The Broken Glass

Those men risked their lives protecting this man, and I slaughtered them like animals I tell you, I slaughtered them…

Depression ran the streets, filthy lowlifes left to right. Contained in a rainy typhoon, blinded by the rushing water. I ran into the hotel lobby making sure my work was not drenched, but water leaked all over the floor. Everyone gave me a glare, like why would someone like me that’s doused and would go into a hotel lobby like this. The shiny chandelier brightens the floor, showing my red- hot scars. I went up to the check in desk and the man that was there looked at me and he asked if I was seriously joking, I said I wasn’t. The man shook his head and I pounded my hand on the desk and it shook. My hand felt a huge impact from the slam. I went in for the long meeting it was literal waste of my time, the only thing keeping my interest was the pen the boss was holding. I just kept staring at it bounced out of his hand and hit the table, and I snapped out of my gaze. I went back to my room and a man was tied up. My work was about to begin. I shot out my fists and started to crack my knuckles. Piercing into the man’s chest with my extensive limbs. I was very precise with her kicks and punches, not missing a single blow to the him. Then someone knocked on my door, it was two guards that were working with the people I was working for. The men watched me attempting death’s part, but I kept going. I stopped and looked back at the glass, waiting for another command. Before all this I was the pretty girl you’d find downtown, but within me there is something so black it was not meant for this world. After the man started to choke on his own blood, I went outside, and it seemed to become the flu out there, this city has been raining for weeks and weeks. When will the sun start to show, I have been waiting for my flight, but the storm is delaying it. I have to get to that casino before anyone else does! Before innocent people will die, with that thought I turn around and I see a light that turned dark, I was mugged…

I woke up with a yelp and I saw some sort of surgeon on top of me telling me to hold still, and I flipped out roughly. The surgeon tried to stab needles into my arm and I stared at him with my hellish eyes. He asked what is wrong me, but I ignored the question. He started to stab needles into me making me quite tired, after nine doses of who knows what, I was knocked out. I found myself on a bright white bed with red magazine on my lap. I looked at it in disgust as the surgeon walked in. I finally looked at him, he looked quite in fear of me and I stood up. The surgeon said it’s not safe for you out there, I told him I didn’t know what he meant. He finally said to me that I was wanted, I asked him that I was wanted for what, he said for being a killer. I was in shock, I forgot what my past was and how this all came to be. This could put this surgeon in danger for having me here. He told me if I am going to go back the job, I had no idea what I was going to do. The only thing left to do, is to get to the bottom of this and possibly finding out what I have done to all the innocents in the world. I told the surgeon I must find my way, on my own he understood and pointed me on my way to Nepal. I tried looking as innocent as possible, hopefully things will get better once it’s explained. Once I arrived, I saw two men in black suites waiting for me when I got off the plane. They asked me to go with them, and I don’t know why I agreed to go, but I did. We got into some sort of rusty jeep, and traveled at least 25,000 metres away from the airport. The jeep stop, and my door of the car opened and I was escorted into an abandoned factory. I was asked to put a blindfold on, I didn’t ask any questions and waited for something to happen. At last they sat me down in a chair and unfolded my blind and I saw three dead adults on the ground with their throats slashed. I shouted to one of the men in the suites what happened, he told me that I killed them because I wasn’t fast enough. I started shaking, I was apparently tied up the only thing that makes sense is that this is a trap. I started pulling on the rope with my loose fingers, but it was no use. I saw a man in a fancy suite he walked up to me and told me thank god that I was tied up, he went on and on about how I was going to break the world. I didn’t understand any of it. I start to screech loudly and one of the men in the black suites slapped me, I told the man to do it again. He squinted at me, like he was going to slap me, an arrow shot came through a glass  and cut the rope I was tied to. I jumped out of the chair, and started to punch the man in front of me, but he was a lot stronger than I was. I somehow did a backflip out of the way, and ran back at him with a sliding kick and knocked him over. I grabbed a piece of broken glass from the broken pane window, and started swinging it at the other man in the black suite. After a few swings I eventually cut his trachea and it bleed out everywhere including my clothes. As the blood spread through my body, I was edgar to kill the last man in the fancy suite! I jumped off of a wall and pounced on him, breaking his arms. He screamed quite ear-piercing. I jabbed him in the heart with the broken glass, as I heard his last breath. I realized after, that those men risked their lives protecting this man, and I slaughtered them like animals I tell you, I slaughtered them… I wondered who was that man with the arrows was and what did he know about me?
To be continued…

Enough is Enough

Don’t hurt me!

