on themselves, and then having to go and get another drink, just to end up slipping again.  They all left and the hotel went from a 2 star to a 1 star and then, after getting no customers for 30 days, the owner came up with an idea.  They could make a robot that could fly over the wet surface so that the drinks don’t fall on the ground. Also, the robot can hover over the person and then hand the drink to the man or woman carefully, yet quickly.

The owner took the idea to the test. He built it and then he tried it out and it worked perfectly. There were no malfunctions and even if the drink spilled on the robot it didn’t mess it up. He was so happy he started a company with all of his life savings and then built 1000 of them, then his motel went from a 1 star to a 5 star motel and they made the motel into a hotel. They were making it bigger, and then many people started to go to his hotel, and then they were in business. People from all over the world wanted the hovering cup holder and then they became the richest and biggest company in the world.  The company was famous and they were all over the news and TV.

After a few days, almost everyone had a hovering cup holder and all of the hotels that had 1 – 2 star ratings they were bumped up to a 3 – 5 stars. Everyone was really happy because they didn’t have to worry about having their drink fall on the ground, or them slipping with the glass in their hand and cutting themselves. In general, people where much safer.

The man that saved the world with a laser pointer

One day, there was a boy he wanted to be a hero and the only way he could think of that was physically possible was to be in the armed forces. When he was old enough he went to training camp. He trained Intel and he was the best in the whole training school. He went to the army when he was 20 he retired from the army at 25.

When he turned 30, he became a scientist; but because he was only still 30, he still wanted to be known as a hero. Just then he thought of an idea … a great idea, an idea that could not go wrong! It was a laser pointer that had such an intense light that it could melt metal and burn wood.

So when he went to the army he could become a hero because with his laser … he would not need guns to fight and win the war. So, when he went to the war things didn’t go exactly as planned. He was so confident in his laser pointer that he didn’t even double check that all the parts were working well, so things started going wrong very soon, as we shall see!

When he got to the army, he waited three months before he finally got to the battlefield. He tried to use the laser pointer, but it didn’t work. So, when the got back to camp, he opened up the pointer and looked at what the problem could be. Somehow, he had lost his battery somewhere and he had no spare battery. Later that same night, the general sent him and three other men on a mission.

On the mission, he was the only one that had a light so he took the battery out of the light and put it in the laser pointer. He tested it out …”IT WORKS!”, he shouted out in the middle of enemy territory. The camp guards were hidden and quickly put the base on lockdown. There were men everywhere, trying to find them. They called for a pickup, but had to wait for 33 minutes before it finally came.

When they got into the car, the general was there and his fellow soldiers told the general everything. From taking the battery out of the light , to the shouting … they told everything.  There was one problem that they were not aware of … there was an enemy scout that was following them back to their base. They did not see the scout, so when he found out were the base was, he went back to his base and told his commander what he had found.

As soon as the enemy commander found out, he sent a nuclear missile to the base, but when the man with the laser pointer found out, he tried to see it. After a while he spotted it in the sky and, so he took out his pointer and shot the beam at it. Fortunately he was able to disarm it and luckily it didn’t hit the base! Because the enemy had sent a nuclear missile, we were able to send one back and so won the war.  They hailed the laser pointer man as a hero and everyone was happy that we had won the war.

The Day My Life Was a Game

It was a long Friday and, by the time I arrived back home, I was drenched for energy.  I just wanted to spend the rest of my day playing some games.  By the time I was finished playing, all I wanted to do was sleep.  I was curled up in my sheets to stay warm, when suddenly I heard a ping coming from my computer.  It was the new mountain biking game I had downloaded earlier in the afternoon.  I decided that I would check it out and see if it was important.  I opened up my computer. The email said if I completed that level in the next two hours, I would have a chance to win tons of games for free. I decided to play it.  After half an hour of playing, I had finally beaten it.  After that my life changed for ever.

In just a split second, it felt like I woke up yet I was already awake. It took a few seconds for my eyes to stop being blurry.  When my vision cleared, everything around me was as white as my mother’s china set, until it flashed in front of me.  Two big white words surrounded with a black background.  The letters spelt “Character Selection”.  When I stepped towards it, the background changed again, but this time it looked like my backyard.  I tried to run for the door of my house but there was a barrier. It was as if I was stuck in a box with nowhere to go.  These giants on bikes started to go by me.  There the letters were again, but this time they spelt “BMX Racer”.  Then there was another one, and another one.   All with different names and different clothes.  When they stopped coming, I took a step trying to run.  Then in a blink of an eye I was back to the black box with a new set of words.

