Game of Drones

Parrot_AR.Drone_2.0_-_indoor_hull.jpgYou log onto your computer and head to Once you find your desired product, you order it and select 30 minute shipping. In the next half an hour you hear a buzz out your door. You head out and notice that the delivery drone has dropped off your package and flew away. That’s right, no mail man, no signing, and no waiting for hours. This is how imagines the future. How is this possible?  Welcome to the awe inspiring technology of drones.

What is a drone? A drone is an unmanned vehicle, in this case a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). UAVs can be piloted manually from another location or controlled autonomously by an on-board GPS system. The U.S. military is currently using drones for reconnaissance and other missions in war zones. Commercial use of drones is an untapped market waiting to explode. There are a few stores that offer drone delivery services. In fact, Tacocopter is a San Francisco taco fast food restaurant with a mobile app that lets users order tacos from their phone. Once ordered, in a matter of minutes a quadcopter drone carrying your freshly prepared taco will meet you at your current location and give you your tasty treat. plans to have a 30 minute drone delivery service called Prime Air. This will give you 30 minute shipping via their drones.

Drones are also available to civilians. I own 2 drones and fly them out on the weekend. Without a doubt someone will approach me and ask one of two questions: “That is so cool, where do you get it from?” or “That is so cool, but is it legal?”. Civilian drones are legal however there are some rules. You can’t fly it near aircraft or airports, you must stay below a certain altitude, you can’t fly and endanger the safety of other civilians and you can’t use the drone for commercial use. Remember though, the FAA and federal police can confiscate drones at any time if they feel it to be necessary.

How does a flying drone work? Most flying drones have four propellers. This gives it immense power and maneuverability. It also keeps it stable. The drone is controlled either through Wi-Fi or through a radio transmitter. Most drones are FPV or First Person View. This means the pilot has direct streaming to his device of a camera mounted in the front of the drone. One of my drones has a 2.25 km autonomous range. This means I can fly my drone on autopilot for 2.25 kilometers without stopping. Some civilian drones have up to an 80km range.

Many people fear being spied on by drones. This makes flying one tricky if people are around. Numerous police calls have been made. Some people have even attacked pilots and their drones. The town of Deer Trail, Colorado had a proposed idea of a drone hunting license. With a population of 561 people, 350 of them voted ‘yes’.  However, the FAA made the hunting of drones illegal. Residents are still known to be shooting down drones over the area.  Shooting aircraft is a federal offence and anyone still caught firing at a drone can be prosecuted.

Drones are amazing pieces of technology in the right hands. However, in the wrong hands it can be a frightening thought. A while ago, a hobby drone piloted by a Seattle Amazon employee crashed into the iconic Seattle Space Needle. Seattle is now making stricter laws on the use of drones. Watch out Canada Post, the drones are coming.

Is It Time For Cortana?

Are you tired of Siri’s limited knowledge? Do you need something more than reminders or emails read out for you? Then let me introduce you to Cortana. “She” is Window’s new virtual assistant.

We all know of the Apple vs. Android war in the smartphone market. Now Microsoft Windows has joined the game. While Microsoft phone isn’t a new idea it does have some new features. The iPhone was released in 2007 and the HTC Dream (the first android phone) was released in 2008. Windows phone was released in October of 2012 – this leaves Microsoft behind in the phone market. I am not as interested in the phones as I am in a new piece of software by Windows.

Cortana is Window’s take on a voice assistant. Cortana is a new breed of artificial intelligence. She is able to learn from you and your family for an even more immersive experience than Siri or Google Now. She can remind you in calls of events happening to the person on the other line. She can suggest TV shows or even music based on your interests, searches, downloads etc.  Cortana was originally a holographic assistant in the long line of HALO video games by Microsoft. Today, Cortana bears resemblance to her fictional sister as she is able to access Microsoft owned apps such as Bing, Hulu and even Skype. Microsoft’s commercial for Cortana, shows how she is learning about you in real time. Unlike Google with internet activities but by your text messages, friends, family, phone calls even a loved one’s death will be recorded by Cortana. Unlike Siri, she can understand a wide variety of phrasing and has a very natural and fluent voice pattern. She can even have a real conversation with you. TIMEtm Magazine was weary that the release was just a demo and that all these functions were just staged. Some minor glitches did appear but I think that even with the glitches, Cortana is still amazing technology.

