The Spy

  June 28, 1914, London   Mr. Hobbins is sitting in a cafe on Lancaster Avenue in London talking to himself.  He has just came back from Africa and is hungry for entertainment. He opens the Daily Mirror and reads: … Continue reading

A Celebrated Death

The date is February 23, the night of Julia Abbey’s birthday. Unfortunately for her the weather was miserable. Many people came to her country house for her extravagant birthday party. Ironically she was murdered this day. Julia’s body was found … Continue reading

Tim O’brien’s Storytelling.

This is a very different way of approaching a storytelling, the way Tim O’Brien tells the different experiences from soldiers, to show the horrors of war and its effect on people. For example, Jimmy Cross felt guilty for the death … Continue reading

The character of Nick Buckley in “Peril at End House”.

Magdala “Nick” Buckley, to this writer, has to be one of the main characters,  if not the main character in the novel. This is because of the events that transpired from Nick Buckley’s character and personality. As we see in … Continue reading


Nothing truly starts or ends spectacularly. No, things start small, irregularly growing larger and larger until it comes to its ultimate, the highest point in its metaphorical life. When something ‘ends well’, that isn’t it’s end. It isn’t quite something’s … Continue reading

Favorite World Scholars Cup Essay: The Meaning of An Underdog, and What It Means For The Spirit of Competition

There’s probably been plenty of times in your life where you were watching a competition. It might’ve been the Olympics, or the X Games. During this competition there might have been a time in which one competitor was heavily favoured … Continue reading

Error 404 poem not found

Your head spins slower on your neck, it knows the answers now Bugs grow thicker through clenched teeth Faint humming follows you everywhere you go, though you don’t go far Cold breezes eat away at thoughts You get up to … Continue reading