English 8

At Long Last

The ship crashes through the water. Pots and pans are flying around, no land in sight, only one boat on the water. The last thing that anyone would want to happen is to fall off the boat.

The twin-towers plane crashes had happened just two months before and she still cannot shake the memory.


A woman named Simone is one of the only survivors on the plane. She is trying to deal with her PTSD by going on this relaxing cruise, but somehow she just can’t relax. Maybe it’s the bad weather. She is feeling very uneasy. Her PTSD medication doesn’t seem to be working.  


Simone stood on the ship watching the wind and waves and she shivered.  She pulled her sweater closer.  This night reminded her of the night her brother James was taken away in a straitjacket with that look in his eye. Why did he hate her so much? They told her he was a psychopath and would never have real emotions and had to be institutionalized. That was four years ago.


She is cold now and wants to go inside.  Walking into the lounge area, she orders a coffee and sits down to watch a show.  She still can’t shake this uneasy feeling. She looks at her coffee when it arrives and feels nauseous. She suddenly has to leave. She runs up the stairs and out onto the deck, gasping for air. The cold air feels good. She senses the man even before she turns around.  As she sees him, she knows his name before he pulls back his hood.  “Hello, James,”  she says while silently pulling out the knife that she has been carrying around with her for years. She swiftly stabs him and pushes him overboard with strength that she never knew she had.

The Sturdy Protector of the Forest  


The Woodsman is a sturdy protector of the forest. The Woodsman is an axe swinging, helper of the forest. I can prove this by the beasts the Woodsman has killed, and the parts of the forest he has helped. The Woodsman has strong attributes, such as: he is a stocky, bearded man who cares for the children who pass through the forest.

The Woodsman is one with the woods. He is much like the Woodsman from Little Red Riding Hood. He is a bulky, green eyed man who runs faster than wolves. The Woodsman carries an axe with him at all times for protection of the forest, himself and others.  He acts as David’s teacher, for example when he gives him a sword and tells David to protect himself (43).

The Woodsman is mysterious because you don’t know his name, his age or where he came from. The only thing you know is his appearance and his personality.

The Woodsman is David’s protector throughout the whole story, even after they separate. The Woodsman always stays true to his word and never gives up a fight for good. The Woodsman acts as a father figure to David. He’s a teacher but also a learner, listening to what David says and learning about his life. This is why David feels the tremendous loss for his mentor: “ he called out to David. “Go now, and go quickly. I will hold them off for as long as I can. When you get to the other side, cut the ropes. Do you hear me? Cut the ropes!” (95).

Throughout the story, the Woodsman proves that he is David’s protector and that he cares for others. The Woodsman is important to the story because he adds mystery, excitement and sense of security.  Even though the Woodsman is mysterious, we learn much about him through his connection with David. It is this connection that makes the Woodsman important to the story.

