A Farewell To Arms – Catherine Barkley

Ernest Hemingway’s book: “A Farewell to Arms,” tells the story of two people that fall in love during a time of darkness and pain. In this essay, we will be looking a bit closer to the certain aspects and traits … Continue reading

The Spy

  June 28, 1914, London   Mr. Hobbins is sitting in a cafe on Lancaster Avenue in London talking to himself.  He has just came back from Africa and is hungry for entertainment. He opens the Daily Mirror and reads: … Continue reading

Tim O’brien’s Storytelling.

This is a very different way of approaching a storytelling, the way Tim O’Brien tells the different experiences from soldiers, to show the horrors of war and its effect on people. For example, Jimmy Cross felt guilty for the death … Continue reading

Twelfth Night Article: Malvolio’s Madness

News has come that Malvolio, Puritan steward to the Countess Olivia, bared himself to his mistress this morn in the most knavish manner, adorned in garish yellow stockings done in the cross-gartered style and with a devilish counterfeit of a … Continue reading

Things Fall Apart: Whether or Not it is of Literary Merit

      The novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe is a novel of true literary merit. Its use of language, the personal way it describes the ruin of an entire culture, and the realism of its characters make … Continue reading

Things Fall Apart: Is it a novel of true literary merit?

Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe published in 1958, is a novel that this writer quite enjoyed. This writer was captivated by the Chinua’s use of religion, culture, and language. All of these aspects helped contribute to the reason that … Continue reading

English, Return of the Dahl

I have been asked more than a few times what my inspiration for my short stories are, so I have come up with an example, this here is the root of my story called ‘Royal Jelly’ … Some years ago, … Continue reading

Roald Dahl’s Style of Writting

Roald Dahl is notorious for his short story endings. Roald Dahl’s short stories are written to include twists and turns in order for recognition and remembrance in the future by the reader. Deception is the general tone of the majority … Continue reading