Lion King 2

It appears to be a lion with a cloak over her head. She walks up to a grave in the middle of nowhere… she is the only one there. She takes off her cloak to reveal her beautiful face.

She looks sad.  She looks like she knew the person. She looks down at the name of the person in the grave: “Scar”. She is mumbling something … it gets louder and louder, “Simba, Simba … SIMBA!”


A tear rolls down the side of her face. She’s embarrassed. She wants to impress her father, but she can’t.She’s sad that her dad is dead. She wipes her tears away with her paw and puts her cloak back on.  She walks back into the swirling sand.




“Let’s go back home … its getting dark”, moaned Thandie. “Look! What is that?  I think it’s a tunnel. Let’s go see what it is”, said Morgan.They walk over to the tunnel and stepped down. The stone steps are very slippery. They walk down the steps … the walls are damp like a wet paper towel.


“Look at that”, said Morgan.There was a small tower in the middle of the room with something shiny on it. “What is it?” said Thandie.

“I think it’s gold. Well, no one is around, said Morgan. Are you suggesting we take it?” said Thandie surprisedly.

“ Ya, I mean why not?

“Because it’s stealing!” exclaimed Thandie.

“I’m just going to take it and then we can go home”. Morgan walks over, he reaches out and grabs the shiny object. “See that was easy!” said Morgan. As they walk away, there is a big noise.

“What was that?” asked Thandie, looking concerned.


A big boulder rolled down from the ceiling. “Run!” cried  Morgan.They were running for their lives! They didn’t know what was happening … they were scared.They saw that the door at the end was getting smaller … it was closing! “Run!” said Morgan again. “It’s a booby trap”, yelled Mogan.

Thug Life

1982, Compton, California, The Sox’s Warehouse

It was a hot day, 24℃ to be exact but the Warehouse was dark and damp. It was in the middle of Compton, the warehouse belonged to the Sox, a savage gang that had killed many innocent people. There was a big red door that was the main entrance. On that door, they hung their flag, which as you probably guessed, had a sock on it. The leader of the Sox gang, Retr0 (Jamal Wyatt) was in his office as usual.


He heard the big red door crash open, he ran outside of his office to see a mysterious silhouette piercing through the blinding light of outside… All of the sox members pointed their guns at the silhouette, “Who are you?” Retr0 asked. The man stepped forward, I am Harvie Deshawn but my friends call me Owl. “Why is that?”, puzzled Retr0. “Because I’m always watching,” Harvie responded mysteriously. Owl looked just like Retr0 it was a scary resemblance. “What do you want?” demanded Retr0. “I want you to leave this warehouse” answered Harvey. All of the Sox members started laughing and “Why would we do that?” asked Retr0. “Because, you see I also run a gang called the 8 and we want this warehouse, and if you choose not to give it to us blood will shed, and it will be from your hands. But if you are smart you would take my deal.” Retr0 walks down the stairs to meet Owl, he walks right up to him and says ‘’never’’ then spits in his face. Owl steps back take out a greasy cloth to wipe the spit off his face and then says “Okay, I’ll see you soon.” and walks away.


Owl goes back to his gangs base, it is in West Compton.