The Victim or the Criminal

In the novel Peril at End House, Magdala Buckley, who goes by Nick Buckley, is the main protagonist in the detective novel. She is discovered to be a character of many traits early on, as revealed by her close group of friends. Her strengths include her ability to lie and manipulate, and her main weakness is her close relations with her friends. Nick Buckley’s unique traits play an important role in developing the mystery along with making the novel interesting.

Nick Buckley at first sight appears to be a wealthy, elegant character. Since she is depicted as this beautiful, rich woman it is hard for someone to pin her as a murderer. For example, throughout the book Poirot, the detective, never suspects the string of crimes to be constructed by Nick. The author leads us to believe this is because of her likability and her looks, along with her extensive plan to frame the murder. “I had just registered the impression that she was a decidedly pretty girl when my attention was drawn to Poirot who, not looking where he was going, had stumbled over a root and fallen heavily”(91). This proves that her looks are strong enough to distract a detective from where he is walking. However, this immediate impression of Nick was also strong enough to initially detach herself from the list of suspects of which Poirot created. Poirot was unable to see Nick for who she was, but can the same be said about Nick’s friends?

Nick Buckley has a large circle of friends which play an important role in revealing the people connected with the crimes in the mystery. These characters have important opinions about Nick, which help to lead her to the main crime at hand. Poirot sees Nick as a respectable, beautiful young lady, while her closer friends like Freddy and Jim see her as a manipulative liar. The prime example of her lying and manipulating abilities is how she removes herself from the possibility of a suspect by creating a fake crime of which she is the victim. Nick does this to disguise the real crime where she is the criminal by making it look like her life was the one at risk. However, Nicks close friends already knew of this manipulative side of Nick, “But Nick is a liar, isn’t she, Jim? ”(116). This proves that her friends already knew Nick’s greatest strength, but this was not enough to immediately convince Poirot that she is not who she initially seems.

Eventually, the crimes were solved, thanks to Poirot and the help of Nick’s friends, and Nicks well thought out schemes were all revealed. Without Nick the mystery would have never developed into the complex web of crimes that, in the end, were revealed. Not only did she end up revealing herself as the murderer, but she also revealed smaller crimes going on in the town of St Loo as well. Nick played a very important role in the novel and, without her manipulative traits, the mystery would not have unfolded into such an interesting and engaging novel.


It was Thursday, November second, 2018, at precisely 8:30 AM. It was early in the morning and I had just awoken to realize that my clock was unfortunately set to the wrong time. I threw on my unwashed collared shirt, with my dress pants from yesterday and ran out the door grabbing a banana in between strides. I ran to the lecture hall, tying my tie while doing so. I knew the Headmaster would be mad at me for being late to my students for the third time this week. I eventually made it to the lecture hall, only to be laughed at by my students for arriving soaking wet from the rain, with a half eaten banana in my left hand. Sooner or later, the students settled down, and the lecture began. The hour and a half seemed to drag on and on, but eventually, it came to an end. After, that I had nothing planned, so I went home to change before I went back to the campus to go to my office. I was teaching my lesson on the importance of change, so I decided it would be good to apply it to my life. My office was very plain and simple but had not changed for years. I decided to move my desk lamp to the other side of the table. I worked for a couple more hours around the office and decided to go home to my family. I shut off the lights at my office, and left the work area for the day, just to come back tomorrow to a great surprise. Continue reading

What Would You do if You Were Lost in The Outback?


Day 1: The Race had begun. The dust was flying the tires were skidding and the racers were shouting. We
were all having a blast. We were riding a trail we knew very well. It started off with a few rollers, a couple berms, a few jumps and finished with a final drop. The trail was fairly straightforward but none of the other trails was marked and they crossed over each other like noodles. We rode up to the top of the trial and decided we would race. 
Michael started first and then, in increments of five seconds, the rest of us dropped in; Herby going next and me taking the rear. The first quarter of the race was fairly mellow, but when Herby began to catch up to Michael, the race really started. All three of us were on each other’s tails. We were going faster than we had ever gone before.  I wouldn’t stop until I was in first, so I just kept pedalling and, before we knew it, we were on the wrong trail. I sped up to get the other guys’ attention, but they weren’t focusing on anything except winning. I quickly exhausted myself and slowed down but they just kept going at each other. I looked down for a second and then it happened. The most gnarly crash I had ever seen.