The slightly disturbing release video has some phone users weary. Many are thinking Cortana is too much. We used to worry that people will find out to much about our real identity through the internet.  However, now we have a different problem – our own technology might know too much about us. Soon Artificial Intelligence will be giving us new thoughts we might never have imagined.

Watch the commercial here, remember some may find certain images disturbing.

Alcuin College … there’s an app for that!

CaptureIt seems nowadays that every company’s got app. Since we are so connected to our phones and tablets, why not have an app? There are over 5.6 Billion mobile phone users around the world. That is the beauty of an app; you can reach hundreds of thousands of customers/users without ever meeting a single one of them. I am pleased to announce the arrival of …the Alcuin College Mobile App! That is right, Alcuin now has an app. From the cross platform application, you will be able to view news, RSS feeds, Twitter, teachers websites and much more. In fact you could be on Chameleon Corporation right now!  It is available for Android, Apple and Amazon.  It is not on any stores yet, but you can download it from the link below or scan the QR code. Instructions on installing it will appear on the website. This new tool will hopefully tell others about Alcuin College!



App can be found here!

Our first Honorary Chameleon

Josh Grand ChameleonJosh will be heading out/south/down/somewhere to/in Australia/Oz/DownUndah with his family.  As he is set to embark upon a new adventure in his life before the end of the term, the Corporation felt that it was most appropriate that Josh now be bestowed the exceptional distinction of becoming our very first Honorary Chameleon; thereby conferring upon him the title of “Grand Sage of the Order of Chameleons” (In the land of Oz, sometimes referred to as “GEE-SOC” and abbreviated as G’SOC). Forsooth, a distinguished honour for but a fledgling chameleon!

Josh has left an indelible mark on the Corporation through his exemplary work ethic, ingenuity, enthusiasm and innovation. Apart from his many contributions (such as the philanthropic Free Rice-a-thon,  his groundbreaking work in unmasking the ultra-secret Big Safari and the launch of Nano Tech Industries, which is set to upstage Stark Industries as the tech innovator of the future), he will also be remembered as the initiator, architect and engineer of the award-deserving Alciun College app.

All chameleons will be happy to note that Josh’s written compositions will remain on this site, to be savoured by future generations.  We are also looking forward to further contributions and submissions all the way from the opposite side of the world.

We wish you safe travels and happy landings, Josh.  Although we will all miss you dearly, as a true chameleon, we know you will adapt very quickly to your new environment.  Godspeed and God bless, oh Grand Sage Chameleon Josh G.!

What Do They Have To Hide?

Big Safari is an international aerial reconnaissance group.They have been living in the shadows for many years. According to certain sources (I am unable to quote) states that they are a very important group of the U.S Air force. It is highly unlikely that you will see one of their aircraft in the sky. 

After some scouring on the Internet, I found the commander of this secretive organisation to be Col. Edward Topps. What was even more interesting, I was able to find a document linked back to his current air force unit (645th aeronautical systems group). This document is not open to publication; therefore I cannot cite it or quote from it. What I can say is that he is closely linked to the US Air Force headquarters. Why it says not for use, I am not sure.

Going back to Mr Topps, after creating a useful string of LinkedIn and other social media sites, I was able to determine who he really is. He is the Commander for Big Safari and has been for 3 years. He has 205 connections and is in charge of over 10,001 workers. He is currently working in the Us Air Force as well. He has multiple degrees. After Uncovering a bit more, I found the name of the consultant of Big Safari, Mr John Lewis. After seeing his connections, and ‘recently viewed’, I found the name of another consultant/project manager, Mr David Solomon. It seams as though a teenager who is somewhat tech savvy can literally uncover a secret government agency!

