American shut down

THE U.S. GOVERNMENT SHUTS DOWN Introduction: After months and weeks and a final day of brinkmanship,the American government has shut down for the first time in 17 years, leaving eight hundred thousand people without their jobs, and 1.3 million people to … Continue reading

English, Return of the Dahl

I have been asked more than a few times what my inspiration for my short stories are, so I have come up with an example, this here is the root of my story called ‘Royal Jelly’ … Some years ago, … Continue reading

English, a New Story

In both Parson’s Pleasure and The Way up to Heaven, Roald Dahl creates characters that try to deceive or scam everybody else involved in the story.  In Parsons Pleasure in particular, the main character’s motives are mainly monetary, but he … Continue reading

Characterisation: analyse the significance and role of the characters in a short story

Lesson (Hannah, grade 9) Hannah wrote an original short story to “analyse the significance and role of the character(s)”.  Her own short story, “the table”, written in her own inimitable style provides a number of interesting perspectives (no pun intended!). … Continue reading