Georgia C.

Lego stop-motion: The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare

Act I, Induction Scenes I and II

Christopher Sly, a local drunk, is mislead by a lord to believe that Sly is actually nobility. While passed out, Sly is carried to the castle where he is cleaned, dressed in fine clothing and placed in bed. When he wakes up, the fun begins!

Mistaken Identity

It’s January 13, 2018 and the twins are excited to celebrate their birthday next week. “Wow, I can’t believe we are turning twelve next week!” Exclaims Ella. “Yeah, I know, I am beyond excited!” Responds Harper. The two girls are staying at their Mom’s home in Burnaby this week and are dreading to spend their birthday at their Dad’s this year because it is a tradition to spend their birthday with their Mom. You see, Harper and Ella live in North Vancouver and Burnaby, they switch from place to place each week because their parents are divorced. This made traveling to school difficult, especially when they would be driving from their Mom’s home to school. It would take them more than an hour! And Harper and Ella hate school, so everyday they would try to stay at home and, when there was traffic, it was even easier to convince their Mom not to go to school. Now, just because the two twins dislike school and look the same, doesn’t’ mean they are the same. Ella and Harper took advantage of this by switching classes in school, specifically when Ella would have a math test. Harper was better at math so whenever Ella would a math test Harper would complete it and Ella would keep herself busy in Harper’s class. It was a perfect idea, it really was… there was just one flaw they couldn’t get right.

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You killed my Father… Why?

Two beaming eyes appear from the whirling sand. The two demented eyes belong to Scarlett who wants revenge on Simba for killing her father. She’s visiting Scar’s grave, still dismayed from his death. She wants to take action and have revenge on Simba and his family. It’s almost ineffable of how much she wants Simba to feel revolted. So, she started to make a plan. There were multiple ideas to pick from but all had issues with them. “There just has to be one idea that will work”, she thought.

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