Article in Shakespearean Language

                               To the people of Illyria!                                

News hath come to the press that the wedding of the century is about to happen. A brother and sister both born within an hour, one marrying the Countess Olivia and the other Duke Orsino. A ball wilt be held in overmorrow in celebration of their newfound loves.

Paparazzi Capture: Duke Orsino in courtship with the Countess Viola

Food, music (sung by the wiseacre fool, Feste), and dancing will all be part of the festivities. Tis rumored to cost ov’r $50’000, and the people art saying that this will come from taxes and trade with others. Oh, what ill debt this will bring to Illyria?!

More hath been found out about the apparel… Gowns made of pure silk and lace woven by blind nuns (very extravagant and “believable”) will be draped on the Countesses. As for the Duke and Count, their suits will be made from hand picked cotton and the rarest kind of cashmere. The guests accounted are the family of Messaline, the family of Illyria, as well as a few hundred friends of each.

Secret photograph of Count Sebastian snogging the Countess Olivia in the gardens!

SCANDAL! Sir Toby and Maria have wed and run off; wither? No one knoweth… As for the Countess Olivia’s kinsman Malvolio, he hath gone mad for a while frightening everyone but, alas have no fear by jove he is in rehab and he will no longer be cross-gartered.

Verily will be Illyria’s most luxurious and expensive wedding of all time! For to knoweth more about this, watch out for next week’s paper on what went down…

Things Fall Apart: Is it a novel of true literary merit?

Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe published in 1958, is a novel that this writer quite enjoyed. This writer was captivated by the Chinua’s use of religion, culture, and language. All of these aspects helped contribute to the reason that it is a novel of true literary merit.

          “When a man is at peace with his gods and ancestors, his harvest will be good or bad according to the strength of his arm.” The quote refers to how a man’s faith can bring prosperity and fruitfulness to their crops (in this case, Okonkwo’s yams). In the novel, the bible is quoted several times, which is ironic because the novel is about how a tribe was whitewashed (the destruction of their culture by colonialism). The Igbo tribe in Nigeria believes in many gods; each for a different role, much like Hinduism. In the novel, the python is represented as a sacred animal. The colonials passing through could not understand this value.”Whilst hearing all of these different stories, they couldn’t help but feel bad and have the need to introduce the tribal people to their faith, Christianity (an extreme of it). Keep in mind, this tribe revolved and communicated through the act of religion and godliness. For example, when Okonkwo threw Amalinze the Cat, he was recognized as a man with godly attributes. Later in the novel, when the villagers realized what was happening to them, they come to say, “The white man is very clever. He came quietly and peaceably with his religion. We were amused at his foolishness and allowed him to stay. Now he has won our brothers, and our clan can no longer act like one. He has put a knife on the things that held us together and we have fallen apart.” This explains to the reader how they have been influenced to change and believe something else. In actuality, what was holding them together (their original beliefs and morals) were what the tribe stood by, their religion and traditions. Things started to fall apart because of white supremacy.

           Another aspect that the novel depicts is the collapse of a culture. The fall of the Igbo culture occurred at the hands of the British Empire and Christian missionaries. The fall of the culture starts when the European missionaries and the native Umuofians struggle to coexist peacefully. However, their relationship was one-sided and dominated the events that led the novel. Every time, the tribe was given a new “teacher,” that person would make the effort to change their perspective. For example, Mr Brown was kind (in a way) to the villagers and tried to understand their views. Conversely, Reverend James Smith chose to disregard their heritage and implement his own values among the people. “He had already chosen the title of the book, after much thought: The Pacification of the Primitive Tribes of the Lower Niger.” This quote, which concluded the novel, ridicules the idea of change and colonization.