I have had enough…

Please no more.


I know you want more of me,

but you have taken too much!

You polluted my earth, my oceans, my life.


But worst of all you know what you’re doing…

I have tried warning you what may come,

but you are clouded by this smog of greed.

My precious seedlings, what have you done?


I gave you a chance to change your ways once in for all.

Think about your children, your family, even your planet.

I am dying, and I can’t save myself this time, but you can.

The Darkest Winter

On January 12th 2017, Hailey Heathers graduated from college. She was

21 years old, and lived in a small apartment in Alabama. Hailey clicked on the

television remote with quick flick of the wrist. Normally, at 6:30 pm, Hailey’s

favourite show would come on called, “The Daredevils”. Hailey was always a

huge fan for those psychopathic maniacs that could do huge flips through rings of

fire. She thought they were inspiring. Suddenly a strange noise creaked on the

wooden planks below. Hailey then heard the phone ringing and she raced

towards it with a full jolt. As she picked the phone up she heard a faint cackle,

and she said “Hello?.. Is anyone there?” Then a voice peeped in and said “Hello,

Hailey it’s been along time since I’ve seen you last…” “Excuse me sir, who are

you and how did you ever get this number?!” Hailey asked. “Oh, I have my ways

to get people’s information…” said the voice. “So, you’ve been stalking

me..!” Hailey said “I guess you could say that, but I am not here to talk, I want to

offer you a trip up to a cabin in the mountains…” “And what makes you think that I

would take that offer?” Hailey said. “Well let’s put it this way, I’ve invited three of

your friends up to the cabin, to congratulate you for graduating!” said the voice

“Why are you doing this?” Hailey said. Then there was another creak in the

wooden planks and the voice said with an evil chuckle, “Hailey, Hailey I am only

playing a little game I picked out for you, so I can see what you’re really afraid

of…!” then the phone went silent. Hailey hung up the phone. “Unbelievable, if

the others are headed to that cabin, that will be where I should be headed”


January 15th, Hailey rushed up the mountainside, with her hands in her

jacket pockets protected from the cold chills from the icy snow storm. Hailey

checked her phone, and saw a text message from her friend Jessica. The text



“Hi Hailey, I am waiting for you at the cabin, boy it’s chilly up here. I can’t wait to

see you!”


“Jeez..” said Hailey, “I hope nothing goes wrong”. Finally, after Hailey

made it up the snowy path, a bright wooden cabin appeared in her view. “Great, I

made it through this cold tempest.” The only thing left to worry about is, what did

that voice have planned for me..?” Hailey started towards the cabin with caution,

the cool snowy breeze in her face. As she approached the door, the storm

started to pick up, and then the trees began to sway tremendously. Hailey rushed

to open the door and get inside. As she snuck inside, the door slammed shut

against its stiff hinges. “Hello, anyone here?” Hailey asked with a shiver. The

snow on her jacket started to melt into quick chilly droplets. Hailey stared around

the room the darkness surrounding her very soul. Hailey searched around the

room for a sign… crack! “Ah!” screeched Hailey. “It’s all right Hailey, it’s just me”

said Jessica. “Oh, God, you scared me…” said Hailey, the blood draining out of

her head. “Is anyone else up here, with you?” asked Hailey, “I believe Ethan and

Jacob are upstairs, but you are the only other one that came in.” “Why, would

you bring your younger brothers up to this injurious cordillera!” said chilled

Hailey, “What is the matter, why are you so stressed all of a sudden!” said

Jessica “There is a stalker after me!” whimpered Hailey shivering.


