Taming Of The Shrew

Act I, Induction Scenes I and II

Christopher Sly, a local drunk, is mislead by a lord to believe that Sly is actually nobility. While unconscious due to his intoxication, the Lord’s servants carry sly to the Lord’s castle.  He is cleaned, dressed in fine clothing and placed in bed. When he wakes up, the fun begins!

The case of a doppelganger

It was pretty cold and cloudy outside so I decided to go to the car show. This seemed like a good idea to relax but it turned out to be a crazy day.

As I was walking around the car show, the most shocking thing happened. When I walked past the jumbo-tron,  I heard this screeching sound like a car was speeding away. Turns out the sound was actually that. A big alert popped up on the jumbo-tron and it said a man had stolen a car but that wasn’t what shocked me. The man looked just like me! He had the same features, same body build, same everything. People started pointing their fingers at me and scowled their faces. One person even started yelling, “It’s the criminal, it’s the criminal. He stole the car.” I yelled out, “Hey I’m not the criminal! I just look like him.” But clearly nobody believed me. I heard the police coming. I was just shocked, I just froze. I still am surprised nobody tackled me when I was standing there.

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The Three Musketeers

It was a cloudy day in  London in 1450. Everybody was inside or sleeping and the odd person was outside.  It was the King’s birthday but not everybody was celebrating because some people dislike the King. The King was exhilarated because it was his birthday. He planned to have a feast with his guards.                                                                                          

The mood was very glum. Most people were sad because it was cloudy. Some people are fine with it.  Many people were wondering why Jason, one of the citizens, was not on his usual morning walk.

Jordan, the King’s assistant, was woken up by the King. He ordered her to get the Jester to put on a show for him. Jordan was very sleepy but she pulled herself out of bed. She was pushed out of her room even though she was barely awake. But even then, she still made jokes as she walked to the Jester. Jordan will pay the Jester 20$ to put on a show for the King.

Jason woke up very early but noticed that it was cloudy and knew it could rain. He decided not to go on his morning walk and to spend the day inside instead. For breakfast, he made some eggs and some potatoes. For the rest of the day, he would spend it beside the fire and look at the King’s castle in all its beauty.

Jester Chisti had to wake up very early. He had some porridge.  Then off he went to the King’s castle. When he arrived, the King ordered him to put on a show but Chisti refused without getting paid. The King told him to wait and that is when he went to wake up Jordan so Jordan would pay Chisti 20$.

Later that day, the King made some new rules. The citizens thought they were unfair and erupted with boos. Jordan had a frown on her face, Chisti was very upset, and Jason was angry. The whole city was extremely upset. The citizens were complaining that the King was being corrupt and ruining the city.

Jordan, Chisti, and Jason had a meeting about the the new rules. Jason erupted with anger but Jordan and Chisti calmed him down. They talked for hours about what they liked and disliked. At the end of the conversation, Jordan yelled out, “That’s it, let’s kill the King”! They agreed and they started planning to kill the King.

The citizen, Jester, and King’s Assistant all had ideas on how to kill the King. They had plans that Jordan could kill the King or that Chisti could do it. Finally, they came to a decision that Jason would carry out the assassination. It would be on Friday at 12am. They were very nervous about the assassination.

It was the night of the assassination. It was quiet like it should be at 12 am. Jason was sneaking around the corridors of the castle, waiting for the perfect time to strike.  It turned out that the King was still awake. Jason was nearing where the King was but guards were everywhere. Jason was very sneaky though, he just squeezed by the guards when Jordan was distracting them. In only an instant, the King was dead. The castle was silent. While the guards were distracted by Jordan, Jason would kill the guards on his way out of the castle.

Five days later, it was the day of the ceremony for the crowning of the new king. Chisti was very nervous worrying about the citizens being upset with him. As he walked out, the crowd was cheering. He was so relieved! The citizens were not upset with him. The crowd was full of excitement and there was a dull roar of cheers for the whole ceremony. It came time for Chisti’s speech. He was nervous but excited. Chisti tends to get those two emotions mixed up. He started his speech by saying thank you so much for voting for me. Then Chisti was crowned the new King of London.

They had a feast. It began with turkey. There was so much hooting and hollering over who wanted white meat or dark meat. For dessert, they had Chisti’s favourite, apple crisp. He was so happy. After everything, it was a fun night. That night, Chisti went to bed as happy as can be. The next morning, the first thing Chisti did was get rid of all the terrible rules that the old King had made.