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The Dive


I was going through some old English stories of mine and thought that this one was fairly interesting. Hope you enjoy it. Comment what you think.

The weather was strange that day. It was a cold foggy May morning. There was a heavy southeastern wind creating huge waves on the beach in front of us. All you could see was white caps crashing into the rocks making an explosion of water.

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The Little Plan in a Big War

il2_sturmovikWe were surrounded. Black shadows were circling us like a group of sharks ready to devour us for their next meal. It was just us and a sea of enemies. The shadows started to get bigger and bigger. Then the shadows slowly engulfed the plane, shortly after, all we could see was darkness. Continue reading

The Owner Makes the Differnece

The Owner Makes the Difference

Graeme                                                                                          November 23/2014

Setting the stage

At the end of the black tunnel, all you see is light and the shadow of the horse.  The closer the horse gets the more he starts to disappear.  At the end of the tunnel is a full stadium of cheering fans, you hear them chant Big Red.  He makes his way to the starting line when he hears the gate close behind him.  The noise that fills the jockey’s head is the heavy breathing of the horse, The breathing was so hard it sounded like a freight train. The jockey strokes Secretariat’s mane, the gate opens and the sound of the hooves pounding on the mud fills the arena.


Secretariat was an amazing race horse with outstanding natural ability.  However, on his own he never would have had the success he did without Penny, his caring and supportive owner.  With Penny’s support and commitment he became an incredible racehorse that never gave up.  Penny and Secretariat worked hard together to win the Triple Crown.

It was Penny taking responsibility and having a vision that gave Secretariat a chance to live up to his potential.  Penny needed Secretariat as much as Secretariat needed Penny.  The reason for this is her family ranch was in debt and Secretariat was their last chance to pay it off. Penny also knew how much the ranch meant to her father and she wanted him to live out his remaining years on the ranch with the horses he loved.

Penny believed in Secretariat because she knew that he was capable of extraordinary things.  She saw the horse’s potential the moment she looked into his eyes. She knew that he would eventually accomplish what was thought to be impossible from a horse so young. When Secretariat was first born, Penny realized he was different.  Secretariat was quick to stand up and to start walking.  Penny always believed in him, but at times she felt like she was the only one.  After winning “The Horse of The Year”, it was hard for anybody not to believe in him.

Penny made some strong decisions about Secretariat.  At first, she decided to keep Secretariat and train him to race in order to keep the family ranch.  She then started to realize that Secretariat was better and stronger than everybody thought. Penny believed there needed to be a strong connection between the horse and the trainer and how the horse should be raced.

The people around Secretariat influenced the way he ran. When Penny went to her father’s ranch she quickly realized that the horse trainer was scamming her dad by getting the horses to underperform so he could sell them to another ranch that he worked at for cheaper.  Penny immediately fired him, and went off to find a new trainer.  She went to one of her dad’s great friends (Bull Hancock) to see if he had any suggestions.  He sent her to meet a new trainer, Lucious, who then stayed with Secretariat for the rest of his career.  The new trainer found a jockey to ride Secretariat.  At the first race, the jockey got caught up in the other horses and fell as he came out of the gate.  After this race the trainer was not happy as the jockey lacked aggression in how he rode, so the trainer fired him and sent Penny to find a new one.  Penny heard about a new young jockey named Ronnie and she invited him over dinner.  Penny realized that Ronnie and Secretariat were quite alike and she decided that he was the right fit.  From then on Ronnie was Secretariat’s only jockey and together they won triple crown.

From day-one, Penny had a special connection with the Secretariat.  When Penny’s parents died she felt like Secretariate was the only one she could connect with.  She felt like her husband and her brother were not fully supportive of Penny’s decisions when it came to Secretariate. The only people that seemed to believe in the horse were the trainer, the jockey, Penny, and the ranch’s secretary.

Without Penny, Secretariat likely wouldn’t have been a household name.  Penny’s passion and commitment brought the best out of Secretariat and helped him reach his full potential.  Penny was the one who guided the horse in the right direction and made sure the horse tried his best and worked as hard as he could at every stage. This is what helped Secretariat win the triple crown. In return Secretariat gave Penny a reason to hope and in the end saved the family ranch.