Now it seams as though Mr Topps isn’t very happy with the new Vocativ post about Mexican drug cartels. Operation Lowrider was discovered by the Vocativ News website. This operation consists of flying manned aircraft from Texas to Mexico with high level spy gear on board, such as hearing devices. This mission used normal civilian aircraft. It was highly successful and was able to take out more than 100 key targets. It seems that it is not the best idea to be on the wrong side of this organization!

Big Safari has been reportedly been located in Wright-Patterson Airfield. They also have facilites at Greenville, Texas and Hanscom Airbase. I have seen satellite images of these bases and have noticed multiple armed aircraft. Doing some more research on a leaked picture of one of their new spy planes, I was able to track down the FAA registry. Surprisingly, it is registered to a man living in Indianapolis. Also this aircraft is under a false manufacturing name. What could they have to hide? The generous aircraft provider and good friends with Big Safari, Sierra Nevada Corporation, seams to be weaponizing already destructive drones. From deadly Predator drones to hellish Mq9 Reapers … this is one company not to mess with!

From planes that can take out a nation, to bases that I have to do my own satellite imaging to find, this is one secretive organization. You might not be able to find much on the first page of Google. To this day, we are still not sure to what they are up to. Leaks have told me that they are starting a new project called “Project Libertyship”. This name was mentioned by workers in the OSD (Office of the Secretary of Defense). With aircraft provided by Sierra Nevada and a quick strategic planning by Big Safari, this one is going to be a killer.


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How to Scare a Crow

It was a cool autumn night in Colcord, Oklahoma. Leaves rested softly on the ground, wind whirled and rustled them. Days were shorter, nights were longer. The farm was bare. It was 5 o’clock in the afternoon and work had stopped for the day. Nothing was there except for a lonely, dilapidated scarecrow. Even the scarecrow wasn’t doing any work. Crows rested on the shoulders and head of the lifeless being. Farmer Casey, the farm owner, was inside his cottage, listening to the wireless while his wife was making a cup of tea. The crackling voice behind the receiver spoke of storms for tomorrow and the next day. The sun was setting on the west, while the east was already sitting in darkness. The birds were perched just as lifeless as the scarecrow. It was like complete opposites were relaxing in perfect harmony. Farmer Casey saw that the scarecrow was not doing its job. He knew this for a long time and he has always wanted to get a new one. He decided that he would take it down the next day. Why waste the space on his lovely cornfield? This was his fatal mistake.

When morning broke. Farmer Casey woke up at about 4:20 am. Early mornings was the life of a farmer. He started the kettle and began brewing a cup of tea. He never drank milk with it, just black. His wife was still in her slumber, totally unaware what would happen next.  Farmer Casey walked outside, where the brisk, cold air hit him. He wasn’t at all affected by the weather. He had to work 5 days a week, every week, no matter what. He had to take care of his wife, Belinda, she meant the world to him. As he approached the corn field, he felt an uneasy feeling in his stomach. He never found out what caused this unsettling growl. He could see the clouds rolling in, preparing for the upcoming storm.

The crows rested on the old shoulders of the scarecrow. It was their favourite spot. They socialised, ate and pecked at the scarecrow. It was a venue for all crows to chat about their day. Just like the farmers love for his wife, the crows loved the scarecrow. The crows squawked and screeched all day. This constant noise was driving farmer Casey insane. He decided it was time to tear it down. He first needed to do the daily farm work; it could wait. He did his daily work, stopped at midday to eat his Cornish pasty. At about 6 pm he started feeling rain on his back, a few minutes later a crack of lightning lit up the sky and booming thunder soon followed. He quickly rushed to the shed and got a heavy duty cutting knife. He had to tear down the scarecrow before nightfall. This knife would soon turn against him.

He rushed out into the awful weather. He quickly ran to the middle of the cornfield where the scarecrow lay. For some reasons the birds were also there. He prepared to cut the scarecrow off the wooden pole. (The next few events will probably shock the reader. If you continue reading you may be horrified. You have been warned!)

