Nature Poem

Please Care What breaks at yonder? Is it the sun’s’ rays? Or the diamonds of the moon?   Nay, It is the smog that blocks thou throat, And the poison that makes thou gloat,   What makes you smile? What … Continue reading

The Red Room

It started raining as soon as I left. By the time I’d reached the point of no return, it was pouring. The roads were flooding, and there was no way I could keep going. I pulled out my phone and … Continue reading

Conflict Free Write

I ran through the woods, dodging every branch, tree and log that rose up out of the fog ahead of me. I knew it was behind me, chasing me down, maybe even gaining on me. But it didn’t matter, I … Continue reading

Game Over … America shuts down

Amazing as it may seem, it actually happened today.   After months and weeks of haggling, and then a final, frantic day of brinksmanship on Capitol Hill, Congress last night failed to pass a bill to fund the U.S. government’s operations, … Continue reading

Democracy is the polar opposite of totalitarianism….Or is it?

Democracy is represented as the total freedom of any society. Democracy is a form of government in which people choose the leaders by voting. The term democracy translated from latin is literally “rule, by the people”. Democracy is generally thought … Continue reading

Short story: analysis of the role of conflict (Lesson Plan)

Lesson plan (Mark, grade 8) Short Stories: The Friday everything changed, The Sea Devil (Inside Stories I, Second Edition, Kirkland G. and Davies R., Harcourt Canada Ltd., Toronto, 1999) Major conflict changes how a plot may develop, and without conflict there would be no … Continue reading