Outside, the snowstorm was whistling like an old man calling his dog. Inside, it

seemed like the mood of the room was silent and very sinister.


It was almost 9 o’clock and Hailey was still frightened. “Hello, ladies!” said

a voice, “Hello?…” said Jessica “Don’t speak to the voice.” whispered Hailey.

“These lovely young boys are now in my grasp!” said the voice “No!” screamed

Jessica, tears coming out of her eyes. “Not my brothers!” “Interesting, how about

we play a game?” said the voice devilishly. “What game, we aren’t your

subjects!” yelled Hailey “Hah, but you made yourself my subjects by coming up

here.” said the voice. Then suddenly a panel on the floor flopped open. “I want

you ladies to hop in there and take my trials!” said the voice “Will we get

Jessica’s brothers back if we do?!?” Hailey shouted “Of course.” said the voice.

Hailey and Jessica went down into the basement, it was dark and gloomy, almost

like someone took all the light in the world and locked it away. “Hello?!” said

Hailey nervously “We want our first trial!” the lights flickered on and a tv appeared

in front of them. “Hello, ladies ready for your first trial!” said the voice and the tv

turned on and a doll with a white face and black hair appeared. “Your first trial.

There is a vile of mercury going to explode in the room, you only have three

minutes to escape!” said the doll. “Oh, god we have to get out of here!” screamed

Hailey, Jessica was having a breakdown in a corner of the room, with only two

minutes and thirty seconds to go. “Come on girl!” encouraged Hailey “We have to

get your brothers back!” Jessica came out of her mope zone and climbed to her

feet. “Look, there is a pipe on the ground!” shouted Hailey “and a crack in the

wall.” said Jessica “Swing that pipe at the wall!” Without a few moments to waste

Hailey started hitting the wall, and it started to crack with every heavy swing

Hailey made. The wall broke open and Hailey dropped the pipe. She and Jessica

proceeded through the hole in the wall. To their surprise, they were in an exact copy of the same room.


“Hello again ladies”! “Ready for your next task?” said the doll, “Hold it, where are Jacob and Ethan!?!”

demanded Jessica. “That is not important right now.” “What’s important is that your room is slowly

going to be compressed, you only have five minutes to find a way not to be crushed !”

Hailey and Jessica raced around the room for an exit, but there was none

to be found. There was only three minutes left! “Where can the exit be!”

screamed Hailey “I don’t know!” shrieked Jessica. There was only one minute

remaining and the room was still slowly compressing. Jessica and Hailey were

scavenging here and there for any kind of sign. “Ha, ha, ha. I made this

challenge impossible, even for you to accomplish!” said the doll. Suddenly the

walls stopped and a huge door opened. “What the…” said Hailey, Jessica was

also surprised that the compressing room didn’t kill them. “Go through the door!”

said the doll, and so Hailey and Jessica went through the door. The door shut

behind them, “I think you might want to meet the person who set you up!” said

the doll and a light flickered on. In the dimly lit room there was a chair. The chair

turned around slowly and the doll was sitting in it. “Welcome to your final

challenge. Answer this question, and your brothers are free to leave!” said the

doll . “What is the question?” asked Jessica. The doll said “Who am I?” “Surely

you came this far, you should have guessed by now!?”. The doll leaped out of the

chair and landed on the ground, at that moment, the figure took off his mask.

“Jacob, but, but why!?!” said Jessica. “Oh I have my reasons, I wanted to get

revenge on you and Hailey for making a fool out of me at school!” said Jacob.

“Then where is Ethan!” boomed Hailey, There was a moaning noise in a corner.

Jacob turned on all the lights, and to their surprise saw Ethan beaten up, blood

splattered around his face. “Ethan was against my plan!” said Jacob, “This isn’t

the power you want, Jacob!” said Jessica. “Are you kidding me, why haven’t I

thought of this earlier!” screamed Hailey “You wanted to use me to get us both

together, up on this mountain, where we were vulnerable and you could get

revenge on us.”