And Then There Were None Investigation

Graeme Robertson                                                                                       Nov 6, 2014


This is Professor R Herrington’s Daybook of the investigation on Soldier Island.

Day 1

The moment I stepped on the island, I could tell there was something wrong.  It was definitely not what I was expecting.  There was  something very queer about the island.  I ignored the strangeness of the outside and stepped up the rocks from the boat and entered the house.  There were eight other people on the boat in addition to two housekeepers, Mr and Mrs Rogers.  We all went in separate directions to our rooms.  All eleven guests were put in specific rooms, which seemed a bit odd to me.

On the mantle, there was a poem that I remembered from when my mother read it to me when I was young.  Mrs Rogers came into my room.  Earlier I didn’t get a good look at her, but now that I did she looks paranoid and scared of her surroundings.  She came up to tell me that dinner was at 7 o’clock tonight and that it is just a casual dinner for everybody to meet each other.

When she left, I started to think about this island, the letter and the Owens.  I wonder when they are going to come and say hello.  I started thinking more and more about this place and I felt scared, as I did not know anything about the island.  The ding dong of the grandfather clock ended my thoughts.  It was already seven o’clock and I wonder where the time went.

I threw on some nicer clothes and headed downstairs.  To be honest, I am a bit nervous to see what happens tonight, but I put that behind me and tried to keep an open mind.  I went downstairs and saw that there was a long table for all eleven of us to sit at.  There were ten little porcelain figures right in the middle of the table.  Mr and Mrs Rogers came out of the kitchen with a huge feast  for us to eat.

After dinner, I started conversing with everyone.  I am usually not a social person, but for this vacation I wanted to step out of my comfort zone.  I met with eight other guests.  The two I didn’t meet were Mr and Mrs Rogers, but I didn’t think much of it at the time. Then the gramophone turns on and the lights switched off.  I thought some of these people seemed a bit odd, but I did not realize the extent before the gramophone spoke.

After listening to the record, my vacation started to turn into another investigation.  Every single person on this island was either framed or was involved in the killing of others.  We started to get very scared of each other.  Every little sound I heard was amplified in my mind and I would think about it until the next sound came.

The lights finally turned back on and everybody realized that Ms Brent had fainted.  Dr Armstrong jumped right up to check on her, luckily she was fine.  At first when I saw her faint, I thought she was out like a light.  After Dr Armstrong’s words, I immediately realized she was alright.  All of us started discussing what had just happened when we realized Mr and Mrs Rogers weren’t with us.  Right after we noticed that Mr Rogers was not with us, he comes in with some drinks.  We started interrogating him and he said they received a letter from Mr Owens saying to put on the record.  They said that they didn’t know why or what it was going to say.  We asked what the title of the record was.  It was labeled Swan Song.

We let Mr Rogers go and we started to drink. When I drink, I start to forget and get all tipsy.  All I remember now is that Tony Marston died and they thought it was cyanide.  I remember going to bed because I was scared and drunk and I needed some time to think about what happened.  So I put my journal down and went to sleep.

Who was Murdered: Tony Marston

Description of the Victim:

  • Tony Marston had killed two young children by driving recklessly.  He never really felt responsible for the accident.  He was killed today by potassium cyanide that someone had put into his drink.

Number 1 Suspect: Justice Wargrave

Day 2

The next morning when I woke, my head was pounding.  I honestly don’t know what to say about last night except I had too much to drink.  This morning I kind of forgot about Tony Marston’s death, I think I was a little hungover.  I started to get ready for breakfast. I changed out of my pajamas, put on some morning clothes, brushed my teeth and made my bed.  While I was doing this, it sounded like a lot of footsteps coming from all over.  There were so many footsteps that I started to tune them out.

I was sitting at the desk when I finally realized what time it was. I was already late for breakfast.  So I ran down the hall, almost tripped on the stairs, and ran through the living room,  I was back at the long table.  They were already eating and everybody was very quiet.  I pulled out the same chair I sat in last night and then I remembered that Tony Marston had died.  Dr Armstrong had just walked through the living room and after his words it felt like my heart had stopped.  Dr Armstrong explained that he thinks there is a murderer on the island, and that Mrs Rogers is lying dead in her bed.

