Messages of Art

Lens: I will be looking at the art style of both the graphic novels and comparing/contrasting the two, as well as seeing how they portray similar messages in different ways.

Good vs Evil  

(Frame 9) In this frame we see Mr. Hyde walking down the street on the right, on the left we see a little girl. This frame contains a number of motifs and symbols to support the theme of good and evil. The first thing we see is the juxtaposition between black and white. On the right, the frame is coloured black. On the left side, we see the frame is drawn white. There is a dividing line between the two characters that serves to juxtapose the two sides to the frame. This juxtaposition effectively illustrates the of good vs evil. Mr. Hyde going out at night is a motif for his evil nature: He only goes out at night when it’s dark and no one is around to witness his crimes. This is juxtaposed with the little girl being a symbol of innocence, which makes Mr. Hyde come across as more evil. This frame uses the motif of black and white to help portray the theme of good and evil. The lack of colour makes the theme more stark and direct, compared to when using colour.

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The Power of Modesty


“You are that wholly admirable type of man, honest, credulous, honourable, who is invariably taken in by any scoundrel” (59). In the book Peril at End House, Captain Arthur Hastings is the sidekick and friend of Hercule Poirot. He is  a key element to the tone of the story. This is expressed by means of his dialogue with Poirot and his role as the narrator.

Hastings is a modest character. This is juxtaposed with Poirot’s ego, making Poirot only seem more egotistical. We see this when he fails to meet Poirot’s expectations when Hastings is asked to introduce him to Nick Buckley. ”‘Ah! my friend,’ cried Poirot. ‘Is that all you can find to say? Mais dis donc! Say then to Mademoiselle that I am a detective unique, unsurpassed, the greatest that ever lived” (46). Hastings doesn’t see Poirot in the same way that Poirot sees himself because he is a far more modest character.

Hastings serves to convey Poirot’s thoughts directly to the reader, without Poirot having to explain himself from a first person perspective. We see this when Poirot shows Hastings the hat with the hole in it. When the hat is presented to him after the event has occurred, it is displayed in a more dramatic way; more prominently than if the reader was to find out about it from Poirot’s perspective as it happened. It is Hastings that allows Poirot to withhold information from the reader to create tension. He serves to hold up the illusion that Poirot is withholding important information that would help the reader figure out the mystery.

Hastings is a character that is specifically meant to juxtapose with Poirot, Agatha Christie effectively contrasts Hastings to Poirot by juxtaposing their differing characteristics in the novel. This creates more interesting dialogue between the two of them. Additionally it allows for comic relief in between the more tense parts of the plot. A notable example of this occurring is when Hastings suggests to Poirot that Commander Challenger is not to be suspected. “You have an extraordinary effect on me, Hastings. You have so strongly the flair in the wrong direction that I am almost tempted to go by it!” (59). This dialogue is created by means of having two characters that are meant to interact with each other to create less bland dialogue.

Hastings and his modest personality play a key part in the tone and in the progression of the book Peril at End House. This is expressed through a number of examples and his dialogue with Poirot. Hastings serves to tell the story to the reader. Without him the reader would have all of the information, making the story seem bland and uninteresting. I personally think that Hastings is not the most interesting character, but that the book would be much less interesting without him.

Kiowas Testament

In the book The Things They Carried the narrator presents Kiowa as a very complex and thoughtful character. “The earth is slow, but the buffalo is patient,”(32). Kiowa is a native american soldier with a strong sense for what is right and what is wrong. This essay will be taking a closer look at the character that O’brien portrays. By means of Kiowas remarkable ability to connect with people as well as his unaffected moral compass and how the narrator uses him as a literary device to make him an “emotional anchor” for Alpha Company.

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No Hope

I’m crawling to the corner of the tomb. The mummy is slowly advancing towards me with its arms outstretched. The bandages hang off its body and it is missing a hand. It shambles closer and closer, until it is right in front of me. It stretches out his hand and grabs my neck. It opens its mouth, and suddenly, a weird nose comes out of its mouth.

*Ring* *Ring* As the phone rings, I jump out of my chair. “It’s just a dream”, I mutter to myself. I then realize that the phone is still ringing. As a scramble to answer it, I scatter my bills and other papers all over the floor and around my desk. I quickly scan the front page of yesterday’s newspaper. It says, “Has Professor Doyle Baker Gone Crazy?”. Dismissing it, I pick up the phone during its fifth ring.

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The Greenlandic Countryside

By Will & Sean
It happened as I was lying in bed after my last day of work just before the Christmas holidays, when I heard the phone ring. I walked downstairs to the living room and answered the phone. A mysterious voice says huskily rasped over the phone.

“Look outside, open the door”
“Who is this?”

I wasn’t sure how to react, who was that? Could I trust him? I crept to the front door and peered through the window beside it. Looking through the door I saw nothing out of the ordinary. Carefully I cracked the door open, on the doormat there was a small collection of items. There were two pieces of paper and a small copper coin underneath. Closer inspection of the papers revealed one was a plane ticket and one was an image of a bike standing by a door. The plane tickets destination was to greenland. Why was this on my doorstep? Well I didn’t have anything to lose, no plans for the holiday. I kept back upstairs, and got back into bed, Putting my newly acquired items in the drawer next to me.

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A New World

Sometime in the distant future the world has ended but is not destroyed. A small group of people have fled to mars and seek new lives. However as the people arrive, there are is nowhere to live, they must build their city fast. Each place looking the same as the last, a grid of gray and white. However, it was out of necessity as they needed places to live and survive. Jeremy was lucky that he had escaped earth, but had lost his parents in the process, he now lived in an orphanage with others that had suffered the same fate.  

Jeremy was a quiet 12-year-old boy that had done nothing wrong in his life, he had few friends and didn’t talk much. His new life had lasted almost 2 years and he had hated it, every day was the same as the next. A schedule lasting from morning till night. He attended a school down the street from the orphanage, it was gray, boring and never changed.

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