The Woodsman

Enduring, humble, steady, and firm; forever The Woodsman will be. He is an honourable defender. This can be clearly demonstrated by the way he protected himself and David throughout their journey. The Woodsman has unique traits that are essential for David’s survival.

The Woodsman is a tall and broad and distinct man with green eyes. He is a true man of the woods. Therefore, he endlessly carries an axe over his right shoulder as if it were a part of his body. He seemed like a part of the forest (129).  His similarities to his environment help him defend David and himself. However, there is much more to the Woodsman than his physical attributes, such as his personality.  

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Battle of Survival

Time is failing to pass by.  
Everything is as dry as a fish in a desert.
Each and every person is sizzling away in the blistering sun.
Emotions are starting to fade.

 The scorching sun is boiling the energy out of everyone.  
 Lively people are no longer heard of.
 Water is no longer seen.  
 Every living organism is struggling.

 Everyone is heavy, frail and so vulnerable.
 Malnourished insects, scavenging around.
 It is only a matter of time …  

 Unexpectedly, a predator darted down.
 He went in for the kill.
 Then, in a blink of an eye… game over.

The almost perpetrator was dead and now the innocent was guilty.
This is the beginning of an ongoing battle for survival.
Only the future knows our fate.  

Précis writing: The Stormy Drive

                                                            The rain was pouring.
 It simulated driving through a curtain of water. The thwack-thwack of the windscreen wipers

 was hypnotic. He was reminded of the opening scenes of a Hitchcock film.

Through the rain he spotted a person with their thumb out. Why on earth would anyone be hitchhiking tonight? He signalled and      pulled over. The hitchhiker climbed in and shut the door quickly.

‘Awful night.’ said the driver.
‘Yes. Yes it is.’

Drops of water trickled down the hitchhiker’s face .The stranger glanced over his shoulder into the   darkness behind them.

‘What’s your name?’ asked the driver.

     ‘Friends call me Si.’

They drove on. The BBC radio blared out.

‘Where are you heading?’ asked the driver.
‘North.’ The hitchhiker replied.
‘Where, exactly?’
‘Just north…’
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The Choice is Yours

This could be the end.
They may be strong but smell isn’t everything.
For many years we have fought hard just to keep our our species alive. We continue to grow our tribe but that does nothing. For a time we thought we could make a truce with the enemy. But they are rotten to the core. They have never wanted to understand. One day they thank us, the next our friends are cut down right from their roots.

                                                                                                                                                              We were here before them, and soon we may leave before them.
Little do they know how much they rely on us.
Honestly, it is concerning to see such an intelligent species be so daft.
They chose to learn the hard way, it is just how they are made.
You are already able to see the difference without us.
We affect everything. If you eliminate us from the world you will be facing hard trials … unpredictable weather at unpredictable times.
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Forgotten, lost and aged. This is the antiquity of the bean field. Will it ever be remembered?

Dear Mr Mayor,

A very precious story belongs to the Town of Milagro. It demonstrates our towns’ strength and capability to be a genuine town. We may have had squabbles and disagreements, but we were bigger than them, and so we were able to overcome them. That is why I ask you, great grandson of Joe’s, please keep this story in mind before you make any drastic decisions. We had hope then and we do now. We had trust then and we do now. We do not have the same people, but we do have their history. They have passed their responsibility down to us. More importantly, to you. So I will ask you again, please remember.


(Crazy Old Lady III) and the Town of Milagro)   

A Moment in Time

Matt is being rushed to the hospital for spare parts and then breaks away from his captors.

Suddenly, Matt realises that if he does not escape now he will be in big trouble latter. Quickly, he struggles his way out of the death grip squeezing the life out of him. Completely and utterly confused, Matt started to sprint towards his target.  The oasis.

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William Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew”

Induction Scenes I and II

In the induction, we meet a drunk beggar named Christopher Sly, who is arguing with the Hostess of an Alehouse over glassware he has broken in his drunken state. Sly leaves but soon passes out, where he is discovered by a lord returning from the hunt. This lord decides to have a bout of fun and orders his servants to take Sly back to his house and treat him as if he were the lord: put him to bed, place rings on his fingers and prepare a banquet for him. The confusion that follows not only provides excellent comedy, but also introduces important topics in the play: the roles of class, gender, and marital status (normally set in stone) in the play become matters of appearance and perception.

Antz-What is the Problem

What is the problem in the Antz movie? To begin, the main problem in the culture is everybody is ruled by fear. However, another problem is Zee thinks too much, according to his friend. You can’t blame him because he lives as a superorganism. Plus, the fact that they also predetermine on what  they must do for the rest of their lives, which probably does not a very satisfying way to live. I also believe that since the “government” is basically a dictatorship which means in the future there will most likely be trouble. As a consequence, people (ants) don’t get to live their lives the way they want to; some of the ants might be led on by false information, thinking that the general is a fabulous leader when they really aren’t. All in all, the problem is that the leaders of the colony are terrible and are misleading the civilization, but that could change.