I was so scared I stop even feeling scared.  It was the worst feeling in my life.  I felt paralyzed and not able to get out of my chair.  I wanted to get to a quiet place where I could think, but I was still so scared and unable to move an inch of my body.  It felt like the stairs were getting farther and farther away.  At that moment, everyone was gone from the dining room except for me.  I was able to tip over my chair.  I could now move my arms, so I army crawled all the way through the living room and up the stairs.  I was drenched in my own sweat from all the stress.  When I had finally got to my room, I pushed open the door and somehow got myself in the chair at the desk.  This is when I started my formal investigation.  I started to write about the island in the same way I do with all my investigations.  I didn’t get very far because I could barely read my own handwriting as my hand was shaking. I got over to the bed, then everything started to shake.

I don’t remember much from earlier, except when I woke up and Dr Armstrong said I was lucky to be alive. He said I missed lunch and now there are only 7 people left on the island.  General Macarthur was no longer with us.  I was still half asleep and didn’t process his death.  Now I was just trying to ignore the deaths and relax.  I was so behind in the investigation with the three deaths that I could no longer treat this as a normal investigation.  I was finding it hard to even think that this was supposed to be a vacation.  Dr Armstrong filled me in with some of the things that I missed today but I tuned out while he was still talking.  Something about him being framed for the murders, Philip Lombard having a revolver, and Justice Wargrave thinking one of us seven is U.N Owen.

I woke up two hours later when Mr Rogers had brought dinner up to me.  The dinner had a note with it that said “Hope you’re OK and get better soon”, signed Mr Rogers.  I gulped my dinner down.  It was the best thing that I think I have ever tasted, but that is probably the hunger speaking.  In fifteen minutes, I was back asleep and nothing was going to wake me up until tomorrow.

Who was Murdered: Mrs Rogers, General Macarthur

Description of the Victims:

  • Mrs Rogers was the cook and housekeeper and was married to Thomas Rogers who bullied her.  She was scared of her surroundings and was very pale.  She was responsible for the death of her employer.  Mrs Rogers died in her sleep from an overdose of chloral hydrate.
  • General Macarthur was a veteran of World War I.  His wife was cheating on him so he sent her lover on a mission which practically guaranteed that he would not survive.  General Macarthur believes that no one will ever leave the island.  He was killed by force from a blunt instrument while sitting on the shoreline.

Number 1 Suspect: Justice Wargrave

Day 3

I woke up quite early this morning and felt much better than I had felt last night.  I was woken up by the chopping of wood coming from the washhouse outside my window.  I decided to stay in bed thinking that it was Mr Rogers getting wood ready for the morning fire.  I stayed there lying in my bed when suddenly there was no more noise.  I thought it was just that Mr Roger’s had finished cutting the wood.  I put that thought aside and threw on some clothes.

About ten minutes later, I heard a huge ruckus in the hallway so I went to go check it out.  I was still not fully back to normal, partly from the sleep medicine Dr Armstrong gave me last night, but I was still ok to walk.  I opened the door to the hallway and there everyone was.  I asked what they were doing and they said that Ms Brent was missing. As soon as they said that, we heard the front door open.  Sure enough there was Ms Brent.  We were so worried about Ms Brent we forgot all about Mr Rogers.  Although we typically don’t see him in the morning, he would usually have breakfast on the table by now.

While everybody else was talking to Ms Brent about where she had been, I started to catch up on my investigation.  I started to look for Mr Rogers and then I remembered earlier that I had heard him chopping wood.  I ran straight to the shed and sure enough there he was with the axe in the back of the head.  That was probably the stupidest thing I could have done, because now I was one of their main suspects.  When I showed them the body, all five of them were staring at me.  They all started yelling at me trying to say the same thing.  They thought the killer was me.  I explained to them that it couldn’t have been me as the flies had already got to him which means he would have been here for at least an hour.  They all stopped yelling and now started to calmly interrogate Ms Brent more.  They finally stopped interrogating people and everyone was starting to get hungry, so the women started breakfast.

Breakfast went by in a blink of an eye and we were already washing dishes.  It was just me, Vera Claythorne and Philip Lombard so I decided to get to know them better.  We could hear Ms Brent laughing all the way from the kitchen.  It sounded like she was going mad.  Blore walked into the room and explained to us a bit more about what was happening with Ms Brent.  Shortly after that Vera walks out of the kitchen.  While the rest of us were still in the kitchen chatting, we hear an ear piercing shriek.  The shriek sounded like Vera’s voice, and sure enough there Vera was on the floor crying infront of the body of Ms Brent.

