The Investigation

It was a terrible stormy night, thunder was rumbling above, and lightning was flashing all over the sky. The rain was bucketing down onto the town. No one was out in the storm except one young woman who was sprinting, to reach the nearest house for shelter. She hurried up the steps of her friend’s house. She stopped, reached under the doormat, and hastily unlocked the door. She stepped into the warmth of the house. “Emma?” she called, but there was no reply. “Probably stuck late at the office,” Alex said to herself, remembering that Emma had a court case that afternoon. Alex walked through the doorway into the living room. There was an uncomfortable feeling in the house. It felt colder than usual and lifeless. Alex, slowly walked around the couch as her heart sped up. She took a shaking step, and saw, lying behind the couch, her friend. Dead. Alex barely noticed how pale her face was because of the dark red blood trickling down her neck, making a puddle. Alex screamed, as the mouth of fear swallowed her. She noticed that Emma’s bleeding neck was split open, making the gushing blood unstoppable. It looked like her neck had been mutilated. There were weak, flaps of skin hanging off of her neck as more drops of blood trickled down.  

The villagers were shaken by the gruesome news. Days went by and there was no sign of the murderer. In one of the houses was a man named William, he was about 50 years old and he worked for the court. He was talking to someone on the phone. “I’ll be waiting in the alleyway” said the unknown voice and then hung up. William walked out into the night. His heart was pounding. He walked into the alleyway, and saw a man standing there, with a pistol in his hand, that was the last thing William ever saw.

A day later, William’s body was found. Everyone in the town was terror-stricken. A young man walked out of the university, he was wearing a name tag that said: Clyde, ‘law student’. He headed to his house at a run and quickly closed the door. A day later he was found, stabbed, multiple times.

“Ok” said Marvin Thorn the detective, who had been called in the next day. The townspeople had told him about the murders that had happened. “The first thing we do,” he said “is investigate who the victims were” “Shouldn’t we work with the court?”asked a woman.

“NO! We can’t involve them. They know nothing about criminals, I know this, after they executed my father for a crime he did not commit.” everyone paused. The villagers looked suspicious after Marvin said this. A woman spoke, “If I’m correct, all the victims were involved with the court, two were lawyers, one was in training, and if you’re so against the court, well…”

“Are you suggesting I’m the killer?” and right as he said this, he pulled out a bloody knife from his coat pocket. “You are correct, and you have earned the spot of being my next victim.

A Stormy Night

We used the following story for editing purposes.

The rain was falling heavily. The driver had to be careful, driving on wild nights like these. The last thing you’d want is to have an accident. The noises of the windscreen wipers were hypnotic. He stared out into the glow of the headlights. The rain was white noise as it battered the car.

Through the wash of the rain he spotted a figure at the side of the road. The person had their thumb out. Why on earth would anyone be hitchhiking tonight? He signalled down and pulled over. The hitchhiker climbed in and shut the door. He pulled his hood back and sighed. He was quite young.

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The Winter Shadow

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Winter had come again, after thousands of long years without it. I was sitting at home staring out the window, I was bewildered, why winter had returned in the month of June. I wished winter had never returned. the green fields that used be covered with tall blades of grass, were now covered in snow, white as the fur on a polar bear. As far as the eye could see, it was pure whiteness, not one sign of green for miles and miles. it had been thousands of years of sun and summer, no one for generations back had ever seen snow or winter. june was usually the hottest time of year, but now we were being taken over by winter. I stood there, utterly bewildered, as I stared at the complete whiteness outside.
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“The Taming of the Shrew” by William Shakespeare

Induction Scenes I and II

In the induction, we meet a drunk beggar named Christopher Sly, who is arguing with the Hostess of an Alehouse over glassware he has broken in his drunken state. Sly leaves but soon passes out, where he is discovered by a lord returning from the hunt. This lord decides to have a bout of fun and orders his servants to take Sly back to his house and treat him as if he were the lord: put him to bed, place rings on his fingers and prepare a banquet for him. The confusion that follows not only provides excellent comedy, but also introduces important topics in the play: the roles of class, gender, and marital status (normally set in stone) in the play become matters of appearance and perception.

Antz – what is the problem?

What is the problem? In the movie antz, one of the antz called Zee was given the job of a worker. The problem is that Zee Doesn’t like his job and he doesn’t think that he is strong enough to be a worker. However, the boss of the workers expects a tunnel finished sooner than the ants are able to do. At the beginning of the movie Zee has a therapy session, in the session he explains to the therapist that he is not very happy with his life. The problem is that Zee does not believe in himself enough to do all of the things that he could do if he did believe in himself. The colony is having difficulties because the leader of the colony is not very nice and he is giving the ants a hard time. In conclusion, the problem is that the ants can’t finish the tunnel on time and Zee isn’t strong enough to be a worker.