Lego stop-motion: The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare

Act I, Induction Scenes I and II

Christopher Sly, a local drunk, is mislead by a lord to believe that Sly is actually nobility. While passed out, Sly is carried to the castle where he is cleaned, dressed in fine clothing and placed in bed. When he wakes up, the fun begins!

Holding A Gun At China’s Children

Back in China in 2012, the country has changed and it won’t be the same. A law was made this Saturday made so you could only have one child because of overpopulation. This was where parents were scared if their children would be killed. This is where my story comes in, and this meant that one of my girls will be killed. During this time I gave birth to two identical twin girls, in a small room with a nurse that I trust. Something I didn’t think of was that the government questions nurses every day. Which was a great problem for the nurse, my best friend helped deliver my twins in a room without a doctor. And if this happened that meant that they would question and get the government involved.

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It All Went Blank

 In medieval times on another planet, two teenagers start an unknown quest. In a harsh, nevertheless beautiful place, there is a boy named Nagini and a girl named Nari, that have been vying to seek something scaled and mystical. Nagini knew that the things he had done would make him unable to continue…. His thoughts were spiraling around him. The thought of what to do made his head pound. Nari was afraid of the thoughts that appeared when she picked up the scaled object. The scales running on her fingers the ruff feeling between her hands. The thought protruded back into Nagini’s head of the thing that was also puzzling him so much. Nari decided to take her to the professor. Nari knew that it wouldn’t be a short journey to get to Hysteresis Islands. So then and there she started packing up her things and this scaled object that she felt strangely about. Nari started walking, but she only made it to the cathedrals. She made a tent inside a hidden corner, her eyes starting to drift to sleep.

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