Chip and Kobe a Murder Mystery

Kobe and Cale friendly names but being friendly doesn’t fit their personality. The men are twins, their birthdate April 13, 1519. Cale was an average boy growing up but he had a temper when someone agitated him he would snap, but for the most part, he was a good kid. Kobe, on the other hand, was a serious troublemaker as a kid he was always picking fights and getting into trouble. Even as a 16-year-old Kobe got sentenced for manslaughter. Both of them went on to live average lives after their troubled childhood they both passed away on the same day on July 13.
Then one-day people had been getting worried because two masked men had been going around telling people all the murders that will happen. The people would then call the police but the police wouldn’t do anything about it, it was almost like they’re in on it. They would first talk about children that would be murdered in the near future, then they would be talking about teenagers, then seniors. Then on June 29, there had been a murder it was a young child and his parents, it was a rural town. The police had tried to figure out the case they took 1 year and they couldn’t find the murderer, the people in the town were furious, they thought the police weren’t trying. But the one strange thing about that murder there was beef scattered around the murder site. More people had been told by the two masked men that this time famous people would be murdered almost every celebrity increased their security. This time on January 24th an up and coming rapper named 12 smalls had been murdered in a drive-by shooting, but the odd part was there was kale left on the crime scene. People started to believe that it was the two masked men, but the police thought otherwise the police needed more evidence to start accusing people of the murders. Then the biggest murder of them all the legendary free safety for the Washington Redskins Sean Taylor had been found dead in his home in Miami on July 28. He was a legendary American football player. But again there had been food left at the crime scene this time beef and kale. The police were making a connection because Kobe and Cale are sometimes used as male names, what if the men were named Kobe and Dale? They talked to a lot of people and they talked to this one elderly man that said his great-great-grandfather had told him about these two troubled children. He said one of the boys was an average kid but the other one was a complete maniac, their names were Kobe and Cale. But wait a minute these people existed nearly 500 years ago how could they still be around? Must it have been a mistake in the story right? The police went on forever investigating all of the cases, and they believe that Chip and Kobe from the 1500’s are still alive! They found DNA on the dead bodies. The police spent years looking for them, they went everywhere yet they still couldn’t find them. The police then found their dead bodies in their home exactly 10 years after their first murder.

David’s Father : A Character Sketch

David’s father makes bad decisions.  He is constantly forced to choose between David and Rose.  Which side will David’s father be on?  It is hard to tell his next move; so will he be on Rose’s side or David’s side?  David’s father told David, once his mother had died, that they would stick together.  Nevertheless, then David’s father marries the nurse that “helped” David’s mother in her final stages of life.  In the middle of all of this, Georgie arrives on the scene.

David’s life becomes even more difficult for him when Rose and his father introduce this little person, Georgie.  David; just like any other child when they have a little brother or sister, felt like he wasn’t getting much attention.  Georgie was tough on Rose difficult to deal with for the whole family because Rose and David’s father weren’t getting enough sleep. So, they were grumpier in the day and David was in even more trouble.  I don’t agree with any of David’s father’s decisions because he remarried right after his wife’s death and he had another baby right away while David was not feeling well about all this.  

Now David’s father at a low point. He becomes angry easily and David gets in trouble very often.  He had a huge fight with Rose and told her that he didn’t want her there.  David then, in big trouble from his father because he and Rose never really were able to be friendly towards each other,. His father then locked him in his room for a while and took away all his books. David was extremely bored.  

David’s father did not make the smartest decisions in this book if he wanted to keep David happy.  David’s father and Rose ended up parting ways.  David’s father didn’t see Georgie much after they split up; partly because Georgie ended dying in war.  

Fun Fact #2

Why do we put candles on top of a birthday cake?
As it turns out, putting candles on birthday cakes is a tradition that has been around for a long, long time. It can be traced back to the Ancient Greeks, who often burned candles as offerings to their many gods and goddesses.
~The Hermit.
P.S. Fun Fact #3 will be released in Spring 2019.

And a Knife

The movement of the windscreen wipers was hypnotic. All that could be heard was the white noise of the rain battering the car.

He spotted a figure at the side of the road with his thumb out. It was not a good night for hitchhiking. He must have been quite desperate to get where he was going. The doctor signaled and pulled over. ‘Where are you going?’ asked the doctor.

“I’m going to my aunt Jemima’s. That’s north”. The hitchhiker climbed in. He was young and had wild red hair and a thick beard.

‘Awful night, eh?” said the doctor.

‘Yes. Yes, it is.’

They drove on in silence for a short while. The BBC radio phone-in blaring out from the car’s speakers filled in for conversation. They listened to the radio and their own thoughts as they moved on.

The doctor tapped the steering wheel nervously. The hitchhiker stared at him in his scrubs and lab coat. His own parka and t-shirt looked scruffy

The radio show carried on as they drove. The hitchhiker shifted in his seat and stared out the windscreen.

‘Is there music we could listen to? It calms me down.’

The doctor said nothing.

Suddenly there was a news bulletin on the radio.

