Not Again.

Within ten seconds to dusk, I stood in front of it. There it was, the place I worked so hard to get to, right before my eyes. I entered without a noise. It’s dark and gloomy inside, like a ancient closed down hospital accompanied by destructive vines and glorious moss.

I pulled out my camera to admire different perspectives and out fell a flyer for ghost evacuations. Bizarre considering my location at the moment. I’m think about the things that could be in here hoping to get some on film. Continue reading

Tuning into Cartoon

It was late that night and I was still watching the television and I remember thinking to myself that I’m going to be tired for work. Suddenly the program changed to a white screen with perfect round circle which I’m assuming is snow but it was falling from bottom to top as if there were a fan that blew the snow that fell overnight but it was consistent. Afterwards I turned of the television with that tiny red button on the remote control which in my opinion is too small. Any who, I poured a glass of water and headed off to bed. I had quite the sleep that night, tossing and turning. The next morning, I woke up feeling different, but I had just suspected I slept funny. It was then I realized everything was in cartoon form. I rubbed my eyes as if I were imagining it, but it was now reality, my reality. Continue reading

The enchantress

The enchantress just wanted her kissss without failure. She is not the most important character but is required for the story. In this essay I will describe her physical appearances and why I think she is required.

The enchantress had different “looks”, such as the following.

The enchantress takes on multiple appearances starting of with David’s mother:

“Her skin was very white, but there was a hint of pink at her cheeks, and her lips were full and moist. Her red hair glowed like fire”. When David saw her, he heard her voice but her lips did not move (198). Then her eyes opened and she started to mutate into Rose but it wasn’t Rose:  “These eyes were black, devoid of color, like lumps of coal set in snow.[…] (198). Her hair was black, not red, and it pooled like liquid night. Her lips opened, and David saw that her teeth were very white and very sharp, the canines” (198). The enchantress wasn’t just an image she also had personality.

The enchantress was the voice of David’s mother that he heard. She was testing him when he reached her castle. When David awoke her with a freezing kiss (198) she asked what I think is, a trick question: “ “Am I not beautiful?”. Her head tilted slightly, and her face looked troubled. “Am I not pretty enough for you? ” (199). I find this troubling because there is no right way to answer the question. She was repeatedly asking a twelve year-old boy. When David killed her she thanked him as if she was tired of killing for a living. The enchantress was happy for her way of life to finally be over. This concludes her personality.

These past two paragraphs conclude my opinions on the enchantress. The fact that she was the voice of David’s mother proves that she was vital to the story. If the voice of David’s mother was not resolved it would have left the question of why he heard her unanswered which leaves a sense that is incomplete. Without the confirmation of what the voice was, we may assume that it was just a trick that the crooked man played on David or could keep us in a state of curiosity. In this case I think that resolving where Davids mother’s voice came from help bring the book to an end, what is a book without resolution?

A Stormy Night

We used the following story for editing purposes.

The rain was falling heavily. The driver had to be careful, driving on wild nights like these. The last thing you’d want is to have an accident. The noises of the windscreen wipers were hypnotic. He stared out into the glow of the headlights. The rain was white noise as it battered the car.

Through the wash of the rain he spotted a figure at the side of the road. The person had their thumb out. Why on earth would anyone be hitchhiking tonight? He signalled down and pulled over. The hitchhiker climbed in and shut the door. He pulled his hood back and sighed. He was quite young.

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