The Spy

  June 28, 1914, London   Mr. Hobbins is sitting in a cafe on Lancaster Avenue in London talking to himself.  He has just came back from Africa and is hungry for entertainment. He opens the Daily Mirror and reads: … Continue reading

A Celebrated Death

The date is February 23, the night of Julia Abbey’s birthday. Unfortunately for her the weather was miserable. Many people came to her country house for her extravagant birthday party. Ironically she was murdered this day. Julia’s body was found … Continue reading

Error 404 poem not found

Your head spins slower on your neck, it knows the answers now Bugs grow thicker through clenched teeth Faint humming follows you everywhere you go, though you don’t go far Cold breezes eat away at thoughts You get up to … Continue reading


It was a typical Sunday for Oldmanwillikers, begging on the side of the street. Watching the tumbleweeds roll by when a wagon behind a big horse came speeding (as fast as speed was back then) down the road. Oldmanwillikers was … Continue reading