“You’re a smart girl Hailey…” said Jacob reaching into one of his pocket

and pulling out his father’s pistol, “But I am not going to spare you, and instead

watch you suffer for being the only girl my sister has ever cared for!”. Smoke

leaked out of the pistol. Hailey’s stomach had been shot and blood spurted out.

Hailey fell to the ground. Jessica was gasping at her best friend being shot by her

brother. As the cabin was swept by the winter storm, Hailey felt the bullet

penetrate the skin of her stomach. She was dreaming of happy thoughts while

the storm was clouding the unknown madness.     


The End

Antz and Alcuin Talk

“Antz” an interesting movie, so far, which about an ant named Z that wants to be more than just a worker; he wants to have freedom that no ant has.  He noticed a girl while he was in the ant bar, when it was time for the “ant dance” the girl asked Z if he’d dance with her. He said “yes” because no other girl had asked him. In short, he thought he was a loner. After Z, being clumsy as always, didn’t follow the dance routine and it started a bar fight. Everyone was ok in the end because Z’s friend Weaver protected him. Z quickly found out the girl he danced with was the princess, and then she left. Everything seemed fine until Z asked Weaver if he wanted to switch places with Z so he could see the princess again.

I noticed an interesting difference between what we talked about schools and “Antz” the movie. I’d first like to start off with that, despite their similarities, both of the subjects basically have different meanings. I say that because, in “Antz”, you are either a soldier or a worker, basically that is what you’re meant to be for the rest of your life. In schools, you can choose what you want to be, plus you have the freedom of choosing your job.

Clouds are not what they used to be!

Clouds, I was always fascinated by them, they would always inspire me by drifting about with their big puffy grey bodies shifting through the wind. I would look at them and think they would fill my life with dreams that could be possible to accomplish. Once, I was an art designer in a beautiful store, where I sold plates that I created through the design that came to my mind. Most of the time people would come in on a sunny-bright day to look at all my work, but when it came to dark, or stormy days no one even bothered going into my store. That is where a new beginning of my life started. One day after I left from work, I gazed up into the sky and saw clouds surrounding the skies with their grey-darkness oaths. After that it keep getting darker, then the clouds started reaching the bridges and started covering it with thin white vapour. Never again, will I start seeing light from the big-bright sun, with this darkness blinding me. The whole town started to becoming a grey dullish colour and people were starting to look at one another and became lost because they were losing their minds in this blurry vision the clouds have given us. I looked up at the sky once more and I closed my eyes and thought of what clouds used to be. Then as I opened my eyes, I saw a orange-bluish aura covering the sky and I knew this is what clouds should be.

The End

By, Thomas Sheldon

The Boy who went to find Santa Claus

Once upon a time, there was a 14 year old boy named Thomas and he loved Christmas. He waited every year for this exact day and he loved this day more than any other time of the year, but on this Christmas Eve something was very different.

Thomas woke up to a cool breeze. As he got up to look at the clock it was midnight and some of the other kids got up as well because they wanted to see if there were any presents under the tree.  When Thomas checked the tree, there were no presents to be found. He went downstairs to find his parents sleeping in their bed, so he didn’t want to disturb them. Thomas was a little more than curious why there weren’t any presents from Santa Clause? He knew Santa always gave him presents every year, but why not this year? Then he heard a loud noise that was coming from outside, a noise that was getting louder as it got closer. Next he saw flashing lights in the windows as well as a thick fog. He decided to go outside to see what it was. As he opened the door a dark blue train was parked up near his porch and it took him a while to figure out what the type of train it was. It was the Polar Express! He started walking up to it nervously, wondering if it was real, or merely a dream. Then a conductor appeared in one of the train’s doors and yelled with all his might “All aboard!” Thomas yelled “Do you think a person in a fancy suit such as yourself have the right parking a train on my doorstep!?” Then the Conductor said “Well then I guess you don’t want to know what happened to Santa Clause.” Thomas said patiently, “You have conversations with Santa don’t you?” “Well of course … this is the Polar Express, we know everything about Christmas young man,” said the Conductor. “Now get aboard, we need your help, Mr. Clause’s sleigh is broken.” Thomas was really surprised, but he jumped on without question. On the train Thomas asked “Why do you need my help?” “I am not completely sure yet; just that Mr Clause is very desperate to see you.” said the Conductor. “Timmy, start the engine we have the boy now its time to save Christmas before its too late!” “All right boss!” Timmy said. *whistle blows and the engine rumbles* Thomas saw there were no kids on the train; just himself the conductor and the engineer.

