Woodsman Character Sketch

The Woodsman is a kind, caring, compassionate, “guardian of the woods.” The Woodsman watches over the children that come into the woods. I will show how much the Woodsmen cares about the children in the woods. The Woodsman has gracious qualities such as his gentle eyes and understanding personality.

The Woodsman portrays a loving, compassionate, fatherly figure. He keeps the other world together because he his friendly, soft-hearted qualities. “The Woodsman lowered David to the ground. “Stay close to me,” he said. “If anything happens, run for the cottage.” (106) His character and personality is very strong, stable and predictable.

The Woodsman is a strong, burly man with a good sense of humour. His big, strong frame could potentially turn young and vulnerable children away. It takes children a while to get used to such an intimidating, strong figure. But the Woodsman kind and compassionate qualities make up for his intimidating figure.

The Woodsman’s care and compassion shine through in his personality. His outstanding personality as he cares for the children that come into the other world.“These woods are in my care.” (98) The Woodsmen takes charge of his responsibilities and sticks to his values.  His personality came through when he lent some clothes to David when he just came into the other world.

Anything Can Happen

It was a bitterly cold winter day. Alan Robertson wanted to go to Buffalo Pound Lake not too far from his house in Regina. He texted his friends to see if they wanted to go to the lake, to go ice fishing. He then texts his sister to see if she wants to go ice fishing with them too. His friends responded saying “Why would you choose today to go fishing?” Alan texted back saying “I’ve had a crazy week, I want to take a break.”

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A Stormy Night

We used the following story for editing purposes.

The rain was falling heavily. The driver had to be careful, driving on wild nights like these. The last thing you’d want is to have an accident. The noises of the windscreen wipers were hypnotic. He stared out into the glow of the headlights. The rain was white noise as it battered the car.

Through the wash of the rain he spotted a figure at the side of the road. The person had their thumb out. Why on earth would anyone be hitchhiking tonight? He signalled down and pulled over. The hitchhiker climbed in and shut the door. He pulled his hood back and sighed. He was quite young.

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No Summer in Thousands of Years

Imagine the sun glazing on the dry desert ground, the ground cracking with dryness, and cactuses growing abundantly. Dry and dead is potentially what will happen if there is no winter in a thousand years… Although the chances of not having winter in a thousand years is very unlikely, anything could happen.

Greek astronomer,Nicolaus Copernicus discovered that the earth revolves around the sun over a thousand years ago. Even before the first living organisms were on land the earth has revolved around the sun. As the days and months change the temperature changes with it, therefore it is impossible. Seasonal changes have happened for as long as the earth has been in the Milky Way Galaxy. There is no way that it would be possible for such a drastic period to happen.

Forever there was a day that for some reason the earth stopped revolving around the sun. Other planets would be affected because they rely on earth revolving. Arctic and Antarctic animals would not be able to survive for more than a week, due to the drastic weather changes. The winter animals that would be dying thrive on other animals in the ecosystem, and the ice to live and hunt on. Humans would also be affected by the change be affected also because humans need a certain temperature to survive for long periods of time. 

The animal food chain would be devastated also. The animal’s food would not able to survive more than one deadly hot summer. The food chain relies on every species of animal to be alive. Humans would start becoming depressed because of the lack of change. Constant change is what makes everyone in the world thrive and stay alive. Many people would also get bored because of all the lack of change. Lack of innovation could also become a factor in human depression. Although it is very unlikely that there would be no winter in a thousand years, anything is possible.

A Shocking Revelation

George flies out of bed to the ringing of his alarm clock. He feels groggy. George stumbles around his bachelor pad, and into his kitchen. George begins preparing an ordinary breakfast.  For George, this meant a bagel and various chopped fruits.  Today, it was two types of melon, cantaloupe, and honeydew.  He had just finished chopping the fruit when he was brought to the present by the “ding” from his toaster.  Looking at the toaster, he notices that his bagel is stuck!  He realised he does not have time to toast a new one, so he begins trying to free it.  Pulling a fork out of a nearby drawer, he begins trying to retrieve the bagel.  This he learns quickly, may be difficult. As he proceeds to reach the fork around the bottom of the bagel, he hears a loud “bang” and then feels a zap!  His arm feels the extreme pain coming from his fingers. The pain extends all the way down to his chest.  He attempts to pull his hand away from the pain, and realises he can’t move!  He has become paralysed because of the shock of the toaster. After about eight seconds of agony, he collapses.  Black begins to fill his field of view, and weakness overcomes his body. He is on the floor.

