The Ghost’s Wish

The gun fired and he fell to the ground. I soon saw Amarante come waddling out to see what mischief his pig had wound up in this time. He was stunned by what stood in front of his eyes. His pig had been shot by my own son Joe, whom he had known only as a man trying to make a difference through beans. Then, as if it were almost a habit, Amarante pulled out his gun. This of course was not to kill Joe but to frighten as well as threaten him. Joe saw Amarante’s reaction and pulled out his gun just in the nick of time (at least that’s what he thought, thinking that he was going to be shot.) Then it began. Bullets firing through the air and landing on the ground so close to the other person that it quickly elevated and started becoming dangerous.

Something that you might not know about me is that I was killed in a similar incident. I was around Joe’s age, if not a little bit younger, and a good friend invited me to go hunting. We started walking to our favourite hunting grounds high up in the mountains when, all of a sudden, I felt something hard hit my head, I looked at the ground behind me and it was a large rock. Back then I had quite a temper so my immediate reaction was to shoot at my friend. Again, just as a threat. I grabbed my gun and pointed it at him, before I had the chance to pull the trigger it was all over for me. I had bean shot by my best friend. As a parent who has bean in a similar position as Joe, I began to panic. But I had just one problem; I couldn’t talk to Joe and tell him to stop. I thought of millions of solutions, but none of them would work.

Anyway, back to the action … Joe and Amarante were still at it with bullets flying everywhere. I grew extremely worried for both men. Then he was shoot. Amarante had bean shoot and was now lying on the ground. I just knew that this was going to end terribly. Herby and many other people who were nearby rushed Amarante into the trunk of the truck and off to the hospital. Then I saw him, my son Joe. All I wanted in the world was to talk to him and tell him about how I died when he was only a baby. And tell him that, maybe not right away, but eventually it would all be alright. I was still struggling with the same devastating problem of not being able to talk to him and he not being able to hear me, or see me.

Later that day, the next day, and many weeks after that people were going to visit Amarante. They would stay at the hospital for many hours in one day and just wait for a miracle. They would also go and pray for him. One day, I went to visit him in the hospital and, to my dismay, he wasn’t looking particularly well. The next day Amarante opened his eyes as if it was completely normal. It was a miracle, it was truly a miracle right here in our town. Although my wish was to be able to talk to my son and prevent the disaster from happening, this was just as good.

After all, Milagro does mean miracle.

Another Moment in Time

Image result for house of the scorpion book coverWhen Maria comes to Matt’s room in the convent they find out that she is also a clone.

Maria comes up to Matt’s room, takes off her shoes, sits on Matts bed and puts her feet up. Matt and Maria start talking about the boneyard and about how Matt found her. Once they had been talking for a good 15 minutes, Matt realized that there was a spot on her foot where the skin was just a little bit lighter than the rest of her skin. He asked Maria if she had noticed that before. She had always thought it was a birth mark. Matt looked at the light spot a little bit closer, and a little bit harder, and it was difficult, but he could just make out some lettering… Property of the Alacran Estate…

Esperanza walked into the room and saw them looking at the spot on Maria’s foot. She knew that Maria was a clone, but she had never told Maria’s father (Mr. Mendoza) because he loathed clones. Just to make sure that she never accidentally told him, she left when Maria was just a little girl.

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William Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew”

Induction Scenes I and II

In the induction, we meet a drunk beggar named Christopher Sly, who is arguing with the Hostess of an Alehouse over glassware he has broken in his drunken state. Sly leaves but soon passes out, where he is discovered by a lord returning from the hunt. This lord decides to have a bout of fun and orders his servants to take Sly back to his house and treat him as if he were the lord: put him to bed, place rings on his fingers and prepare a banquet for him. The confusion that follows not only provides excellent comedy, but also introduces important topics in the play: the roles of class, gender, and marital status (normally set in stone) in the play become matters of appearance and perception.


William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was a great man who achieved greatness. It would take weeks to research and write about everything he did. Here are only some of the great things he achieved. William Shakespeare was an English Poet, playwright, actor, and was known as the best writer in the English language and the world’s best and well known dramatist. Since there are many writers and dramatists this was a great achievement.

He was sadly the first son in his family to survive, he had two former siblings who died very early on which was not uncommon back then. All of Shakespeare’s great and renowned works put together, including collaborations, consist of approximately 39 plays , 154 sonnets, two long narrative poem, and some other verses. Wow that is a lot! Since his plays were so famous and well written his plays have been translated into most languages and are performed more often than those of any other playwright. William Shakespeare was born on April 26, 1564 and grew up in Stratford.

When Shakespeare was 18 and Anne Hathaway was 26 they got married and had three children. Hamnet and Judith who were twins and Susanna. It sounds to me like Shakespeare had a pretty good life but was cut short when he was only 52. How he died is still a mystery to all of us. But we do know when it happened. This tragic event happened on April 23 1616. During Shakespeare’s lifetime he managed wright a total of 39 plays. That may not seem like a lot but that is a lot of plays to wright in one short lifetime. 10 of his play are his best pieces of work. His top 10 plays are Othello, the Moor of Venice, The Taming of the Shrew, Twelfth night or What You Will, Julius Caesar, Macbeth, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Henry V, Romeo and Juliet and, Hamlet. Most of which I had already heard of but I had no idea what any of his other plays where.  “To be, or not to be.” by Shakespeare. To me this quote means whatever  is going to happen is meant to be and you never know what you’re going to get, its always a surprise. I connected Shakespeare quote to the hollow earth because it could be true or it could be false. They all connect in one way or another but sometimes you have to look harder. Something that I am going to take home from this project is that there is so much to know about shakespeare, he was such a creative and  intelligent man and that it doesn’t matter what century you live or live in or what kind of technology you have to become great. Most of our Heroes and our savior’s lived long ago and still managed to achieve extraordinary goals and do amazing and unforgettable things with their lives.