This was the first body I saw on the island.  Although it was not very gruesome except for the pool of blood on the floor, I was just about ready to puke and faint at the same time.  It was kind of odd for a detective to be squeamish but I think this island has changed me.  Before the men came out of the drawing room, I ran upstairs as fast as I could and slammed my door.  I was so frightened that I hid in my closet and started writing.  I wrote to my friends stating that I went on an Island vacation not knowing what I was getting into and that I may not come back alive.  I thought it sounded a bit over dramatic, so I ripped it up.  When I had finished ripping the letters into small pieces, I remembered that I have the knowledge to solve investigations.

I thought of everything I knew about the island, the people and what had happened.  I really started to go deep into the facts of what has happened on the island and how that would help lead me to who the killer is.  I knew that there were five people left on the island.  The murderer had to be insane, for following a child’s poem as a plot for killing people.  Then I thought the person who is the most insane on the inside has got to convince us that their the most sane on the outside.  I thought that was really smart and important and I was proud of myself for a second until I realized that almost everybody seemed about the same in how sane they were.

That is when I needed to sneak around.  Everybody else was still chatting with each other about what has taken place on the island.  I snuck into the room where the gramophone was and there it was, the record with the name Swan Song.  I replayed the record over and over listening to every single detail.  I then repeated the following sentences over and over.

“Emily Caroline Brent, that upon the 5th of November, 1931, you were responsible for the death of Beatrice Taylor”.

“William Henry Blore, that you brought about the death of James Stephen Landor on October 10th, 1928”.

“Vera Elizabeth Claythorne, that on the 11th day of August, 1935, you killed Cyril Ogilvie Hamilton”.

“Philip Lombard, that upon a date in February, 1932, you were guilty of the death of twenty-one men, members of an East African tribe”.

“John Gordon Macarthur, that on the 4th of January, 1917, you deliberately sent your wife’s lover, Arthur Richmond, to his death”.

“Anthony James Marston, that upon the 14th day of November last, you were guilty of the murder of John and Lucy Combes”.

“Thomas Rogers and Ethel Rogers, that on the 6th of May, 1929, you brought about the death of Jennifer Brady”.

“Lawrence John Wargrave, that upon the 10th day of June, 1930, you were guilty of the murder of Edward Seton”.

“Prisoners at the bar, have you anything to say in your defence”?

After listening to the record and repeating the sentences, the only thing I started to investigate was the dates.  I thought the most recent accused suspect would be the most traumatized from what had happened.  This thought lead me to Ms Claythorne, but I did not want to close the case there.  I had many other ideas, but none leading to the same person.  While I was taking these notes the hours flew by.  I had missed lunch which wasn’t a big problem.  I checked my watch to see what time it was.  While I was doing that there was another one of those ear piercing screams coming from the room right beside mine.  Right after the scream I hear all four of the men walking up the stairs.  I exit my room and join them with seeing what has happened.  We open the door and there is Vera Claythorne having another one of her scares.  We made sure Vera was alright before taking her back to the drawing room.

That is when I start to talk to them about all the different information I found out earlier.  They were all very interested.  I finally thought I was doing a pretty good job of being a leader in the group.  Someone had brought up that Justice Wargrave was missing from the group.  Everyone thought he came upstairs with us.  We all go out looking for him and there he was sitting in his high headed chair dressed up wearing a judge’s wig.    As Dr Armstrong made his wig fall to the ground revealing the gaping bullet hole through his head, I pass out.

About thirty seconds later, I was awake not talking yet but still awake.  Shortly after they started cooking dinner.  I didn’t eat much partly because I didn’t have a big appetite, but I was also not the biggest fan of tongue.  After the plates were cleared everyone just sat watching every slight movement of each other.  It was the most paranoid I think I have seen anyone in my life.  One person finally comes out and says why don’t we all just go to bed.  Everyone agreed so that’s what we did.  Tonight I didn’t even care about getting  ready for bed.  I jumped into bed, pulled the covers over me and blew out my candle.

