English 7

Lego stop-motion: The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare

Act I, Induction Scenes I and II

Christopher Sly, a local drunk, is mislead by a lord to believe that Sly is actually nobility. While passed out, Sly is carried to the castle where he is cleaned, dressed in fine clothing and placed in bed. When he wakes up, the fun begins!

Taming Of The Shrew

Act I, Induction Scenes I and II

Christopher Sly, a local drunk, is mislead by a lord to believe that Sly is actually nobility. While unconscious due to his intoxication, the Lord’s servants carry sly to the Lord’s castle.  He is cleaned, dressed in fine clothing and placed in bed. When he wakes up, the fun begins!

Mistaken Identity

It was a dark rainy day in Germany. I came into the world not knowing anything. Our town was bombed three months ago by the Americans. As a baby boy, I was named Liam. Being born into World War II was not a good time to join humanity. I was always on the run and starving.

Growing up, I never felt like I was in a family that I loved. Neither did I look like any of my family, so I felt I wasn’t with the right one. Even strangers would never believe I was related to my parents and siblings. I remember, I once was separated from my family and I asked someone to help me find my family. When we finally did, they didn’t believe that they were my family so they had trouble letting me stay with them.

I lived a normal life, believing I was with my real family. Until one day, I wondered if I was switched at birth as I learned about it in school that day. I was in grade 7 and I was curious, so I started doing research about how you can find out if you, in fact, were switched at birth. I found out that I actually was, but I didn’t know what to do or if I was happy or sad. I did feel sad but it wasn’t just sad; it was the most complex feeling I had ever experienced. I then had to make a decision on what to do so I decided to talk to my best friend because I was so confused. Neither of us knew what to do, so after a couple weeks of thinking about this, and questioning it, I finally worked up the courage to talk to my family. Continue reading

The Mistake

It was a dark and stormy night in new york in the year 2003 when two families were at a hospital. One family was poor but very nice people and people generally liked them a lot.

The other family was very rich but the dad was selfish and greedy. Luckily, the rich mom was very nice and caring.

The poor family was excited to have a baby and it would be their first one.

The rich family had already had a little girl but she got hit by a car.

      Since the hospital was not a huge one, that night there were only 2 families there and for some strange reason they were there for the same reason; two moms were having a baby.  Both dads had to sit in the waiting room until the mom was done with the baby.

So both dads met each other.

The rich dad thought that the poor dad was “common folk” so he was not the nicest person. The poor dad was not the one to judge by first impressions, but the poor dad noticed that the rich dad was rude.

Then the nurse came in to interrupt the awkward break. It was clear she was struggling with her words in the presence of such a powerful man.


“Ex … excuse me”, she stammered.

“You two can come in now”


“Thanks”, boomed the rich man, almost scaring the nurse out of her skin.


When the parents came into the room they were confused, because the parents of the rich kid had black hair and their baby had blonde hair, and the poor parents were confused because they had blonde hair and their kid had black hair.

      So the poor kid went home with the rich parents. at the moment the rich parents were very because they had just gotten a ton more money from one of their factories in China.

             The poor parents were very happy that they had a new addition to their family. but the parents were distracted because the dad had just lost his job.


Luckily, the mom and dad believed that one of them could get a job because they were not the type to give up.  As the two kids Grew up, Their parents named them. The rich parents were very proper and they wanted a name that when you said it, it would make you think that the person is rich.

  The poor family wanted a common name that you could easily remember.

The rich family named their baby Grace because it was a very aloof and proper name. The poor family named the baby Mark because it was easy to remember and it seemed to suit the baby.

                       As the kids grew up, Mark’s dad got a really good job and invested in bitcoin (some little online currency that he thought was going big) and Mark’s mom overcome her cancer. Mark was a very athletic kid, and his parents put in a lot of work to raise him and tried to show him what was right from wrong. Grace was a very proper young lady and took interest in ballet and jazz.

She also had very successful parents, but they were very rich and they thought that the internet was going down so grace’s dad invested in stuff like newspapers. Grace’s dad was a selfish and greedy person and was not the best parent. Curiously, Grace’s mom was a really caring and compassionate woman and loved Grace very much.

         She also tried to teach Grace right from wrong, but Grace’s dad was selfish and was not a very good parent either. 

But Luckily, Both Kids Grew Up To Be Great People, And Don’t Ask Me How It Happened, But The Two Got Married.




Lion King 2

It appears to be a lion with a cloak over her head. She walks up to a grave in the middle of nowhere… she is the only one there. She takes off her cloak to reveal her beautiful face.

