A Celebrated Death

The date is February 23, the night of Julia Abbey’s birthday. Unfortunately for her the weather was miserable. Many people came to her country house for her extravagant birthday party. Ironically she was murdered this day.

Julia’s body was found at 9:30 approximately by one of the guests. An autopsy shows that she was murdered around 8:00 pm. A wet knife lay beside her, her throat slit. Witnesses report a chef enter the bathroom around 8:00 and shortly after, exiting hastily. The chef was said to have long red hair and have a height of approximately 5’6

There are 2 suspects, Jonathan Allan, the man who found the body. Charlie Kayne, the chef meeting the description of the figure with long red hair. Jonathan’s alibi was that he merely wanted to go to the bathroom and would have time to kill her without her making noise, as he had immediately reported the body. Charlie’s alibi is that she was in a hurry to return to the kitchen from the bathroom to help with the food.

Due to the evidence we have decided to arrest Charlie Kayne for first degree murder. How do you plead Charlie? Not guilty. Well, due to evidence you will be receiving the penalty of death for the murder of Julia Abbey. Case Dismissed.

Could this be how this story ends? Well i will tell you. Charlie Kayne was innocent. Julia abbey committed suicide. She slit her own throat during the party after cutting the cake. The knife fell into a sink and the fingerprints were washed away. The autopsy was wrong and determined she died a lot earlier than in reality. Charlie just happened to use the bathroom during that false time and was in a hurry to return to the kitchen due to her responsibilities. Why did Julia commit suicide. That’s up to you.

A Stormy Night

We used the following story for editing purposes.

The rain was falling heavily. The driver had to be careful, driving on wild nights like these. The last thing you’d want is to have an accident. The noises of the windscreen wipers were hypnotic. He stared out into the glow of the headlights. The rain was white noise as it battered the car.

Through the wash of the rain he spotted a figure at the side of the road. The person had their thumb out. Why on earth would anyone be hitchhiking tonight? He signalled down and pulled over. The hitchhiker climbed in and shut the door. He pulled his hood back and sighed. He was quite young.

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Loki’s Wolves

A thin layer of frost covered all surfaces as far as my eye could see. It was Skerpla, which meant this was the beginning of the first winter in a thousand years. We had to move quickly, ragnarok was coming, the eternal winter was almost upon us. We were almost upon our hidden fortress. If our village could make it we might survive Loki’s wrath. Days of travel passed as we fled to our safe haven. For every day of travel the Blizzard intensified while our morale decreased. After a week of travel we had almost made it to our fortress. Our village has lost many good people but we still find the will to live. Unfortunately, Loki’s wolves have finally caught up to us. We won’t make it in time. We ran for our lives, but deep down we knew we couldn’t make it. We discussed a plan. Some of our men from the village have decided to hold off the wolves. They Know they will not make it. Families weep as they say their final goodbyes to their husbands, wives, fathers, and children. With stone cold faces these men charge Loki’s wolves. The death of a brave warrior is their fate. May they pass into Valhalla, and may they feast in the halls of Odin. Because of their sacrifice, we were able to make it to our safe haven and live another day.
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Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew”

Induction Scenes I and II

In the induction, we meet a drunk beggar named Christopher Sly, who is arguing with the Hostess of an Alehouse over glassware he has broken in his drunken state. Sly leaves but soon passes out, where he is discovered by a lord returning from the hunt. This lord decides to have a bout of fun and orders his servants to take Sly back to his house and treat him as if he were the lord: put him to bed, place rings on his fingers and prepare a banquet for him. The confusion that follows not only provides excellent comedy, but also introduces important topics in the play: the roles of class, gender, and marital status (normally set in stone) in the play become matters of appearance and perception.

Antz Movie, What Is The Problem?

The ant colony, a seemingly efficient and well built place. Until you watch the Antz movie. After that your whole idea changes. I am going to point out what is wrong. The biggest problem is that the military, specifically the general finds workers to be inferior just because they were put in that position at birth. It’s almost like ant racism, but with jobs. When the general wants to “Cleanse the colony of the filth” a.k.a, the workers, he doesn’t realise that the majority of the colony are the workers and without them there wouldn’t be much of a colony. Even if they did kill all the workers the colony couldn’t work without them, literally.