Who was Murdered: Justice Wargrave, Mr Rogers, Ms Brent

Description of the Victims:

  • Justice Wargrave is a retired judge. He was very quick to hang the people in his cases.  Justice Wargrave was killed by a shot from a revolver in the head.
  • Mr Rogers was the butler for the island. He was bully to his wife.  Together with Mrs Rogers, he killed his former employer.  Mr Rogers was killed by an axe to the head.
  • Ms Brent was a very proper elderly spinster.  She had fired her maid when she became pregnant leading to her maid’s drowning in a river.  Ms Brent was killed by an injection of potassium cyanide with one of Dr Armstrong’s hypodermic syringes.

Number 1 Suspect: Dr Armstrong

Day 4

This morning was no different from any of the other mornings.  I was slightly scared, but no more than I have been these past couple of days.  While I was still lying in bed, I heard what sounded like footsteps coming from every direction and all towards me.  I stayed lying there when there was a knock on my door.  I answered with  terror in my voice ”Who is it?” Three different voices said that it was them.  I went out to the hall where I found Philip, Vera and Blore.  They immediately explained to me that Dr Armstrong was missing.

We put Vera in her room and told her to stay there until all three of us said it was ok to come out.  We heard the twisting sound of the lock on the door and the chair being dragged across the floor to be put under the handle of the door.  We rushed across the house as fast and stealthily as we could.  We searched and searched and he was nowhere to be found.  We ran upstairs to tell Vera the news.  We showed her that all three of us were there and she let us in.  She opened the door and  all three of us came barging in.  We were all covered in mud and drenched in water.  Vera wondering what happened, asked where we had been.  We explained how we searched the island head to toe and that Dr Armstrong was nowhere to be found.  The one thing we did find was that there were only three porcelain dolls on the dining room table.

We all kind of stared at each other with a scared look in each others eyes.  The thing that scared me the most right now was thinking that one of the people standing around me is a maniac serial murderer.  We all headed down to the dining room walking a fair distance behind each other, but still staying close enough so no one could get separated from the group.  We eventually made it to the table where we sat and had breakfast.  Everybody was eating and trying to watch each others’ moves.  It isn’t a great feeling when you think someone is watching over you.  Breakfast went by very slowly.  Once it was over we all sat there for a couple of minutes not moving or speaking.  All of us had the most truly terrified looks on our faces.  Finally after those couple of minutes Philip Lombard comes out and says we can’t just sit here all day doing nothing.  We started to talk about Dr Armstrong again when Vera started to go on about the verse of the poem.  “Four little soldier boys going out to sea a red herring swallowed one and then there were three”.  Then she explained that he must have just taken his porcelain doll and hid.  This led to us thinking he was U.N Owen.

We went outside to look for Dr Armstrong in the daylight and to be out in the open so we could see if anybody was coming.  We sat there for a bit and then Vera started to go on about how she never wanted to go inside, that she could live out here for the rest of her life.  We just ignored her.  I was trying to separate myself from the group so I could keep working on my investigation.  I wrote for awhile almost getting nowhere.  All my clues led me to different people.  I found one on Vera and another two on Philip Lombard.

I had now been writing for quite awhile when I hear Blore and Philip Lombard blabbering  on about something.  I could hear them in the distance still going on about the same thing.  I put down my notebook and made my way over to see what was happening.  When I arrived there, they were pushing each other around.  I said with a slight anger in my voice “What do you think you’re doing, you are grown men?  I don’t know how you could be so juvenile”.  They immediately turn to me and start blaming each other for starting it.  I yell with a huge burst of anger “Enough!”.  They both zipped their mouths shut and didn’t dare say another word.  I asked nicely “What seems to be the problem here?”.  Blore explained to me how he’s getting hungry for lunch and needs to eat.  Immediately after Blore stops talking Lombard blurts out “No one else is getting hungry and Blore can’t go on his own”.  I then offer myself to go with him.  Everyone answers “What?”.  I tell them that if he gets in trouble I can protect him.  At this point, they are staring at me with a suspicious eye.  I answer, we should be fine, he can’t kill both of us.  After quite a bit of negotiating they finally let us go.

