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Mary Anne Bell

Mary Anne Bell is one of the many complicated characters in The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien. She has a variety of characteristics, though three true traits are evident. Bell is deceptive, never really showing her true colours: tampering, constantly restless and snooping. Mary Anne Bell is also very autonomous and a natural leader. Through careful evaluation of these aspects it can be revealed who she was intended to be and who she really was.

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Frederica Rice in Peril at End House

Frederica Rice (Freddie) is often overlooked in the book by Agatha Christie, Peril at End House, but she plays a key role in solving the mystery. Freddie is overall very timid and fragile, though directly honest and does not hide her opinion behind delicate words. Frederica Rice is one of the most important characters in the book, and absolutely pertinent to solving the case.

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Hi, I’m Ethan, Ethan Dunn. I am here to tell you that people aren’t perfect, they make mistakes, they are lead astray, they neglect and have regrets, but does that make doing wrong okay? This is the speech my mom gives me every time I forget something. One morning when I woke up, my mom came into my room to tell me to take out the trash. I took one look at what she was wearing and thought to ask her to go stand outside and my job would be done… but her thoughts told me to hold my tongue if I didn’t want any trouble. Oh, yeah, I can read people’s thoughts.

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Happiness is a CHOICE

The golden rule. Count ten things you are grateful for every day. What would make a day bad? Forgetting to bring your project to school? Or not having water for a month and having to take care of a younger sibling, who is half the size they should be. What would make a day good? Getting a ride home from school, or getting a slice of bread you could make last a week, because you have to. It all has to do with perspective. Your mood touches everything you do and everyone you encounter. If we could all touch everyone and everything with happiness even sometimes…what would the world look like today?

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Prospero’s Core…Good, or Bad?

Prospero is possibly the most complicated character of Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest. He has such a warped and complicated world. With a harsh abandonment he also has some very dark and rigid emotions.

He was the Duke of Milan, he had a beautiful wife and young child, with only the best ahead for him and his youthful family. Though with every happy family photo there is always a secret hidden behind the frame. This family’s secret was that the father, Prospero, is a sorcerer. People in these times would not react well to know that their leader was a “witch.” So it was best kept a secret, how hard could it be? Then the beautiful Duchess of Milan dies. A tragic event for all of Milan. Meanwhile Prospero’s evil brother betrays him because of his addiction for power, and tells all of Milan about his brother’s secret.

Prospero and his daughter are sent out on a boat to die. Though a kind old man named Gonzalo gives them the supplies they need. Stranded on an island they make a life for themselves by defeating the master of the island and enslaving her son. So as you can see from my brief background of Prospero, he has experienced a lot of traumatic events and had to bring his daughter into what would have been a life of suffering. Betrayal, loss of a loved one, Prospero is probably feeling many different emotions. So is he a antagonist, or protagonist? My essay is about what evidence I have found in the novel.                 Continue reading

Lousy Pirate Divas

What a funny thought! It looks bright on the dark side, just when you thought it was only your childhood dreams to be a pirate! What a joke. You would think a group of “sophisticated” adults would be able to pull things together and agree on what to do with the government of operations funds.  

The US government being one of the big influences they are in the stock market and being known as the “business country” should know that not making a decision, that impacts a lot, (and I mean a lot) of jobs and the world economy, before the deadline is not a very shrewd business move (not to mention brinksmanship). The congress and the government operations meet in the Capitol Hill to discuss or argue these sorts of situations; for example: about how much money the government operations needs each term. The government operations has a wide variety of government services, such as the defence, the safety net programs, benefits for the retired, transportation (buses, skytrains), education, and medicine research. Think of all the families, and good hard working people losing their jobs because the government can’t pull their act together. What a waste of time and money! Something drastic needs to happen to make sure this “apocalyptic” sort of situation doesn’t happen again.   

Modern day pirates, also known as corrupt stock brokers, have made millions and billions off the innocent people trying to make a little extra money, who were oblivious to the scheming pirates. Bernie Madoff is just one of the many greedy stockbrokers, was finally caught after making 65 billion dollars off the people of the US. What an awful thing to do!  I wonder, after being enlightened about the ruthless actions of the modern pirate, how you would be able to live knowing most, if not all your money is stolen? What reprehensible people!

After looking back on this evidence I am appalled to see the greed and ruthless actions that these people will take to get what they want when they want it. In a way, the government and stock brokers are not just the modern day pirates, but pirate divas. Ruthless people who want everything yesterday, served on a silver platter for them to do what they want with. Sounds like a bunch of lousy pirate divas to me!