Memories can be good or bad, but no matter what you can not get rid of them, they are like tattoos, in the way they stay with you forever and after a while the start to slowly fade away, but no matter what they do they stay with you and stain your skin and are permanently encapsulated in your skin, the same way memories always stay with you till you die.

Some people take pride in their tattoos and some people try to hide them as mistakes they made, or memories of a time they pity. It’s the same with memories, some people try to forget them, and erase them from their memory to not scar them even further, while some people will try to embrace them and make peace with them.

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It was Thursday, November second, 2018, at precisely 8:30 AM. It was early in the morning and I had just awoken to realize that my clock was unfortunately set to the wrong time. I threw on my unwashed collared shirt, with my dress pants from yesterday and ran out the door grabbing a banana in between strides. I ran to the lecture hall, tying my tie while doing so. I knew the Headmaster would be mad at me for being late to my students for the third time this week. I eventually made it to the lecture hall, only to be laughed at by my students for arriving soaking wet from the rain, with a half eaten banana in my left hand. Sooner or later, the students settled down, and the lecture began. The hour and a half seemed to drag on and on, but eventually, it came to an end. After, that I had nothing planned, so I went home to change before I went back to the campus to go to my office. I was teaching my lesson on the importance of change, so I decided it would be good to apply it to my life. My office was very plain and simple but had not changed for years. I decided to move my desk lamp to the other side of the table. I worked for a couple more hours around the office and decided to go home to my family. I shut off the lights at my office, and left the work area for the day, just to come back tomorrow to a great surprise. Continue reading

What Would You do if You Were Lost in The Outback?


Day 1: The Race had begun. The dust was flying the tires were skidding and the racers were shouting. We
were all having a blast. We were riding a trail we knew very well. It started off with a few rollers, a couple berms, a few jumps and finished with a final drop. The trail was fairly straightforward but none of the other trails was marked and they crossed over each other like noodles. We rode up to the top of the trial and decided we would race. 
Michael started first and then, in increments of five seconds, the rest of us dropped in; Herby going next and me taking the rear. The first quarter of the race was fairly mellow, but when Herby began to catch up to Michael, the race really started. All three of us were on each other’s tails. We were going faster than we had ever gone before.  I wouldn’t stop until I was in first, so I just kept pedalling and, before we knew it, we were on the wrong trail. I sped up to get the other guys’ attention, but they weren’t focusing on anything except winning. I quickly exhausted myself and slowed down but they just kept going at each other. I looked down for a second and then it happened. The most gnarly crash I had ever seen.

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A Story I found from Grade 7

       Coby wellings


Coby Wellings died in the woods behind the Oakfield elementary school at 12 am Saturday He peers to have died from a 9mm bullet shot by a Luger a ww2 german semi-automatic pistol.You can tell by the type of round and impact of the hammer and the only place to get the luger is Philip’s antique shop.

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Daniel’s Utopia

My perfect utopia is most likely very different than many others. I love the outdoors, and being able to go outside,  explore, smell the fresh air, and do what I want within the boundaries of the law. Although I also like some things about the city, like being able to just walk down to the coffee shop and buy a hot chocolate. I love having shopping malls within a reasonable distance from me so I can go shopping when I want for whatever reason. Another thing I like is high temperatures. Unlike a lot of people I know I don’t like the rain, or the cold temperatures, so I want a place that is warm with some rain but not as much as Vancouver.


My Utopia would not be remote but just not super hevily populated, somthign similar to North Vancouver becasuse I like he modern conviniances, like shops, schools and other modern conveniances. At the same time, as I said I love being in the wilderness so a  forest behind my house, would be nice where it is wild and I can be in nature . Most likely a deciduous forest, like we have in Vancouver that has a lot of big green trees, bushes, and animals. The forest would have a lot of wildlife like deer, insects, foxes, bears, to roam around in the same environment as me without being disturbed.