When I was negotiating I didn’t feel this nervous but now my knees were starting to shake and I feel nauseous.  We went along the side of the house to get to the back door.  We were walking the same way that we walked earlier, a fair distance in between each other but not enough to be separated.  We didn’t talk to each other but that was probably because of how scared we were.  Blore and I had walked another ten meters when we were walking along the side of the house that the rooms are on.  There was a very loud noise that happened to make me partially deaf.  The next thing I knew I was lying on the ground with a ringing noise in my ears, my eyes started to close and I was knocked out.

When I woke up I was dizzy, seeing stars and had the most horrific migraine.  This time the reason I passed out was because I fell over and hit my head.  I wasn’t out for nearly as long as I was yesterday.  I found clues showing that Philip and Vera had seen Blore and was probably thinking I was dead.  I thought it was probably better if they didn’t know that I was alive.  I was moving around the house quite stealthily to see where they were.  I looked for a bit and saw them down on the rocks with what looked to be a body.  I know it wasn’t them and that is when I remembered Dr Armstrong’s body was yet to be found, so I assumed it was his.

I saw them heading up the rocks so I hid behind the closest corner of the house I can find.  While they were coming up the rocks, I saw that Vera had something in her hand.  I couldn’t tell what it was from the distance but it was an odd shape.  When they eventually got up from the rocks, I could see them chatting about something.  I could tell that whatever they were chatting about was not good.  As they were chatting, I saw Philip Lombard start to step towards Vera, he kept taking steps forward.  Vera started to point the thing she had in her hand at Philip.  This is when I realized it was a gun.

Philip keeps moving forward. I hear the tone of Vera’s voice change into a scared tone, but Philip does not stop moving forward and then bam.  Vera shot him right in the heart.  I then thought that the murderer was Vera, but I wasn’t sure what she was going to do so I follow her.  She went into the house and went upstairs.  I could only hear her slightly now but it sounded like she was talking to herself, she kept calling a name.  It sounded like Hugo.  I followed her all the way to her room.  On the way, I picked up the revolver in case anything happened.  Vera opened the door of her room and closed it behind her.  I decided to look through the key hole.  There was a noose hanging from the ceiling.  Vera put it around her neck calmly called for Hugo one last time and kicked the chair away.

That was the saddest  thing I have seen in my entire life.  What I saw next was just disgusting.  There Justice Wargrave was alive in her room.  He picked up the chair that she had kicked down and put it against the wall.  He started walking toward the door.  I loaded the revolver and shot him right in the head, the way it should have been the first time.  I checked his body and I found a glass bottle with a note in it.  I read the note and it explained everything including where the revolver was hidden, how he killed everybody and the worst part was why he did it in the first place.  I didn’t know anyone could be so crazy.  It was so disturbing reading the note, I couldn’t imagine it happening.  When I got to the very end of the note, I then moved Justice Wargrave body to his room and set up the scene like how he had written it in his note with the handkerchief and everything.

After I was finished, I had a cold shiver down my spine.  It was the feeling of loneliness.  I put the note back in the bottle and put the bottle in my jacket pocket.  I started to think back on what had happened on the island.  All the details that would come back to haunt me later on.  I would never forget the devastation of being the only one alive.  I started to think about how I would feel about me being the one to survive.  I would start to question if it should have been someone else.  I started to feel weak, not able to overpower the dark thoughts.  Then I thought about what I would go back to, I had no family.  I walked down the stairs through the front door.  There it was, the wide blue ocean.  I stood there staring out at the vast ocean nothing insight but ocean.  I had one last thought, there is nothing else to live for.

Who was Murdered: Dr Armstrong, Blore, Philip Lombard, Vera

Description of the Victims:

  • Dr Armstrong was a doctor.  He killed his patient while operating drunk many years earlier.  The murderer pushed Dr Armstrong into the ocean which lead to drowning.
  • Blore was a retired police officer and now is a private investigator.  He was bribed by a gang to sentence an innocent man to life in prison. The murderer dropped a marble slab on Blore’s head.
  • Philip Lombard was a soldier who left many East African tribesman without food leading to their starvation.  He was shot in the heart on the beach by Vera Claythorne who believed that he was the murderer.
  • Vera Claythorne used to be a teacher and governess.  She allowed her charge to swim out in the ocean resulting in his drowning.  Vera committed suicide by hanging herself.  She had killed Philip Lombard thinking he was the murderer.