The crows saw what was taking place. First they started to swoop, then the started pecking. Farmer Casey didn’t know what was going on. He was screaming for Belinda, needing her help. The birds soon began a suicidal attempt at ramming him. He tried to run but it was too late. The birds had knocked him out. This was the last of farmer Casey, at least alive.

Belinda was inside cooking dinner when she heard the rumbling outside. She began waiting for her husband to come in. She waited for a good 3 hours before she got really worried, she went to the window and looked out. He was no where in sight. She could not stay awake any longer. she went upstairs and tucked herself into bed. She was sure that her husband was safe and that he knew what he was doing. She remembered he wanted to go to the hardware store today, and maybe he was held up. She lay awake till 1 am then fell into sleep from pure exhaustion. When she woke there was still no sign of her husband. She grew into a frantic panic. She rushed to get dressed and ran to the police station. Office Harley was there. He was a built man with long dark hair. Belinda spoke of the events of last night. Explaining the disappearance of her husband and the sudden storm. She was balling her eyes out. The police believed the story and began a search of the town.

After several months of no luck they gave up the search. Belinda became used to living without her husband. She earned some money by becoming a school teacher. She would head over to the county school three times a week and teach the smaller classes. Although she knew that her husband was dead, she could always feel his presence. As if he was still on the farm doing his work.

One early morning Belinda got up and made herself a cup of tea, all black just like her deceased husband used to enjoy. She walked downstairs towards the living room window. Like every morning she looked outside towards the field, expecting to see a familiar site. She dropped her cup of tea in shock. Instead of seeing the lovely, welcoming scarecrow, she saw a site too familiar. It was her husband, farmer Casey. His lifeless body, slumping on the long wooden pole. Crows had already pecked out the eyeballs leaving two small holes beside his nose. They sat on his body as if they had always been there; the crows still squawking and croaking. Had they known what they had done? They had murdered him … not only that, they had slaughtered him. These birds from hell had fallen upon this poor, innocent man.

Even though the crows had done the job, they still wanted more. Belinda was next …

Bankrupt America


The world went in shock when the US government temporarily shut down on 1st October this year. This is similar to the 1981 Clinton shut down which lasted for 3 weeks. The whole reason for this political meltdown is due to a policy commonly known as ObamaCare. This could be the end of “America, the land of the free!”

Body 1

How did this catastrophic financial meltdown begin?  The US congress is made up of two parts, the House of Representatives (mostly Republicans) and the Senate (mostly Democrats). ObamaCare is a law to bring affordable healthcare to millions of Americans while improving quality of care.  ObamaCare was passed 2 years ago but was supposed to start on 1st October this year. This coincided with the day that the budget for the new financial year was to be passed. The budget is written by the House of Representatives and then signed by the Senate. When creating the budget, the House of Representatives decided that ObamaCare was too expensive and left it out of the budget. The Senate saw this and said if ObamaCare was not included then they would not sign it. The Republicans are very stubborn and won’t change the idea. As the budget was not completed by the 1st October,  the government was forced to shut down.  A government cannot operate if it has no budget. Without a budget government workers cannot be paid.  This is why millions of government workers are on unpaid leave!

Body 2

Some say Obama is using Brinkmanship by shutting the government down while some say the Republicans are using Brinkmanship by not changing the budget. In simple terms, brinkmanship means to be on the verge of making a political decision and stopping at the last minute. I think that the Republicans are doing this dangerous maneuver. Obama has no choice but to shut the government down. IHS says that the government is losing $300 million dollars a day. This is literally a political stalemate. The Republicans will be willing to bankrupt the country just to get their way. Now even worse, the government soon is going to reach a debt ceiling. This means that on 17th October the US Reserve Bank will not loan any more money to the US government.


This is a nightmare. This constant bickering from the two political giants has caused millions of unemployed workers, economic destruction and worst of all, a looming debt crisis. If this carries on for too long, our neighbour might not be the economic giant we believe it to be.



  8. Definition of “brinkmanship”

A Tree Octopus and a Galaxy Explosion… Really!?