She looks sad.  She looks like she knew the person. She looks down at the name of the person in the grave: “Scar”. She is mumbling something … it gets louder and louder, “Simba, Simba … SIMBA!”


A tear rolls down the side of her face. She’s embarrassed. She wants to impress her father, but she can’t.She’s sad that her dad is dead. She wipes her tears away with her paw and puts her cloak back on.  She walks back into the swirling sand.




“Let’s go back home … its getting dark”, moaned Thandie. “Look! What is that?  I think it’s a tunnel. Let’s go see what it is”, said Morgan.They walk over to the tunnel and stepped down. The stone steps are very slippery. They walk down the steps … the walls are damp like a wet paper towel.


“Look at that”, said Morgan.There was a small tower in the middle of the room with something shiny on it. “What is it?” said Thandie.

“I think it’s gold. Well, no one is around, said Morgan. Are you suggesting we take it?” said Thandie surprisedly.

“ Ya, I mean why not?

“Because it’s stealing!” exclaimed Thandie.

“I’m just going to take it and then we can go home”. Morgan walks over, he reaches out and grabs the shiny object. “See that was easy!” said Morgan. As they walk away, there is a big noise.

“What was that?” asked Thandie, looking concerned.


A big boulder rolled down from the ceiling. “Run!” cried  Morgan.They were running for their lives! They didn’t know what was happening … they were scared.They saw that the door at the end was getting smaller … it was closing! “Run!” said Morgan again. “It’s a booby trap”, yelled Mogan.

Mistaken Identity

It’s January 13, 2018 and the twins are excited to celebrate their birthday next week. “Wow, I can’t believe we are turning twelve next week!” Exclaims Ella. “Yeah, I know, I am beyond excited!” Responds Harper. The two girls are staying at their Mom’s home in Burnaby this week and are dreading to spend their birthday at their Dad’s this year because it is a tradition to spend their birthday with their Mom. You see, Harper and Ella live in North Vancouver and Burnaby, they switch from place to place each week because their parents are divorced. This made traveling to school difficult, especially when they would be driving from their Mom’s home to school. It would take them more than an hour! And Harper and Ella hate school, so everyday they would try to stay at home and, when there was traffic, it was even easier to convince their Mom not to go to school. Now, just because the two twins dislike school and look the same, doesn’t’ mean they are the same. Ella and Harper took advantage of this by switching classes in school, specifically when Ella would have a math test. Harper was better at math so whenever Ella would a math test Harper would complete it and Ella would keep herself busy in Harper’s class. It was a perfect idea, it really was… there was just one flaw they couldn’t get right.

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The lift off

january 2020 end of term.

“Faleesha” Sara, and Bob, Faleesha’s parents yelled “What are these grades you are getting F, F, E, E, F. you can’t get these grades Faleesha you’re better than that! Now if you do not get your grades Higher by term 3 there will be big consequences and you can’t do anything about it, now me and your dad are going on our 20th anniversary and we have told I-ching to keep an eye on you till me and your dad are back in a few weeks.” Sara yelled. Faleesha had an adopted brother who had a blind eye. Faleesha and I-ching knew each other for 5 years now. Since I-ching had a big passion for science and since Faleesha loved her brother I-ching she started cheering him up more by buying more chemical and stuff that he enjoyed. Continue reading

The case of a doppelganger

It was pretty cold and cloudy outside so I decided to go to the car show. This seemed like a good idea to relax but it turned out to be a crazy day.

As I was walking around the car show, the most shocking thing happened. When I walked past the jumbo-tron,  I heard this screeching sound like a car was speeding away. Turns out the sound was actually that. A big alert popped up on the jumbo-tron and it said a man had stolen a car but that wasn’t what shocked me. The man looked just like me! He had the same features, same body build, same everything. People started pointing their fingers at me and scowled their faces. One person even started yelling, “It’s the criminal, it’s the criminal. He stole the car.” I yelled out, “Hey I’m not the criminal! I just look like him.” But clearly nobody believed me. I heard the police coming. I was just shocked, I just froze. I still am surprised nobody tackled me when I was standing there.

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Mistaken Identity

One day, in the year 2050, Chicago when they had holographic watches. On the news, there was a speed chase every day, and this speeder would hit someone in his car when he was on the run and the cops were after him. When Ashley saw the speeder on the news, she was terrified!

Ashley is a mother of twins. Their names are Billy and Bobby. They are 12 years old and they were born in 2038. Billy and Bobby are identical twins. They look exactly the same; not a hair different. The only way you could tell them apart was from their birthmark on their left arm! Bobby has a nice looking triangle birthmark and Billy has a circle type.