As the three of them venture through the bright white snow, they gaze upon a lake of ice. Thomas said “How do we get across this icey lake?” “Do you see that bridge over there” said the Conductor. Thomas saw a rusty icey bridge that looked very unstable. “If we get across the ice I don’t think we will be able to get back with this train” said Thomas. Everybody thought how to get across the ice and back, but suddenly the ice started to crack, “Do you hear that?” said Timmy. “What?” said the Conductor. “Look the ice is breaking … we should charge the engine now!” Thomas yelled urgently. “You’re right, Timmy quickly turn on the engine and let’s get across this lake immediately!” said the Conductor. “Right sir!” said Timmy. Timmy started their engine and off they went; getting across the lake and on to the rusty bridge. “Well we made it this far you must make the rest of the way on your own”, said the Conductor. “Why on my own?” asked Thomas. “We can only stick to the train and its impossible to get across this bridge with this train because its too heavy so it will also break the bridge in the process” said the Conductor. “I wish you the best of luck Thomas!” said Timmy. “Thanks…” said Thomas, nervously. So, as Thomas started making his way to Santa’s Village cautiously, he started to become very cold because of the -12 temperature. He made it across the bridge in his slippers, but then he didn’t know where to go. Suddenly a snow storm started to whip up and Thomas spotted a cave, so he ran quickly to the cave as fast as he could! When Thomas got inside the cave, it started to get even colder because the temperature was dropping steeply and very rapidly. “If only I knew the rest of the way.” Thomas said shivering. Then Thomas saw a light in the distance he got up and ran towards it.

In the distance, the light he saw was Santa’s Village. As Thomas ran into the Village he didn’t see any elves or reindeer, or even Santa for that matter. He thought “Is Christmas not happening ever again, what do I do now?’’ “I have given up on Christmas” said a Jolly Big Man out of the blue. “Santa is that you?” aked Thomas. “I can’t be called that anymore …” said Santa sadly. “Why can’t you still be Santa, you still have time to make some presents?”  “The presents are done except the slay won’t work. Our elves have been at it for months and no budge!” said Santa sadly. “Let me take a look at it’’ Thomas said firmly. “You can fix the slay!” said Santa joyfully. Santa started to whistle and the reindeer came out with the slay. Then Santa said proudly to Thomas: “Thomas, let’s go fix Christmas!” Santa and Thomas got on the slay. Thomas started looking at the slay and he saw one of the cords had snapped “This may have snapped from all roofs Santa has landed on.  Thomas connected the cord together with his bare hands and it started to glow. He looked at Santa and winked, and then Santa knew it was time. As Santa got on the sleigh with Thomas he whistled again and colourful elves appeared with a giant red sack as huge as three school buses. “What is in that?” said Thomas curiously. Then Santa looked at him and said “The kid’s presents, of course!” “I did this just in case this happened, so someone can believe in me. Christmas is about believing and having joyful moments with new things and you got my Christmas spirit back up. Now I can save Christmas!” said Santa joyfully. Santa grabbed his whip from inside the sleigh, whipped the reindeer and off they went to save Christmas. This Christmas, let’s leave it as a wonderful time of believing.  I would like that it would never end.