        Finally, this novel is of true literary merit because it contains themes that struck across linguistic barriers. Language is used so well to describe the values of the tribes as well as the “sophistication” of the colonialists. Achebe uses language to paint us a picture of some of the severities that occurred along the course of the story (ie: dead babies, chopped heads, evil forest, etc…). In order to sculpt literary monument to these universal themes, Achebe employs a broad variety of literary tools. These literary devices play a crucial role in enhancing the novel’s main themes and earning its widespread acceptance as a quality piece of literature.

Things Fall Apart opens our eyes to what has happened and to what extent it can. Achebe use of religion, culture, and language provides readers the full-bodied experience of why who we are and what we stand for (our morals and values) are the only things that keep us together. This is why this reader believes that Things Fall Apart is a novel of true literary merit.

Nature Poem

Please Care

What breaks at yonder?

Is it the sun’s’ rays?

Or the diamonds of the moon?



It is the smog that blocks thou throat,

And the poison that makes thou gloat,


What makes you smile?

What makes you cry?

Is it her life?

Is it her death?


She yearns for care,

Please give her the bare,

Our mother is sick,

Her life will end with a flick,


Whom are the to say no.

She has given you life,

So don’t end her with a knife.


You shall sleep without her care,

Wake up at dawn and the land will be bare.

Favorite Stream of Consciousness

I had just woken up from a long slumber of sleep, and all I wanted to do was lay in my warm cozy bed. It was around nine AM when I finally decided to get off my phone and get ready. As I walked sluggishly towards my bathroom with only one eye open, all I could think of was what I wanted to eat. Once what seemed forever, I arrived at my washroom door. It was an antique and as was our house; it was around 100 years old, sometimes I believe that it’s haunted. I laid my hand on the soft brass metal of the door handle and turned it, it screeched as if it was in pain. When I stepped into the bright LED light from the darkness of my bed, I only had one thing on my mind: brushing my disgusting teeth. So, with both my eyes squinting to try and see the blurred images of my toiletries, I reach for my toothbrush. Not knowing what I’m doing, I add the red, blue, and white paste on my bristled brush and stick it in my mouth. After a couple gentle circles, I spit the past into my white ceramic sink and wash my mouth out. Ugh… I was still very sleepy, I didn’t have the energy to do anything special to myself, so I just decided to brush out my long gold and brown hair; not to brag, but some say my hair feels like soft strings of silk. My hand reaches out for my cheap drugstore brush and I stick it into my hair. As I pull vigorously on my knotted locks, I stare at my reflection and notice that my collar bones are sticking out of my skin like diamonds. I was fully alert now and ready to eat as much so that I don’t look like a human skeleton. I finish brushing my hair and braiding it. In the quickest motion, I ran out the washroom, skidded on my mahogany floors to get to my closet. As I slid by, I grabbed a pair of socks, a shirt, and sweatpants. Once I was ready to take on the challenge of the day (the fridge), I ran down the stairs to see what massive amount of food I would be eating.

Body Image for Ants?

All of life begins with the smallest organism. Those small organisms have a circle of life, a society,  and a working class. These three key points are all aspects of the life in the Antz movie.

At the beginning of the movie, you will observe the Queen ant giving birth every second to a new member of the colony. While you are watching the movie, you will note that all the baby ants look the same. By keeping that in mind, after the ants are born they go to a station where they are labeled worker or soldier. The labeling that the ants have also relates to our current issue on body image. If a certain person looks like something they are supposed to be that. For example, South Americans have broad shoulders; does that mean they are meant to lift things and be enslaved? Now, as for the worker ants, if they are labeled worker they will end up being orange and scrawny. If they are labeled a soldier, they will end up being big, red, and ‘buff’. In my opinion, they should not judge the ant based on how it looks at such a young age. They should let him/her grow freely and then label them if that is how the ant society chooses to function. If I was the ant queen, I would let my children grow and develop their own interests and passions. That is what I will do with my kids and grand kids. To relate to my previous paragraph, the ants and humans are very similar as we both have social issues that we have to deal with.

We may be bigger, but the difference is very small, indifferent, and insignificant. They could have it worse if we do not protect the environment; for the little species, make a big difference.