‘We are getting reports that a patient has escaped from a nearby psychiatric institution. The man is said to be psychopathic and has a history of murder.’

The hitchhiker jabbed a finger on the button on the radio panel. Tinny pop music blurted out from the speakers. The doctor stared at his passenger, his question unasked.

‘I hate the news.’ answered the hitchhiker. ‘It’s depressing.

They drove on. The rain pounded on the car.

‘What do you do for a living?’ asked the doctor.

The hitchhiker was quiet for a moment.

‘I’m a writer.’

‘Have you had anything published?’

‘No. I’m an undiscovered artist.’

‘What are you working on?’

‘I’m writing a novel. It’s about a serial killer.’

The doctor didn’t speak. He flicked the radio station back on.

They drove on through the storm down the snaking lanes.

An hour later. The storm still raging. The hitchhiker looked out the window.

 Another news bulletin came over the radio.

‘We’re getting more information on the patient. His name is Simon Hughes. He escaped earlier this evening. He is extremely dangerous and completely unpredictable. He made his escape by changing from his hospital issued uniform into a doctor’s  uniform and pretending to be one of the medical staff. He stole a car and drove off.’

The hitchhiker turned to the doctor.

‘What did you say your name was?’

‘ I never said my name.’

Panicked, the hitchhiker glanced down at the doctor’s feet and noticed something he hadn’t before.


A crumpled patient’s robe, and a knife.    

HAMILCAR:Billions (Part 1)

It was early dawn, the sky was red and the wind was still humid from last night’s storm. Housemaid Bernadette gleefully hummed as she headed towards her master’s quarters. She had cooked her signature dish, Lobster Bisque de Homard, Monsieur le Guarde’s favourite. Bernadette gently pushed open the quarter doors, “Bonjour monsieur. Comment çaSACRE BLEU!”. She froze, stiff as a board. In front of her, was her master, Antoine le Guarde, dead. There was a bullet hole—the size of a grape—in his temple. She screamed at the top of her lungs. The butler, Fabien rushed into the room, behind him came Madame le Guarde, followed by her children, Francois and Bella. “Que diable… What has happened?” Fabien said in shock. “For god’s sake, call the police!” Bernadette yelled.


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Murder on the Mountain

Shuuush shuush …. it is 60-cm-snow ski day in the Whistler backcountry. It’s a beautiful morning with many ravens flying in the sky. No tracks on the fluffy snow. The last helicopter to go up was full of people who haven’t met before.

The helicopter was loading one by one till there was one spot left. It took about five minutes for the last passenger to arrive. The last spot was for a young man from the States. When he showed up, he had top quality gear. To all the other passengers, he looked like a pro.

The helicopter took off with a soft lift. The takeoff was so soft that the passengers didn’t even realize that they had left the ground. Not long after the take off the man from the States started a conversation with one of the passengers. The passenger’s name was Chris Berly, a regular at the Whistler Heli Company. They talked about where they were from and the places they have skied. They talked for a while, gaining each other’s trust or, at least thinking, they gained each others trust. When they landed everyone got off besides Chris Berly. He saw something, something he had never seen before. He found a gold goggle wipe, with big letters on it spelling Vail (Vail, Colorado). Chris started to come out of the helicopter to show the others, but before he could get one foot on the ground he was stopped. He was stopped by the man from the States. He told Chris to hand it over or there would be a problem. He handed it over and headed on to the group.

The group skied for a few hours. They hit drops and got gnarly! One of the last runs down, the guide told the group that something had happened at the cabin. A MURDER… Suddenly the group went from wanting to ski, to feeling sick in the stomach. None of them could even think about hitting each other with poles; so for them, to murder someone, they would have to be insane.

The group skied down to the cabin in shock, wondering who had committed this awful crime. When they arrived, people started to ask questions. Everyone was contributing in asking questions… everyone besides the man from the States. He tried to stay away from this drama. The American walked into the cabin and saw the body, but there was something that caught his eye… A letter with the last name Berly.