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Bob in the North

          Summer of 2019 in a North country—this summer is very hot, you can’t see anything down the street. “I want to go outside.” said Bob. Bob is a 19 years old boy, he has a little nose, a pair of blue, big eyes and black hair. He has a sister, they live on the mountain. “Please no.”said my sister. “My dear.” Bob said. “I’m 19 years old now! I’m not a child! Please remember that, ok?” Bob look like angry. His sister smile, and say “alright, alright, you are a man now.”

 At that moment, near the sea, a boy is gofishing. If you saw Bob before, you will be afraid, because they look the same. “Oh, Bob, have you got a fish?” said another boy. They both wear a black jacket, and have yellow hair and smoke, seem like the underworld people. Yes, this Bob has the same name and same face with the Bob on the mountain. But their disposition is not the same. One Bob is a good boy and one is bad. They don’t know each other. This Bob is a really bad one. His name is black Bob. “What do you think?” black Bob smoked, and said. “Haha, you look like a terrorist. I think you can not get anything.” said the boy. “Ha, you are right. It is not just like, but really is a terrorist, don’t you think so? And of course, I’m not getting anything.” said black Bob. “And, you know when I walk down the street, everyone is polite to me? I hate it!” The boy think for a minute, and said “maybe there is some people that look like you, I don’t know. But I know you are my leader.” “ok, that is enough.”  said black Bob. They stand, and then walk. They disappear in the crowd.

Second day

“Ok, I think you can go outside today.” said Bob’s sister. “Wa, that is great! I love you, my dear sister.” said Bob. Bob’s sister laughed and said “but you need a guarantee, you can not go to the sea.” “Ok, but…..but why?” Bob asked. “No why! Just say yes or ok!” His sister looked angry. “ Ok, ok, I  guarantee.” “Alright, you can go outside now, be careful, and….remember you guarantee.” his sister said. “I will.” Bob said, and go to open the door, ran outside. “I don’t know if this is good for him or bad…..” his sister looked at Bob running down the road, Whispered.

In a dark street, there are some people a talking. Yes, they are black Bob and his bad friends. “How about we rob the bank?” said black Bob. “Good, very good! Where did you get the idea, boss?”said the dark boy. “Don’t worry about that.” said black Bob. “Haha,you know, we will make amazing, you will see us on the news tomorrow.” “That will be great.”


                                                                                                                                                                “                                             Boom!  Boom! Boom!” “Stay at there! Put the gun down and hold your head with both hands!” said the police. “I’m sorry, officer. I will go on a jail tour with you next time. See you, bye.” said Black Bob and his dark friends. And then, they jump down the pipeline, ran outside. “Shit! Catch them! We must catch them!” said the officer. “Yes sir!” and then, some police follow that road, but when they out the pipeline, they can only see a mountain and an old car on the road. “Tomorrow I need to see the thief, If no, you guys do not have to come to work after!”said the officer. “And, I think they must stay on that mountain, they can not ran too far. You guys can just find thief at this mountain.”  “Ye….yes sir!”

At this time, the Black Bob and his dark friends take the money and ran to a house. And then, Black Bob say “Alright. We put the money here, and when the police go back to the police office, we take the money and go back home. Ok?” “Sure.” They throw the money there, and everyone ran to the other way. They don’t know that this is Bob’s home.

When the police came, they saw Bob. And they catch the good Bob and go back to the police office. Because Bob and Black Bob have a same face, the good Bob does not know what happened, he is confused: “Why am I arrested? I am a nice person!” And then, he told the police: “You can go to my house and check if I did anything wrong.” “OK, I believe you. But you need let the police go to you home.” Said the officer. “Sure, you can.” said Bob.

The police found the money at the good Bob’s home. The officer is very angry. He let two police stay there, he took some photos of the money and go back police office. He share the photo to Bob and Bob’s lawyer, and said “Bob! That is what you called a good person? You want to let me believe you? No! Come, you must go to jail!” Bob’s lawyer tried to help him out of jail but failed.

 The bad guys go back to the house, but saw some police around the money. They kill them! And then, they take money and go back their home. “I will share the money with you guys. But….you guys must follow me to go to the country C. If someone do not want to go, he must die.” said black Bob. “Boss, you know you are a good leader, right? And you always with us do the bad thing, that good. We can not miss you. You are own god.”said his friends.


At the afternoon, They change the jacket, wear a fake face and took all the money then go to the ship station. There are a lot of police. Because they change the face, the police and officer let them go!

 They go to the country C, after then, no one know where they went. And the good Bob stay in jail for 100 years, when he died, he still does not know why the police catched him.