Mistaken Identity

It was a dark rainy day in Germany. I came into the world not knowing anything. Our town was bombed three months ago by the Americans. As a baby boy, I was named Liam. Being born into World War II was not a good time to join humanity. I was always on the run and starving.

Growing up, I never felt like I was in a family that I loved. Neither did I look like any of my family, so I felt I wasn’t with the right one. Even strangers would never believe I was related to my parents and siblings. I remember, I once was separated from my family and I asked someone to help me find my family. When we finally did, they didn’t believe that they were my family so they had trouble letting me stay with them.

I lived a normal life, believing I was with my real family. Until one day, I wondered if I was switched at birth as I learned about it in school that day. I was in grade 7 and I was curious, so I started doing research about how you can find out if you, in fact, were switched at birth. I found out that I actually was, but I didn’t know what to do or if I was happy or sad. I did feel sad but it wasn’t just sad; it was the most complex feeling I had ever experienced. I then had to make a decision on what to do so I decided to talk to my best friend because I was so confused. Neither of us knew what to do, so after a couple weeks of thinking about this, and questioning it, I finally worked up the courage to talk to my family. Continue reading