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The History of Water Polo

Water polo is a contact Olympic sport played in the deep end of a pool or in the open water. Water polo first started by people playing rugby in lakes and rivers, but then William Wilson adapted the rules into water polo. William Wilson was the inventor of the rules of water polo, in the mid-nineteenth century in Great Britain. To make the first water polo ball, they used Indian rubber. In 1887, The Montreal Swim Club made the first water polo team in Canada. They played in the Saint Lawrence river. The first international game of water polo was in 1890, the game was England vs Scotland. From 1890 to 1900, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Hungary, Italy all started playing water polo using William Wilson’s rules. Then at the 1900 Paris Olympics, men’s water polo became an Olympic sport. Then at the 2000 Sydney Olympics women’s water polo became an Olympic sport. Now water polo is played in over 45 countries all around the world.

The Science Behind Cooking

“Eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art”, said Miranda’s mom, Cathy. “I know, that’s the 12th time you’ve said that!” said Miranda. “If you want to learn how to cook, then you must have this saying ingrained into your head”. “I don’t want to, though”, Miranda yelled. Miranda started making some pasta. Once the water came to a boil, she put the pasta into the water. She put it in too quickly, and the boiling water inside the pot splashed up and hit her hand.

This was the third time Miranda had been burnt today. Her finger started swelling in pain. The frustration had reached a boiling point. In anger and rage, she hit the edge of the pot, and it flew off the stove, spilling hot water into the sink.

As the hot water flew into the sink, hot steam flew back out. It hit Miranda’s face and she recoiled, startled. She turned around, expecting to see anger and disappointment on her Cathy’s face. But when she turned around and looked at her, she saw a very unusual emotion on her face. She seemed to be deep in thought and not paying attention to what had just happened. She was staring at the steam rising out of the sink. After a couple seconds, she said quickly: “Miranda, what’s your favorite class”? “Science”, Miranda said. “What if I said that I could re-explain cooking to you, but in science terms.”
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The Venetian Girl

In the hustle and bustle of downtown Venice, there lived a nice, smart, funny lady named Bernadette. Bernadette is a movie director who used to live in the canals of Venice. Over the course of 10 years, she directed 12 different films, and she also directed five different television shows.

Though Venice was nice the Venice film industry was taking a turn for the worst. All of the Venetians did not like the film trucks and crew, in all of their beautiful canals. Bernadette did not want to stay in the down spiral. But Bernadette had many friends and a beautiful condo looking over a canal. She knew the decision was going to be a very hard one, but Bernadette also knew she should not stay in the downwards spiral.

Bernadette got her best friend Monika. Monika and Bernadette went to their favourite coffee shop and started talking about the potential move. They made a pros and cons spreadsheet and thought and thought and thought and then she realized that it was the best idea to make the move. They figured out that FaceTime can still let you see your friends that live in Italy, and you can always make more friends.

So she packed up her bags and got herself a plane ticket, and off she went to Manhattan. After she got settled into her Manhattan apartment she started to look for directing jobs. After looking and looking, an Italian company movie company that had made lots of movies in Brooklyn, New York had wanted to hire her. They wanted to hire her for six different movies about many different topics. She thought it was a good idea to take the job, so she did. Over twelve years, she did all six movies. They were so happy with her directing job, that they hired an Italian painter to paint a fresco on Bernadette’s plaster wall. She was so starstruck, she almost fainted, it was always a dream of Bernadette to have a Venetian fresco in her own home. When the painter came she asked for a modern take on the Venetian canals in Venice. She chose a modern take to take on Venice to help her remember what life was like in Venice currently. Bernadette had never had the feeling of wanting to go back to Venice so much.

The Miller Family Vacation



The Miller family went on a family vacation to Hawaii. For half of the vacation, they are going to hike three Hawaiian volcanoes. The family woke up at 4am on a bright sunny Thursday morning in the middle of September. The dad Michael drove as fast as he could so the family would not miss the flight. The airport was full of business travelers going all around the world. The Miller family checked into their flight after that they went through security. As they were going through security, Marissa checked the family’s exact boarding time. Marissa realized the exact boarding time was right now.

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