 The words read “Map Selection”.  This time I decided to stand still and thought that maybe it would teleport me back home.   I stood there and stood there until I could not stand anymore.  I tried to sit down, but that must have triggered the sensors which sent me to a brand new place.

The place looked familiar yet I didn’t know why.  It sent me to a trailhead. The name of the trail was Floppy Bunny.  After looking at that for about thirty seconds, it sent me to a new trailhead. This one’s name was Bobsled.  It let me look at this one for thirty seconds.  I didn’t understand what it was trying to ask me to do.  I seemed to have moved … there was a flash, and it felt like I was sleeping once again.

When I became aware that I was not asleep, I was at the top of Bobsled with a bike.  I was very confused because I did not know where I was or what I was supposed to do.  So I went with my gut feeling and I started to ride down the trail.  I was not very good at riding, so I was very nervous and scared that something bad was going to happen.  I went past the first corner and in my peripheral vision a score of 50 points show up.   Every corner, bump or jump, the score kept getting bigger and bigger.  By the time I was halfway down the course I was getting faster and my score was now at eight hundred and ninety one.  I kept biking faster and faster and it was starting to become very fun.  I didn’t have any time to stop.  I kept going until … “bam!” …. the biggest crash I have ever had! The screen went black and even after that crash I didn’t hurt at all.  The screen had new words on it “Game Over”.

The Clean Chewians

A Strange Beginning

At first it seems like an ordinary bathroom, but this bathroom has a very interesting history.

What makes this story interesting is a particular pack of Clean Chew. Kept in a cabinet that once housed a mysterious supernatural visitor. Without meaning to this visitor altered a pack of Clean Chew and turned it into a life form. When in stick form the gum-like creatures are dormant. Once they have been chewed the heat awakens them into an large ameba like life form. The creatures can go back to their dormant state at will. These supernatural pieces of gum do lack one thing that every other living organism has, they lack the ability to reproduce.

Their Important Factors

Like some other living organisms these super Clean Chewians have feeling, fear, and love. They split themselves down the middle of the the pack and created two families of which the left side was Le and the right side was Re. In each family everyone had a different job. Each Job is very important and if it is done incorrectly, the whole side of the family could be at stake. Each side is very careful not to lose any family members and they put their intelligence to good use trying to stop that from happening. Strangely they do not believe in anything they can’t see, hear, understand or touch. Lastly they have a deep sense of community and family and will do anything to protect their family members.

Some Unique Ways

For the first Clean Chewian in line (which is how the sleep) his job is that he must get up early and jump into a glass of water to make himself wet and soft. Next he must dribble the water onto the other Clean Chewians to get them out of their dormant forms. His job is now complete and he has the rest of the day to himself. Next in line is the second Clean Chewian, the scouter. He is often the smallest and the quickest. It is crucial that he dash down the hallway and report the location, actions, and the plans for the day of the residences of the house. Then he must scout and keep an eye on them and alert the group if they are about to come near. Last are the gatherers, these Clean Chewians are relatively larger in size. This is crucial for the work that they do because they must move lots of food over large open floors and hallways. Gatherers often are in close coordination with Scouters because they do not want to be caught in the open. Gatherers are the most important Clean Chewians and there are three in each family side. They are the most important because they supply everyone with energy for the next day.

Their Purpose In Life

One thing that these strange lifeforms do enjoy in their hard life of staying safe, finding food, and keeping an eye on the people is to wonder. Clean Chewians can always make the time to stop and wonder about things. They wonder about whether or not to fulfill their life tasks or whether they should just do something else. Also they wonder where they come from. Since Clean Chewians don’t believe in things that they can’t see, hear, understand, or touch they often wonder about how they came into being. Their opinion on this is constantly changing but at the moment they think it’s the television that created them. Unfortunately this is the most fun these ameba-like pieces of gum have. Perhaps one day more of their story will be told.