Tentacle Ribbon




If you have been surfing the web and YouTube, then you might have heard about two hotly debated topics:

The elusive Northwest Tree Octopus and a nearby explosion of our galaxy’s core!! Lets get real, a octopus that jumps from tree to tree and a explosion that could destroy our world as we know it. Can we really believe everything on our internet.

A Tree octopus!

Lets begin with the Tree Octopus. There is an official site for this rare species of octopi. Click here. Lets analyse an octopus. It must need water to live in, specific food to eat, a certain submarine habitat, it must have an environment that gives it maximum survivability and has limited movement adapted to underwater life. If these octopuses live in trees, doesn’t it contradict the basic need of this sort of animal. Octopi normally walk from one tidal pool to another when their food is depleted. This means that their primary food is located in the water. If near the ocean, this octopus could probably live for several minutes but on hot dry rocks, you may as well call it calamari. Without completely busting the myth of this rare species lets found out what are the possibilities of a tree octopus.There would be a very slim chance of finding a “Tree octopus”  in an actual tree. although it is not 0 chance, I think the fact that it could live out of water for a few minutes. Maybe a octopus can live in a tree, but it would be a big struggle.                                 Certainty 5%


Sources –

                                                       Galaxy’s Core Explosion

 A galaxy explosion sounds pretty deadly. Would it really affect us. Lets look at the facts. This so called explosion will  be caused by a massive blob of floating gas called G2 touching the black hole at the centre of our universe. This cosmic collision will radiate huge amounts of energy rather than an explosion. But is a black hole real? The only way we can see a black hole is when it is sucking something or when a star collapses. So in a way this catastrophe could just be a elaborate firework show. Many magazines like Popular Mechanics  agree with the facts and even The University of Sydney in Australia believes it. According to some scientists this phenomena has occurred before and quite recent. Only one hundred years ago. The title is misleading because we can’t even see the centre of our galaxy. We only know because of the after affects. Is it really an explosion! We will never know, but in the mean time. Get ready for a light show that started 25,000 light years ago.

Certainty – 70%

Sources –


Don’t you find it funny that some people believe this stuff, literally. A Tree Octopus jumping from trees to trees and a explosion that could end life itself. Many people may know how to correctly use a computer, but do they really know common computer sense? If you heard about this in a letter or newspaper, you probably wouldn’t believe it. Most people think that just because it is on the web, it must be real. The world has become less trustworthy and we are falling for every trick on the web. A Galaxy Explosion is an over exaggeration. Yes there may be activity in the galactic centre but is it an explosion. We use catchy titles to lure the reader in. A Tree Octopus is complete rubbish. It is almost impossible for an octopus to live out of water. It is just a prank to make a fool out of us. I hope that this short composition has helped you picture the web in a much different way.

A Wasp With A S.T.I.N.G

“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few”

Winston Churchill


It has been almost 2 weeks since Agent Maxwell was shot down by a S.T.I.N.G sniper near MI6’s headquarters in London. Mrs Hattoson was shocked at how close this attack was to her. She didn’t care about the field agent’s. They were merely playing cards to her. If she had a good hand she would hold onto them until they were really needed. Alexander Trony was her joker, her wild card. She kept him safe until a major threat showed up. S.T.I.N.G. is this major threat. When agent Maxwell stopped the plane sabotage last November we thought S.T.I.N.G. was over. But we were wrong. Government agencies don`t always know everything.