My Utopia is also warm, and sunny in the summer while being cold enough for snow in the winter. I don’t like the rain very much, maybe once a week, but that is enough rain for me, so my Utopia would have to be a nice comfortable warm in the summer and cold enough in the winter for snow at the houses. Speaking of snow, I also love skiing so my utopia would have local mountains, where in the winter you can go up to ski, and snowboard whenever you chose.


My Utopia would also have to be close to schools, shops, cafes and other conveniences. In my Utopia, I would also like to have neighbors that are friendly and aren’t a pain, telling you to turn off the barbeque, because it is making too much smoke, or to stop mowing the law. or replacing the boards on your porch because it’s too noisy.

Law enforcement would also have to be on point, because I want to feel safe living in my utopia along with all the other people that are living in my utopia with me. Vancouver does accommodate most of the things that I have said, at least where I live, and that’s why I love living here so much, I have a forest behind my house that I can go into and do what I want. I live close Lonsdale so I can go to 711, or Tim Hortons when I want so I pretty much live in my Utopia already.

New Neighbours

sky-earth-galaxy-universeOne day on a planet far from earth, there was an alien species. These aliens were wondering about other intelligent life forms. They had been traveling to distant solar systems, once they even came as close to earth as Mars. The aliens were losing hope in their quest to find new life forms, but then through their huge telescope they saw something unusual, something they hadn’t ever seen. They saw a rocket heading to the moon. The aliens operating the telescope were shocked and told their leader. Their leader was ecstatic and sent out ships to the moon to meet the lifeforms. The aliens got to the moon and saw large white puffy figures walking around the moon. The aliens were scared because they were so much smaller than the puffy things. Even though the aliens were intimidated they approached the white puffy things in the name of science. Continue reading


People are Awesome

“WARNING: The following video features stunts performed either by professionals or under the supervision of professionals. Accordingly, we insist that no-one attempt to re-create or re-enact any stunt or activity performed in this video”. See more at “stunt videos – don’t try this at home” at videomaker.com.

I chose to post this video because, when I watched the video, I was amazed at the crazy things people were doing; especially the guy on the bmx bike was performing awesome tricks. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

The man that saved the world with a laser pointer

One day, there was a boy he wanted to be a hero and the only way he could think of that was physically possible was to be in the armed forces. When he was old enough he went to training camp. He trained Intel and he was the best in the whole training school. He went to the army when he was 20 he retired from the army at 25.

When he turned 30, he became a scientist; but because he was only still 30, he still wanted to be known as a hero. Just then he thought of an idea … a great idea, an idea that could not go wrong! It was a laser pointer that had such an intense light that it could melt metal and burn wood.

So when he went to the army he could become a hero because with his laser … he would not need guns to fight and win the war. So, when he went to the war things didn’t go exactly as planned. He was so confident in his laser pointer that he didn’t even double check that all the parts were working well, so things started going wrong very soon, as we shall see!

When he got to the army, he waited three months before he finally got to the battlefield. He tried to use the laser pointer, but it didn’t work. So, when the got back to camp, he opened up the pointer and looked at what the problem could be. Somehow, he had lost his battery somewhere and he had no spare battery. Later that same night, the general sent him and three other men on a mission.

On the mission, he was the only one that had a light so he took the battery out of the light and put it in the laser pointer. He tested it out …”IT WORKS!”, he shouted out in the middle of enemy territory. The camp guards were hidden and quickly put the base on lockdown. There were men everywhere, trying to find them. They called for a pickup, but had to wait for 33 minutes before it finally came.

When they got into the car, the general was there and his fellow soldiers told the general everything. From taking the battery out of the light , to the shouting … they told everything.  There was one problem that they were not aware of … there was an enemy scout that was following them back to their base. They did not see the scout, so when he found out were the base was, he went back to his base and told his commander what he had found.

As soon as the enemy commander found out, he sent a nuclear missile to the base, but when the man with the laser pointer found out, he tried to see it. After a while he spotted it in the sky and, so he took out his pointer and shot the beam at it. Fortunately he was able to disarm it and luckily it didn’t hit the base! Because the enemy had sent a nuclear missile, we were able to send one back and so won the war.  They hailed the laser pointer man as a hero and everyone was happy that we had won the war.