Taming Of The Shrew

Act I, Induction Scenes I and II

Christopher Sly, a local drunk, is mislead by a lord to believe that Sly is actually nobility. While unconscious due to his intoxication, the Lord’s servants carry sly to the Lord’s castle.  He is cleaned, dressed in fine clothing and placed in bed. When he wakes up, the fun begins!

The lift off

january 2020 end of term.

“Faleesha” Sara, and Bob, Faleesha’s parents yelled “What are these grades you are getting F, F, E, E, F. you can’t get these grades Faleesha you’re better than that! Now if you do not get your grades Higher by term 3 there will be big consequences and you can’t do anything about it, now me and your dad are going on our 20th anniversary and we have told I-ching to keep an eye on you till me and your dad are back in a few weeks.” Sara yelled. Faleesha had an adopted brother who had a blind eye. Faleesha and I-ching knew each other for 5 years now. Since I-ching had a big passion for science and since Faleesha loved her brother I-ching she started cheering him up more by buying more chemical and stuff that he enjoyed. Continue reading

Mistaken Identity

One day, in the year 2050, Chicago when they had holographic watches. On the news, there was a speed chase every day, and this speeder would hit someone in his car when he was on the run and the cops were after him. When Ashley saw the speeder on the news, she was terrified!

Ashley is a mother of twins. Their names are Billy and Bobby. They are 12 years old and they were born in 2038. Billy and Bobby are identical twins. They look exactly the same; not a hair different. The only way you could tell them apart was from their birthmark on their left arm! Bobby has a nice looking triangle birthmark and Billy has a circle type.

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The Three Musketeers

In the medieval times of London, it was the end of fall and start of winter. There was an evil king that only cared for himself. Behrad (the king) made it look like he was the only human on earth. Food was scarce but as the old kings would, the new king Behrad would wear this strange belt with the word Deltora on it. By wearing this strange belt, it actually made food easier to find! The people who live in the royal castle of sir Behrad are Chisti the jester, king Behrad, the Kings assistant Jordan and Jason the citizen (that complains a lot). “The king is horrible!” Jason tells Chisti “He only makes rules that apply to himself, he is the most selfish of all. The only good thing he does is wear the belt of Deltora to help us find food for the people of Deltora. The whole city of Deltora depends on a better king than the last one. The way I see it, is that, the royal family is stupid and can’t think straight; if Behrad weren’t stupid he would make rules that applied to everyone. If we find a secret door to his room, we can make some kind of plan to end this insanity!” Jason said “A kind of plan that involves fire!”. Chisti says, “Chisti, does wood burn when fire makes contact with it?” Jason questioned. “Oh yes!” Chisti replies. “Hey look up… a door!”                             

As for the king having rules that only apply to himself, Jason, Chisti, and Jordan decide to make a plan to end the king’s journey on the throne! They inferred that to kill the king with FIRE, everyone should be evacuated from the castle, then burn it down when the king is sleeping. They went up to the floor directly below the King’s glorious bedroom. It was about three in the morning. The king was sleeping and everyone was evacuated. Here is where the action starts! The king’s assistant Jordan went up through the secret door like a ninja, SWIFT! There were all kinds of jewelry in the king’s bedroom from gold to diamonds. Getting back to the point, then after admiring the beauty, Jordan started to pour alcohol on the ground, as it is flammable. She took out her flint and steel to start the fire. It was not working! Jordan didn’t really have any experience with flint and steel! The king woke up he said “HEY. What are you do… the fire started with the flint and steel, Jordan did it. The fire spread quickly and viciously! Jordan quickly jumped down the secret door, through the gate just before the fire completely spread! The last bit of fire got Jordan! “Oww, oww, someone help me” Jordan screamed. There was a moat and as Chisti new everything, he knew that water beats fire in a fight! Chisti ran up to Jordan and body-checked her into the water. “Aaaaaaaaa!” Jordan screamed. Splash! “Oh Chisti, my hero! You saved my life!” Jordan says gratefully. “Well, what can I say, I am the best!” Chisti says confidently! “But you did hit me pretty darn hard,” Jordan says ungratefully. “Well I do play football, definitely not flag football (wink wink)” Chisti replies proudly. Later that day, Chisti, Jason and Jordan looked over the day to see what happened. The king’s wooden castle fully burnt down with Behrad (the King) in it and Chisti body-checked Jordan in the water, that’s all. Everyone was very happy that they could finally do something else than just cleaning and dusting shelves, they got to play outside!

The king burnt down in his castle everyone got evacuated so no one got hurt. The people of London needed a new king to lead them on. Chisti inferred that with the king dead he would be crowned as for he worked the hardest in the castle and he obviously came up with the plan to kill Behrad, and besides, he is the smartest of all! Then the people of London all helped each other and started building a castle but made from stone so it couldn’t be burnt down for the next king that got crowned! And that is why castles are made of stone!