——————————————–5 weeks later—————————————————-

130.7 billion Dollars, all of it gone in seconds. The only thing left was a small red chess piece in the shape of the King. S.T.I.N.G. just attacked HSBC`s headquarters in London. The markets most value British bank. When S.T.I.N.G. kills, it leaves behind a red chess king over its victims. An Insignia of death. There were 120 employees in the office, only 50 survived. One of the worst terrorist attacks in London’s city center. Nobody knew how they snuck the bomb in. Except for Robert Derina, the leading arms dealer for S.T.I.N.G., the worlds most deadly company. At the time he was walking towards his hotel room , satisfied with his work when a Mi6 information dealer spotted him. The whole emergency capture team from MI6 was set out to get him. He was heading down George St when he was blocked off by 5 vans, 2 helicopters, 10 police bikes and 40 SWAT members. He was finally captured.  He was taken to Mi6’s top secret interrogation room. It took hours for them to squeeze anything out of him. He was motivated by nothing except a gun to his head. He finally spoke. He said insignificant things until he spilled the beans. The leader of S.T.I.N.G. is heading to an arms convention in Calis, France. His plane would take off at 14:13 pm on runway no.2 at Heathrow International tomorrow. Mi6 will make sure the planes wheels never get off the ground. Agent Trony was called into Mrs Hattoson’s office.

“Good Morning Mr Trony.” Mrs Hattoson said in her usual sombre tone.

 “What is the reason for this meeting?” Agent Trony replied in a reluctant tone.

“As I’m sure you know, S.T.I.N.G. is still at large. They state their names stands for “Sabotage through Intelligence and Negotiations with Groups”  but now it is more like torrential homicide than negotiations. Things have changed Trony. Our enemies are not countries or continents. We can’t see them. I can’t tell you who to kill or let live. We don’t know these people who have assigned S.T.I.N.G. but if we stop S.T.I.N.G. then that’s one less thing to worry about. Your mission is to travel to Heathrow International and find the members of this villainous group. Try to get to their leader and detain him. We will have SWAT teams on standby and many MI6 operatives working in the area.” She replied.

“Then why do you need me” Alexander said, questioning his abilities

 “Sometimes a trigger has to be pulled. You have the gun, why don’t you use it for once!”

The lead director of Mi6 sternly talking to the veteran.

 “I will do my best, but if one Mi6 agent gets killed, including me, it is on your head.”

With that, he walked out, making his way back home. He knew he needed as much  sleep as he can get for the next day.


By the next day Mi6 were already stationed at the airport even before Trony was set to come in. All he had was 2 cyanide pills and a small Ruger Lcp 380 ultra compact pistol on his hip. When going through security he was directed towards a small door marked “Staff use only. Do not enter” . This door lead straight and discretely to the main terminal. From here he started his reconnaissance. He scanned out the area and found that there were no immediate threats. He walked and waited for about an hour before he noticed  two men talking . One of which was in a stealth attack stance, only noticable by trained spies. While the other was what looked like putting his hands in his pocket  but was actually gripping a small pistol. These indicators would have been  barely noticeable by the untrained eye, but to Alexander, you may have written S.T.N.G. on your t-shirt. He followed them for about 20 minutes, then he alerted MI6 by simply texting the code phrase “When are you arriving honey?” Almost immediately the airport was on lockdown, the entire  Heathrow was shut off. Nobody was to get in and nobody was to get out. Swarms of SWAT team members crowded the runways, parking bays and roads leading to the airport. They raided every plane. Just as a notice on the PA occurred the man with his hands in his pocket pulled out his gun. 12 of his friends joined him. It was now a full on firefight.

Guns were blazing, civilians were rushed to safety. Holiday makers caught in the midst of a suburban war. Suddenly a SWAT team member yelled “Concussion Grenade”. One S.T.I.N.G. member threw a large grenade who’s only purpose was to make the agents nauseous and dizzy so they could finish them off. But they didn’t, they escaped. The were running to the exit when Trony was shot in the lower abdomen by a S.T.I.N.G. member and passed out.  When he woke up  he found himself in a small, dimly lit room with a small table and chair. Of course the door was locked and he was handcuffed to the chair. His wound was dressed with a very well  made bandage. He waited for about an hour until a  man with a white suit and and black tie walked in. He had a pair of frameless Ray Bans on his face and had a golden ring on his finger. His skin was quite light and was probably from Eastern Europe Alexander thought. As he opened his mouth a smooth stream of fluent Serbian came out. Two henchmen appeared both carrying guns of course.

 “Hello Mr Trony, I have been expecting you.” The Serbian said.

“Who are you and why do you know my name?” Alexander yelled.

