The Things They Carried – Bobby Jorgenson Character Sketch

In The Things They Carried, Tim O’Brien depicts contrasting attributes such as courage and fear to reveal the personality of the soldiers and other characters. Bobby Jorgenson is a good example of this. There are many situations that reveal both sides of Bobby’s personality, and reader are easily able to pinpoint them to better understand him as a character, thanks to the author’s way of presenting the characters in a side-by-side view. Bobby is not a very important character in The Things They Carried, but because his personality is fleshed out quickly, we are able to comprehend him and the contrasting moments that create his personality. Continue reading

Dr. Jekyll vs Dr. Hyde: The Comparison

At first glance, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde seem to be different adaptations of a common storyline: a character warped by evil and clouded by his own selfishness. While both of these comics may seem short and fairly simple, there are a few key storylines that enhance the plot and provide a moral to the reader. Some of these themes are seen in many forms of media today, while some only apply to that specific time. This essay will identify these themes, along with various symbols and motifs, and discuss how the author uses them throughout these two comics. Continue reading

Tim O’Brien Chapter 6 Character Sketch

Chapter 6, “On The Rainy River” encapsulates the story of the character Tim O’Brien, in a way that is intriguing and immersive to the reader. Throughout the novel, Tim plays a crucial role of an honest man wanting to live a honest life, without the looming threat of the Vietnam war weighing in on his life. His personality and feelings toward the war fit well with the other characters that are introduced throughout the book. While other characters don’t seem to mind the war much, it is the sixth chapter of the novel that truly captures the reader and shows a different perspective on the crisis in Vietnam. Today, many soldiers are obligated to go to war, and even go willingly as they are eager to fight for their country. Tim O’Brien is not one of those soldiers, though. Continue reading

Favorite World Scholars Cup Essay: The Meaning of An Underdog, and What It Means For The Spirit of Competition

There’s probably been plenty of times in your life where you were watching a competition. It might’ve been the Olympics, or the X Games. During this competition there might have been a time in which one competitor was heavily favoured over its counterpart. If you look back, you might remember that you have been drawn to the ‘underdog’. The underdog is the participant in a competition who is heavily favoured to lose. Now, would it be better if the underdog won the competition, or if the heavily favoured competitor won? I think it would be healthier if the underdog won the competition.

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No Hope

I’m crawling to the corner of the tomb. The mummy is slowly advancing towards me with its arms outstretched. The bandages hang off its body and it is missing a hand. It shambles closer and closer, until it is right in front of me. It stretches out his hand and grabs my neck. It opens its mouth, and suddenly, a weird nose comes out of its mouth.

*Ring* *Ring* As the phone rings, I jump out of my chair. “It’s just a dream”, I mutter to myself. I then realize that the phone is still ringing. As a scramble to answer it, I scatter my bills and other papers all over the floor and around my desk. I quickly scan the front page of yesterday’s newspaper. It says, “Has Professor Doyle Baker Gone Crazy?”. Dismissing it, I pick up the phone during its fifth ring.

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The Science Behind Cooking

“Eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art”, said Miranda’s mom, Cathy. “I know, that’s the 12th time you’ve said that!” said Miranda. “If you want to learn how to cook, then you must have this saying ingrained into your head”. “I don’t want to, though”, Miranda yelled. Miranda started making some pasta. Once the water came to a boil, she put the pasta into the water. She put it in too quickly, and the boiling water inside the pot splashed up and hit her hand.

This was the third time Miranda had been burnt today. Her finger started swelling in pain. The frustration had reached a boiling point. In anger and rage, she hit the edge of the pot, and it flew off the stove, spilling hot water into the sink.

As the hot water flew into the sink, hot steam flew back out. It hit Miranda’s face and she recoiled, startled. She turned around, expecting to see anger and disappointment on her Cathy’s face. But when she turned around and looked at her, she saw a very unusual emotion on her face. She seemed to be deep in thought and not paying attention to what had just happened. She was staring at the steam rising out of the sink. After a couple seconds, she said quickly: “Miranda, what’s your favorite class”? “Science”, Miranda said. “What if I said that I could re-explain cooking to you, but in science terms.”
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Tempestuous – My Graphic Novel Interpretation & Graphic Novel

Antecedent action/exposition

When Miranda spots Caleb as she is getting out of the car. “A creepy-looking guy in a long black wool overcoat stood about six feet away, staring at me. I self-consciously realized that my hot-dog propeller must have been spinning in the wind, and I flushed, as if I’d just been caught with my pants at half-mast. Damn this hat! But still, it was seriously rude of him to stare. I glanced again, and he was still standing there — tall and broad-shouldered, with a mass of thick black hair. I couldn’t see his eyes, which were shrouded by a furry cap, but he couldn’t have been older than twenty. Snowflakes were collecting on his shoulders — or was that just colossal dandruff? His coat hung open, revealing faded black jeans and bulky black boots. An indistinguishable piece of black fabric hung limply from his fist. As if bored, he slowly turned on his heel and lumbered toward the mall entrance. Whatever, loser!” (Page 9)

Initial incident

The robbery at the tech store. ““Somebody just went all Butch Cassidy on the computer store! Shit is going DOWN out here!” (Pg. 51) Continue reading

Sophie’s New Friend

There once was a girl named Sophie, who lived in a desolate neighborhood with her only parent, her father. Sophie is a very young 5 years old, and her life you could say, is a very sad one. She lost her mother in a car crash when she was very young, and her father now is forever limited to his wheelchair, as a result of the car crash. Sophie is a very cheerful girl, and loves drawing and dancing, but the fact that her father is in a wheelchair and her mother is no longer with her begins to take its toll.  Day after day, week after week, she gradually becomes less cheerful and less joyful than normal.

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