The Mistake

It was a dark and stormy night in new york in the year 2003 when two families were at a hospital. One family was poor but very nice people and people generally liked them a lot.

The other family was very rich but the dad was selfish and greedy. Luckily, the rich mom was very nice and caring.

The poor family was excited to have a baby and it would be their first one.

The rich family had already had a little girl but she got hit by a car.

      Since the hospital was not a huge one, that night there were only 2 families there and for some strange reason they were there for the same reason; two moms were having a baby.  Both dads had to sit in the waiting room until the mom was done with the baby.

So both dads met each other.

The rich dad thought that the poor dad was “common folk” so he was not the nicest person. The poor dad was not the one to judge by first impressions, but the poor dad noticed that the rich dad was rude.

Then the nurse came in to interrupt the awkward break. It was clear she was struggling with her words in the presence of such a powerful man.


“Ex … excuse me”, she stammered.

“You two can come in now”


“Thanks”, boomed the rich man, almost scaring the nurse out of her skin.


When the parents came into the room they were confused, because the parents of the rich kid had black hair and their baby had blonde hair, and the poor parents were confused because they had blonde hair and their kid had black hair.

      So the poor kid went home with the rich parents. at the moment the rich parents were very because they had just gotten a ton more money from one of their factories in China.

             The poor parents were very happy that they had a new addition to their family. but the parents were distracted because the dad had just lost his job.


Luckily, the mom and dad believed that one of them could get a job because they were not the type to give up.  As the two kids Grew up, Their parents named them. The rich parents were very proper and they wanted a name that when you said it, it would make you think that the person is rich.

  The poor family wanted a common name that you could easily remember.

The rich family named their baby Grace because it was a very aloof and proper name. The poor family named the baby Mark because it was easy to remember and it seemed to suit the baby.

                       As the kids grew up, Mark’s dad got a really good job and invested in bitcoin (some little online currency that he thought was going big) and Mark’s mom overcome her cancer. Mark was a very athletic kid, and his parents put in a lot of work to raise him and tried to show him what was right from wrong. Grace was a very proper young lady and took interest in ballet and jazz.

She also had very successful parents, but they were very rich and they thought that the internet was going down so grace’s dad invested in stuff like newspapers. Grace’s dad was a selfish and greedy person and was not the best parent. Curiously, Grace’s mom was a really caring and compassionate woman and loved Grace very much.

         She also tried to teach Grace right from wrong, but Grace’s dad was selfish and was not a very good parent either. 

But Luckily, Both Kids Grew Up To Be Great People, And Don’t Ask Me How It Happened, But The Two Got Married.