“No need for yelling Mr Trony. You wouldn’t want to remember your last minutes on earth with a domestic now would you? My name and how I know yours is not important. The question here is how did you know we were heading to Calis?” The man said calmly.

Mr Trony was about to take the cyanide pills in his back gums. When the mysterious man spoke again.

“Don’t even try Mr Trony I have removed the pills and and disposed of them. I would like the pleasure to kill you myself. Now explain who told you about the arms convention!” He said more sternly this time.

“Your lead weapons dealer, he was easy enough to crack.” The agent replied.

“I should have disposed of him long ago” The man said under his breath “Anyways, thank you for the information. Now it is time to die. But before you go why don’t you find out who killed you, I am Dr Wasp the leader of S.T.I.N.G. Now I really must go, you have made me late for my holiday to France.”

He walked out the room and left agent Trony with the two guards. The handcuffs were chained to a small wooden chair. Just as one of the guards was coming over to him, the smart agent made his move. With one big swing, he threw the desk across the room hitting one of the guards while Trony punched the other guard in the head. He lept up and broke the cuffs from the wood.He walked quickly towards the door. After using his lock picking kit, he opened it and realized he was still in London. S.T.I.N.G’s whole operation was based in a inner-city apartment building! He was looking straight out at the Thames River. He ran down a narrow corridor. He soon heard a louding buzzing noise. It was a helicopter, Dr Wasp was escaping. He followed the corridor for a bit longer then found a stairwell leading up to the helipad. He crashed the door open and soon saw a Bell Osprey helicopter primed for takeoff. Alexander ran towards the fuselage clinging on to it. He could even see the bewildered look on the pilot’s face. Clinging for dear life he climbed up and opened the co pilots door. Immediately he threw him out. The pilot and Trony wrestled for a bit then the Mi6 operative slammed the man’s face into the yoke. Trony was in charge of the helicopter. The passengers inside hadn’t noticed anything. Soon The Wasp came in. Shocked, he immediately pulled out his gun. About to pull the trigger, Trony did a left upper cut across his jaw then a swift sidekick on his rump. Dr Wasp fell on the floor and dropped the gun. He was weak and tired all over but still had time to pull on the agents leg and making him slam hard down on the floor. Wasp rolled on top of Trony then putting his hands on his neck tried to strangle him. Alexander knocked his forehead on Dr Wasp’s jaw dislocating it. As the Wasp was screaming agent Trony gave the final blow knocking him out cold on the helicopters floor. Agent Trony, certified to fly a helicopter and a plane, took control of the wheel. Radioing Mi6 that he is landing at their private helipad and to get the police ready to detain the leader of S.T.I.N.G. As soon as he landed Dr Wasp was whisked away to a police van while Mrs Hattoson came over.

“What were you thinking you stupid fool. You nearly got yourself killed. We lost 3 agents in Heathrow, the British government wants to shut us down and you apparently flew an uncertified military helicopter across London. I have never seen such…..such……Brilliant work. You just stopped the world’s most deadliest organization and haven’t asked for a raise yet.”

 “I am just doing my job ma’am.” He replied. His work was done. He was victorious. The whole world was victorious. Because of him.

I shall assume the reader knows how a gun works. As the firer pulls the trigger it moves the firing pin. The firing pin penetrates the bullet setting off the primer,  igniting the gunpowder. Burning powder creates pressure pushing and spinning the bullet down the bore and finally out the muzzle. Two weeks after the S.T.I.N.G. incident, Trony was called into the Mi6 office. As he was walking down George Street, the same street where Robert Derina was captured Trony stopped and remembered the whole mission. Feeling a sense of pride amd accomplishment. The same S.T.I.N.G assassin who killed agent Maxwell, was completing this process. As agent Trony was standing still, the sniper pulled the trigger. He didn’t care if he was to kill a man or a dog, he would do it for the money. This man was never off target. Trony dropped. He was once again on the mark. When Mi6 arrived at the crime scene, all that was left was Trony’s body and a small red chess piece.